My Current Beauty Mindset

Less is more and all that…


Right now I’m at a bit of a strange place when it comes to beauty. It’s not necessarily a bad place, it’s just a way that I haven’t really felt before. Rewind to even just a year and a half ago and this blog was primarily beauty based. I wore makeup most days, loved the stuff, was consumed by new launches and spent the majority of my disposable income in Space NK. These days, whilst I still have an interest in the industry and blog about it from time to time, it’s just one of many interests I have right now, instead of being the only one. Basically I’ve cooled it down a little and I’m ok with that. So to go with today’s beauty collection tour – scroll down to watch that – I thought I’d write a post about my current beauty mindset to explain why it might be a little more sparse than you’d think…


The ‘HG’ Status. Now when I say that something in my stash has ‘Holy Grail‘ status, I really do mean it. Back in the day I never really repurchased that much. Sure, if I was out of concealer I’d go to the shops and buy a new one – but the idea of buying the same one again, was a bit foreign to me. I always wanted to try more, see what’s new, thought that the grass was greener. As my beauty tastes have matured I’ve discovered products that really, truly work for me and kick the competition to the curb. I’m no longer in the mindset to sniff out new alternatives when my current daily grabs are fulfilling their criteria just fine. There are things I’m using now that I know that I’ll still be using in 10 years time and I’m totally ok with that. Give me a shout if you’d like to see a blog post on ’em.

Better Investments. Just generally having more disposable income now than I did when I was a Uni student and I first got into beauty, means that I just have less of a desire to spend on makeup, and more inclination to spend my money on interiors, travel, nice dinners and experiences with friends and family (and clothing and bags – oops! – but more on that another day!). Heck – I even love to save! These days if there’s a £20 note burning a hole in my pocket then I’d rather go out for a bite to eat with Mark after work, than I would grab a lipstick or two from MAC. Basically unless it’s a repurchase (see above) or it’s something that really, really tickles my fancy (see below point), then perusing the beauty aisles just doesn’t get my pursestrings opening like it used to.


Skincare FTW. I’m at a really good place with my skincare right now – aside from the banging ‘Hello your period has arrived!‘ spot that crept up yesterday at the exact same point that my time of the month did too. Spooky. Because of this, I’ve been putting even less focus on makeup wearing than I have before. It’s actually shifted my mindset too because the majority of the skincare I’m using is available from the drugstore and is under the £20-£25 mark. Its certainly makes a change from the expensive oils I was previously slapping on at the price of around £1 per drop *eyeballs pop out of head* and you know what? My skin is much happier with my current skincare lineup. It’s nuts. I’ll pop up a blog post soon on my current regime.

Reaching Capacity. Having been a bit of a beauty fanatic for a solid 10 years plus now, I feel like when it comes to new launches, there’s only ever a handful that really get me excited and hot under the collar. I know my routine, preferences and likes and dislikes so well now that I can pretty much instantly spot from just a quick swatch and a look at the ingredients list what I’d actually be able to slot in my routine and enjoy in a matter of seconds. In a way it’s a good skill to have because it means that I can cut the crap and skim the cream of the crop off the top in an efficient way and not waste my time trying to get to grips with products that I just can’t get on with – where’s the fun in that, eh? These days I get way more flustered over a good quality cashmere knit or a mid-centuary armchair. GRANNIE ALERT.


Barefaced Beauty. I guess the overriding reason for my current lack of zest for beauty right now, comes from the fact that I don’t actually wear it all that much. Day to day I work at home on my own, only leaving the house to run errands, go the gym and catch-up with friends and family. The only time that I apply a proper face of the stuff is when I’m shooting photos or videos. The only other times that I wear it are when I go to London or at the weekend if there’s something fancy going on. More often than not I’m either bare faced, or I just throw on a bit of foundation or tinted moisturiser, a touch of concealer, a bit of a brow groomer, mascara and a lip balm. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll use the brush that I last applied bronzer with and sweep that over my cheeks. Ah common – I can’t be the only one whose ever done that? Lazy makeup at its best.

Photos by Lauren Shipley



  • Audrey

    Great post ! Thanks to you I am not so tempted to spent my budget on every new make up launch that beauty guru raves about and I became much more thoughtfull on my new pucharse.

  • Laura Farr Huff

    Awesome post Anna!! Spending money on life experiences is way more satisfying and meaningful!!!

