My Current Streamlined Skincare Routine

And I mean it when I say streamlined…


My skin and I haven’t got on for the last two years. Really ever since I moved back down to Brighton it’s just been getting congested, my chin and nose were a sea of blackheads and I feel like I’ve been looking distinctively older. YAY. I thought it was the contraceptive pill that I was on, but even after swapping it around I was still getting spot after spot on my chin. Now I know I can’t complain because it was extremely manageable and all things I could easily cover up but boy was it painful. I would find myself rushing back home just so I could squeeze a spot and relieve the pressure. Nice.

The peeps at La Roche Posay got in touch and asked if I’d like to go and see a dermatologist. Never having been to go and see one before and hoping that maybe they could hold all the answers that I was looking for I said yes and it wasn’t long before I was knocking at the door of the Eudelo Clinic to meet Dr Stefanie Williams. I spent a good hour in there being asked about what I currently used, having my skin poked and prodded at and then having one of those terrifying photos where it shows the UV damage and other measurements of your skin (side note: my results were awful – I’m never not wearing SPF again!). At the end Dr Stefanie suggested a routine for me (another side note: although the meeting was arranged by La Roche Posay, Dr Stefanie acts as a free-agent and recommends whatever brands and products she feels like your skin needs) and my jaw hit the floor when I realised that it consisted of just three products in the morning and three or four – depending on the day – in the evening. SAY WHUT?! 


Dr Stefanie identified my skin as being pretty in the middle when it comes to oiliness and dryness and although I felt like the texture of my skin was pretty horrendous, she seemed to think that it was doing alright. Redness was a bit of a concern too and so she’s added in a product to address that. From the photographs she took, it was clear to see that UV damage was my main concern and so her recommendations focused around amping up my UV protection and seeing was damage we could claw back through the use of products high in Vitamin C and retinol.

I’ve been using the below routine for around two months now and the changes that I’ve seen in my skin have really been quite incredible. Aside from the fact that my skincare routine now just takes a matter of minutes and I no longer have so many products out in my bathroom that it looks like a small branch of Space NK, my spots have only ever made a return whenever I’ve gone off-piste, my skin is smoother than it has been in years and I feel like my complexion looks more even. I’m so darn chuffed with it. Of course I am a skincare junkie so I’m itching to try new things and I will in the future for sure. It’s just nice to have a base routine that I know that my skin agrees with so whenever I add in anything new I can survey things more easily. It’s also made me realise that right now my skin doesn’t need a million and one products, nor do they need to be extremely expensive (the majority of what I’m using is under the £20 mark. Here’s how it shapes up…


MORNING. Three products – that’s it! I start with the Avene Extremely Gentle Cleansing Lotion which is nowhere near as fun to use as the OSKIA Renassiance Cleansing Gel. There’s nothing luxe about it, but it’s gentle and it seems to be agreeing with me at the moment. In the future I hope to return to the OSKIA because I really do miss it (lame, but true). Then I apply a dollop of the La Roche Posay Redermic C10. I’d never really used a product like this before. It contains 10% Vitamin C in its most soluble and effective form and apparently evens out the complexion and gives luminosity. I’m all in for that. Given my horrendous UV-damage results, it’s been advised that I go heavy with the SPF everyday, no excuses so I’ve been using the Heliocare Advanced SPF 50 Gel and I love it. It’s so light on the skin and just feels like a really gorgeous moisturiser. I’ve added it to my list of ‘SPFs that don’t feel grim‘.