  • Would love to see a post on your skincare Anna x

  • I’m really looking forward to the post about your new skincare routine! My beauty mindset has also changed quite a lot over the past few years: I used to be all about makeup and a simple skincare routine, but now I hardly ever buy makeup and really focus on my skincare routine which becomes more and more detailed as the months go by (hence why I’m really intrigued about your current routine!)!

  • I’m totally on board with this. I’ve never been a huge beauty person but I’ve definitely been through my phases. However, now I’ve definitely settled on the products that I ike and that work for me and want to keep it simple because I don’t actually need to wear it all of the time

    – Natalie

  • Sara

    All well and fair-enough that your interests have changed and you’re not that into beauty, but have to say that seeing as though you’re a beauty blogger this post was sort of surprising/bizarre…personally, beauty is what I started reading your blog/watching your YouTube for, so for me, sad to say I won’t be visiting anymore.
    I’ve definitely noticed a lot of fitness and “my life” posts lately but I for one come for beauty and skincare stuff, and I liked the beauty reviews and updates on product releases, and as much as I’m also into interior design or fashion and experiences with friends and eating out, it’s not what i come to a beauty blog to read about. There are fashion/styling blogs I love from people with huge knowledge of that industry and foodie blogs from amazing cooks and food photographers, but it’s sort of sad that someone who’s established heaps of knowledge of the beauty world, and is lucky enough to be sent new product releases and samples to try first, just isn’t that interested to share that with the audience that’s grown and supported her. Sort of like walking into Space NK for a lipstick only to find they don’t sell makeup anymore as the founder is into electronics now instead – I’m there for the makeup! Not trying to sound harsh just disappointed to lose the content so many have been enjoying for years. Sorry just honest :/

    • Jessica Sutherland

      I feel the same. I loved the fact Anna had a huge makeup and skincare collection and was always interested to read/hear about her recommendations – high end and drug store. I also loved the fact her blog was dedicated to Beauty. I understand that her interests have expanded but I’ve sadly lost interest in a lot of the new content when I used to get excited to read her blog everyday, I’ve always loved her style of writing, she’s got a real talent.
      I also find a lot of the items in her interior and fashion blog posts/videos to be so pricey. It’s not just Anna, but other Bloggers too, who I feel have lost touch with their audience. Not everyone can afford to drop £200-£300 on a jumper from Net A Porter or invest in a pair of Gucci loafers. It’s just very unattainable for the majority of people with normal jobs. I feel less and less like I can relate to any bloggers anymore.

      • Lesleyc

        As an aside there were three beauty blogs that I always visited – A Model Recommends, Caroline Hirons and Anna’s – they’ve all recently had a redesign and they all look alike. It’s as if a “bloggers agency” has suddenly decided they need to upgrade to a similar corporate identity – unfortunately the individual identities seem to have been lost.

        • Sara

          Totally agree. The fact that many of them share the same management company seems to play a huge role. Becoming a business seems to have taken away from what was actually appealing about them in the first place ☹️
          Back away from the Chanel bag and bring back original unsponsored opinions about attainable products please!

          • Lesleyc

            Exactly – my other favourite beauty blogger is Jane from British Beauty Blogger – she’s always straight down the line and covers things from pricey to as cheap as chips and I’m pretty certain isn’t managed by a management company and she responds to readers comments and queries.

          • C Leiper

            I love Jane too!

          • Lesleyc

            She was the first beauty blogger I followed and will probably be my last. I also like her beauty news postings with the goings-on in the industry. I’ve bought each of her Beauty Boxes – they were reasonably priced, excellent products which made me in many cases purchase full-sized items, but mainly because she shows such integrity. Maybe because she’s a former journalist and knows her stuff but she’s very readable. Her posts are the ones I look for first in my mailbox each day, apart from friends. Anyway, I’m a huge, huge fan of Jane’s and also Ruth from A Model Recommends – she shares the same ethos!

      • Sara

        You said it perfectly. I feel the same 👍🏻

      • Louise Bowen

        Jessica I couldn’t have put your words any better.

      • OS

        £520 Gucci loafers! I almost fell over. Her interests (and budget) have definitely parted ways with mine!

        • Lesleyc

          LOL – there’s obviously good money in blogs.

        • Helen

          I know! It always amuses me how, prior to making their first big designer purchase, bloggers and youtubers spend a lot of time talking about saving their money, researching the product, etc etc. The next thing you know that careful consideration ethos has been cast aside and they’re making big designer purchases left, right and centre.