EVENING. It’s a similarly simple routine that I’ve been cracking out in the evening. I use the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover first to take off my makeup, because although the Avene Extremely Gentle Cleansing Lotion is good, I really don’t feel like it does much in the mascara removal stakes. By using both I feel like all my makeup is waved goodbye to, plus I get a good cleanse too. The rest of my routine is alternated on a two-day basis; so one night using one routine, the next night using the other – then I repeat. The more ‘hardcore’ out of the two is when I use the La Roche Posay Redermic R and then the La Roche Posay Redermic R Eyes followed by the Skinceuticals Redness Neutraliser to finish it off. The hope is that by using these products that both contain retinol that my lines that have been appearing on my face will look a little more ironed out and it will help correct and fade my dark spots. It’s strong stuff, so it’s taken me a month or so to be able to use it every other night – at first I felt a little dry the morning after using it – but now we get along fine. The Skinceuticals does what it says on the tin and should help to reduce my redness. In-between these nights, I keep things simple and gentle and just use the Skinceuticals Redness Neutraliser with the La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Eyes under and around the eye area and I’m done. How simple is that, right?

Photos by Lauren Shipley



  • Philippa

    I’m always tempted to try all of the new launches, but my skin really does look its best when I just use products that work for and suit my skin. Glad your new routine is working well for you!

  • As I really like to use lots of different products, this post is really interesting to me and truly reflects what I’m trying to do at the moment. My skin was (and still is a little bit) quite confused, so I’m trying my best to stick to a skincare routine (not necessarily a streamlined one but still a routine) and so far my skin is liking it! Thank you so much for sharing:)

  • I have super sensitive skin Anna, so I’m gonna look out for a few of these products to add to my collection! x

  • I am in love with Clarins products, they helped me a lot improving my skin!! Great post, thanks for sharing! xx

    N, xoxo. /

  • Harri Radford

    Thank you for posting this! Really great to know that you can achieve great skin without spending a fortune. I was just wondering how you remove the Avene cleanser? It says in the description that you just remove it with cotton pads but can you still take it off with water and a flannel? Xx

  • I’m going to add some of these products onto my to-buy list! I’m all for simplifying skincare routines, because to be honest most of the time I am so lazy at getting around to doing them in the evenings!

    Lynnsay x

  • hanan abdi

    I am skincare obsessed, and over the past years splashed a lot on skincare.. not realising a good skin doesn’t mean pricey skincare thank you for reinforcing that 😛 xx

    A Girl’s Journal

  • Seeing a dermatologist is so important. I aim to see one every two years or so (or when major changes occur), it really makes all the difference to talk to a professional.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Rachel Akey

    My understanding was that Vit c was only effective at greater than 25% concentrations so interesting to hear you are having success with it at 10%.

    I’m streamlining too, but never giving up oil cleansers or acid toners!

  • Gorgeous photos! I need to pick up the Clarins eye makeup remover, it sounds great! x

  • Kate

    No more Caroline Hirons double cleanse?!? Sadness.

  • Oooh great products!!

  • Emily

    So true, sometimes going back to the basics is the best. I have a ton of UV damage as well from years of stupidly disregarding SPF. Recently I’ve started using the Josh Rosebrook tinted moisturizer which is great for an organic SPF alternative.

  • Jane B. M. Rice

    Great post! I’ve been trying to streamline my skincare routine too, it’s so difficult but worth it in my experience x

  • These products look amazing!

  • Give me La Roche Posay any day!

  • Nimra Imran

    I love how your routine is so simple and minimalistic. Definitely something I am going to try and adapt into my routine in an effort to stick to it. Thank you for a lovely post! xxx

  • Oooh I need to check out that SPF I am paler than a glass of milk right now so I need all of the SPF I can get

    – Natalie

  • Ellie Amber Taylor

    I have extreme reactions to Avene products, last time I used one, my skin stayed bright red for a week.

    La Roche Posay Toleraine range however, seems to be working for me. Which is great because as much as I love Elemis, it’s out of my price range at the moment.

    I must try that spf though, sounds great!

  • I’d like to go and see a dermatologist too one day. After all, getting a professional check-up of your skin and personal recommendations can only be more effective than picking up skincare products at random and hoping for the best – which is kind of what I’ve always been doing for my routine haha. Using just a few products is better, it’s just difficult to find the right ones.