    • Helen

      Your SpaceNK analogy is spot on!

    • Alex Thomson

      I feel like this is the story with most bloggers now. I just don’t like the shift towards “lifestyle” blogs. I feel that these kind of blogs are now just like “I exist and seem to earn money for doing so” rather than “I have a specialism and I will give you opinions on it”. No shade to those that enjoy it, it’s just not for me.

      I’m personally a HUGE makeup fan, spend hours thinking about it everyday and own perhaps way more than I should. But it brings me absolute joy on days when nothing else will. I want to hear what bloggers have to say on new launches and classic products. I’ve actually started my own beauty instagram, just for fun really, because I’m just not getting the kind of content I want from my trusted blogs anymore.

      I too loved Anna’s style and writing back in the early days but I have to say I’m losing interest with the endless new handbags and professionally posed photos. It’s stopped feeling real and I find that sad. Maybe it’s envy (guilty! I’d love some handbags!), but it just sticks in my craw a little and it feels like preaching from a pulpit rather than having an honest conversation with your readers.

      The two blogs I genuinely still feel are worth the time for true beauty addicts these days are British Beauty Blogger and Temptalia. I also like A Model Recommends as I don’t think she’s changed her style over the years.

      Good luck Anna, I really like you and I hope the new directions works out for you, but I’m losing interest. It’s just not what I want to read anymore.

      • Lesleyc

        Like you I love makeup (having just ten minutes ago taken delivery of a package from QVC!) Everything else you say resonates with me, particularly the posed photos and the handbags. I also mentioned BBB and AMRecommends and will stay loyal, but the others are fast losing my attention.

      • Sara

        Well said! Nice to hear from other makeup fans that we’re not alone in our thoughts.
        I agree with you and also still follow Ruth on A Model Recommends. Hannah Martin’s YouTube videos are also wonderful but only if you like Bobbi Brown products.
        Im off to search for your instagram for some beauty fix 🙂

        • Caitlyn Taylor

          You guys have summed up exactly how I’ve been feeling! Lately it feels like all my bookmarked beauty bloggers have suddenly decided they’re ‘lifestyle bloggers’ which I guess translates to being a fashion stylist, dietician and fitness guru, with a designer bag review thrown in each week.
          It’s like a huge press release has gone out to all the bloggers “quick! stop writing about beauty! it’s out!” I’m just really not interested in the content they’re putting out lately. If I wanted to see a picture of someone posing in a new outfit and be told where to buy it, I’d read a fashion magazine.

          Beauty (makeup and skincare) is perhaps trivial to some people but it’s a little bit of welcome joy and distraction from everyday life, and a little attainable luxury for me, even if it’s just a new lipstick or bronzing powder.

          I really don’t get why bloggers who have had such success in beauty want to ‘rebrand’ and expect our interests to change with them? Sorry Anna but if you suddenly became more interested in gardening, I wouldn’t want to start reading a gardening blog. I too do pilates, I enjoy it, but I don’t go online to read about it once I’ve left the gym.
          And while I love to dream about a YSL handbag occasionally flipping through the ads of Harpers, when you click on a blog time after time and see another luxury good you’ll likely never afford, it just starts to become a tad boring and depressing! I get that this is a business for you and you want to ‘evolve’ as you grow, but if you want to stay relevant maybe take a look at who’s been reading your blog all these years, back when Make Up was still in the title, and what their interests were – and still are!

          • Lesleyc

            It’s been so interesting to read the comments here – I thought I was the only one losing patience with bloggers I’ve previously enjoyed. I took a look at Gleam Futures and their stable of bloggers as shown in the Contact section above and so many of the pages of the bloggers they represent look identical. It’s as if they’ve negotiated a package with a web designer for a one size fits all design.

        • Lesleyc

          Love the Hannah Martin videos – no longer wear Bobbi Brown foundations for some reason they all oxidise and I turn a sunny shade of orange!

        • Alex Thomson

          Thanks Sara, it’s @blackletterbeauty ! X

      • Helen

        I feel exactly the same way as you do. I adore Anna and I always will but this
        wishy washy ‘lifestyle’ bumf is just not what I want to read. The problem is that all the old reliables are slowly but surely morphing into lifestyle gurus. I think Karima McKimmie is the only youtuber that I’m subscribed to who is truly dedicated to makeup nowadays. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she’s like a younger Lisa Eldridge – eloquent and very talented.

        • Lesleyc

          I love Lisa Eldridge too. I’ve just looked at the spring capsule wardrobe piece and I feel as if I’m looking at things more suited to Judi Dench.

          Please Anna, I can understand the wanting to evolve but this has gone too far the other way and is it possible to reinstate a sidebar or whatever with every post listed by month or year? Trying to find anything is just too long-winded, also the search facility doesn’t find anything properly – entering ‘dermatologist’ as an example just doesn’t throw anything up.

    • OS

      I’m loving Katie Jane Hughes and Violette _FR. They’re both makeup artists – Violette’s are very staged, but I love her makeup vibe.

  • Ronja

    I think your current Beauty mindset is pretty great!! Don’t feel pressured by other Comments to do more Beauty – related content than you yourself are Interested in. :)) I Personally Love that you Cover Different topics 🙂

  • emma nelson

    I’m actually in a really similar place. Now I would rather have daily makeup that I KNOW works instead of the “newest and hippest” palette and product. I still consider myself a beauty-enthusiast…just not a beauty junkie!

  • Lesleyc

    I’m a tad puzzled at the inconsistency. At the end of January you did a review of your skin care regime extolling the virtues of many products – most items were £50 and above with one particular beauty balm priced at a jaw-dropping £174. I seem to remember last summer/autumn a posting about a facial with Caroline Hirons that tempted you to buy some very high end products. Two months later products in the £20-25 range now do the job just as well!

    • Annemie

      If I remember correctly she went to see a dermatologist, who recommended her a more basic skincare routine that has been working very well. I guess it will all get more clear in the upcoming post:).

    • Laura87

      Lesleyc, Don’t be puzzled – bloggers get paid to post about products… just now it’s going to be handbags or workout gear more than moisturisers and oils!
      If you need new skincare or advice, speak to you facialist before taking biased advise from a blogger 😉

      • Lesleyc

        LOL – yes I know about the samples. Hopefully the YSL handbags are samples too.

  • Bergny

    I love how I’m in the same spot as you. We’re the same age I think and I’ve been reading your blog since your Uni days (I also studied psychology, funnily enough). At the time I was totally into all the new launches and happily spent my money on so much make-up! I’m now working full-time and my mindset has pretty much changed to exactly this over the last couple of years. I’d rather purchase fewer, better products, put more effort in my skincare and prefer buying quality over quantity, both regarding beauty and clothing. I feel like I’ve outgrown many of the blogs I liked back in the day but somehow your blog has grown with me. As my interests have changed and evolved, so have yours. I’ve never commented here – but I just really wanted to thank you for this post and your blog, as it is, after all theses years, still my favorite! Love from Iceland!

  • I don’t tend to wear a big amount of make-up during the week, although I do wear it every day, even if I’m staying in for the day, which is bad! x


  • Such a great post!
    I would much rather have a few bits that I am totally in love with and know work for me rather than having lots of make up!
    Izzy | Pinch of delight

  • Emily Fletcher

    I’m in the same boat – I do wear a tad more makeup than you day to day, but I’d much rather keep using the products that I love than spend all my money on Boots 3-for-2, like I used to. I also love when a blog mentions the same products repeatedly, it’s what makes me want to try something new – you’ve hooked me onto so many things that way!
    Such a great post, I’m looking forward to hearing about your new skincare routine!
    Emily >>

  • I have not yet reached the point where I don’t feel the need tp try new stuff, my curiosity alwqys gets the better of me. But like you I am more mindful with my spending and save a lot more than I used to back in the days.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Allison

    Hey! First of all, I love your honesty. I obviously don’t know you at all, but always feel that your videos and blog posts are totally on point–it’s like hanging out with a friend that always knows what’s on your mind!

    Anyway, I understand what you are feeling here. There’s only so much makeup that someone can own and definitely only so much that really works for our skin/needs. I used to have makeup products coming out of the seams ( seriously-my bathroom looked like of those closets that was so stuffed that one wrong move would bury me like the hoarder that I was) and I’ve given almost everything away because what I really love and really use can fit into one makeup bag!

  • Annemie

    Would love to see the HG post, just for the bingo game element! How many can I guess correctly.

  • Fatima

    Couldn’t have put this better myself… less is definitely more! I just wrote a similar post about having too many products and it’s a little unnecessary! Can’t wait to declutter, downsize and be happy with every single thing in my beauty stash.