    Julia x
    Last post: Lush Cup O’Coffee Mask Review |

  • Vera

    I did a bit of research and I think the change from soft water (London) to hard water (Brighton) may be contributing to your skin issues.
    Hard water has a high metal and mineral content that can make it harder to wash off beauty products, plus cause dry skin, acne, and even more serious conditions like eczema. Water softeners can be added to water systems in order to make the water healthier for drinking and body washing.
    Does your hair get greasier quickly? Do you find tiny closed comodones on your forehead? Does your skin overall feel drier and not as soft?
    I would implore you to do a quick Google check of the same and perhaps that may help eliminate one underlying cause.

    Best of luck on your new skincare adventure.
    Hope this helps!

  • Gabby Crane

    Hi Anna, are you still using acid exfoliants?

  • peace.oglory

    I wonder what Caroline Hirons would say about these products.. 🙂

  • disqus_VUi24TNxms

    Very nice! Your recent routine seems to have a lot in common with dermatologist Sam Bunting’s advice. Ever since I started her regime (which includes cleansing with a non-foaming LRP/Avene cleanser, retinol/Differin at night, and vitamin C-moisturiser-SPF in daytime, and no heavy acids or exfoliation) my skin has shown improvements very similar to yours.

  • My skin’s recently having a bit of a freak out too. I should definitely try streamlining the products I put on my face to rectify this, rather than piling more and more on haha!

  • Kiri Yanchenko

    I love it when I read about other people’s routines.
    I am trying a few new products at the moment – so I can totally understand streamlining.
    I will have to see how they go before I can rave about them.
    Set to Glow

  • its actually such a great tip to streamline than to add and add!

  • Kasia Lichota

    If you like your face hydrated and clear than I recommend the La Roche Posay Effaclar H cream cleanser – works really well for me and skin is soothed, calm and soft and less bumpy 🙂 For SPF I use Avene Very High Protective Emulsion SPF50+ which is a on greasy (I’d say almost dry touch) emulsion that works well under makeup. 🙂 I also went simple with my skincare and the only extravaganza that I use is marula oil 😀 xx

  • I need to get my hands on the SPF and the redness neutraliser – my skin is always so p and down constantly but I’ve been after a none greasy lightweight high protection spf for a long time. Thanks as always for the great content and recommendations Anna 🙂 best, Laura x

  • Emily Dixon

    Anna! If you want another addition to the non-grim SPF list the Body Shop Skin Defence SPF50 is mega, just feels like a serum to me, no stickyness! (and comes highly recommended by Lady Hirons herself ;)). Only £16 so worth a shot certainly!

  • Anne

    Am I right in thinking these products are unscented? I’m convinced that it’s the heavy fragrance added to skincare that causes so many problems. The Oskia gel is nice but the scent is overpowering.

  • Florence

    Wondering whether your sundamage could have anything to do with your favortie CC cream, which contains a couple phototoxic ingredients….

  • I’m all for simplifying skincare routines, because to be honest most of the time I am so lazy at getting around to doing them in the evenings Women’s Bota Cuello Vuelto Chukka Boot

  • J Lynch

    I swear it’s the water. I used to have so many problems with my skin when I lived in Scotland, moved to London and everything dried up! Every time I go home now I have a flare up so i’ve simplified mine as well (can’t sacrifice Oskia though, soz not happening).
    Love the blog Anna x

  • I’m working on streamlining and changing my skincare routine as well, so this post was a really great help! As always, fantastic post Anna!

  • Jessica Pifer

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  • Emily Besley

    Hiya! I’ve basically entirely shopped this post, but I’m finding the redermic c10 product is making my foundations all oxidise, by the end of the day I have a noticeably orange hairline! This has never happened to me before, any tips, anyone else had this?! Thank you xxx

  • Proper sun protection is the first line of defence, in maintaining a youthful appearance. I always ask my clients to use sunscreen that provides high protection without clogging pores. Particularly, if you are suffering from acne it is important to use a sunscreen which does not clog the pores or leave a greasy layer on top of the skin.
    Simona | Skin Aspirations

  • Avene cleansing lotion is my favorite too !

  • Ruth Rogers

    Have you also looked at They have some good organic skin care products and they recently posted another great morning skin care routine on their blog.