    Fatima x

  • Same with me less is more. I like using a few things that I actually use and enjoy.

  • Emily

    I love how your blog has evolved with you and think that it is so normal and honest to go in and out of makeup crazy phases in life. Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to see your current skincare.

  • Adamary

    Aaaah, I love your new approach to make up! It’s something I’ve been trying to do as of lately and hopefully will reach a point in which I have a list of holy grail products. Please, do share yours! xxx

  • Such a great way to look at makeup! Also I loved your makeup collection video!

  • Caroline Fielding

    “I guess the overriding reason for my current lack of zest for beauty right now, comes from the fact that I don’t actually wear it all that much.”

    Kind of confused. Aren’t you a ‘beauty’ blogger ??

    Easy to prefer to spend money on dining out, clothing or furniture when PRs send you the beauty products for free! For those of us who don’t, it’s actually useful to have someone post about the samples so we don’t all have to waste our money on something that isn’t great/doesn’t work.

    Off to find a beauty blogger that does like and wears makeup….

    • BroccoliWilson

      Anna re-branded as a lifestyle blogger a few months ago :). I am personally loving the new direction!

      • Lesleyc

        I realised that and it explains why I delete so many posts from my inbox and the videos are too long.

  • I’d love to be at the point where you are now, I’m slowly getting there but there’s a long way to go!

  • theblackblush blog

    I really need to do a clean up in my make up collection in order to have something like you!

    The Black Blush

  • Jen

    Hi Anna! I love your blog. Especially your capsule wardrobe. I was thinking tho that your new capsule style would also carry into your beauty side? Meaning you’d want to pare down to the minimum. Like 33 makeup items/toiletries? I haven’t been on your blog for very long but I was surprised that you had sooo much makeup and lotions and potions – you look like you only wear mascara and lipstick. And maybe some Blush. You are such a Beauty that you don’t need anything ! Lol. Anyway again I am still learning all about you! So maybe I’m confused on your simplicity. I think I was searching for simplicity- minimalist blogs and yours popped up! So glad I found you!!!!!!!

  • Chloe

    Thank you for showing me your make up collection on your youtube channel! I love your antique apothecary drawers!

  • I’m feeling the same way Anna. I only started my blog less than a year ago and already I’m not sure where I’d like to go with it. I feel like I could never use the amount of makeup that I have, so there’s no rush to buy any more, leaving me unsure of what I want to write about. I’m on a hiatus with the blog for now. I will be in Brighton in May (coming from Toronto) though, so I’m sure I’ll find something to write about soon. All the best!

  • Where do you get your fairy drops mascara from??? I was in love with the stuff but Sephora in Canada stopped carrying it years ago. I would love to get my hands on some 😀

    Looking forward to your skincare video! Loving the new evolution of the blog 🙂

  • Over the last few years I’ve really gained an appreciation for less complicated makeup looks, so much so that I based my entire blog on minimal makeup. The problem is, now that I’ve started blogging it’s hard to resist the temptation of picking up more products “for the blog”! – Jamie

    • your blog is amazing! new follower over here! and i completely agree about buying things “for the blog” – and then i have to remind myself that my 300 readers probably don’t care if i have the newest bite beauty launch 😉

  • Jane Simmons

    Ugh! I was so excited to see a post about make-up — but it’s a post about not buying make-up and not wearing make-up!

    What other beauty blogs do you lovelies read? Lily and Anna have really changed their blogs lately and I’m missing my make-up reviews! Suggestions please 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Lesleyc

      Scroll through there are some recommendations.

  • yourfavoriteredhead

    It is refreshing to hear from a blogger that they aren’t purchasing new products all the time, as I feel like I’ve fallen into doing the same and feeling regretful once the happiness over a shiny new object to play with has died down. However, the new direction your blog and youtube have gone in are a bit boring honestly, I felt I could relate to you before, however the fashion posts are super bland to me (sorry, everything looks the same!!!) and the lifestyle things are just that, typical lifestyle posts. I never will understand those channels that only post “Morning/Evening Routines!” like um I have a routine too, but who the hell cares to see that???? I don’t know, I am sadly getting bored here and it’s not just Anna, but many of the bloggers/vloggers I follow too. After achieving so much success creating content about beauty, to just change your entire topic and expect people to hang around is kind of unrealistic! Just adding my two cents…if this is the content Anna wants to produce, that is completely up to her!

  • Bernadette de Massimi

    Please please please put your skincare blog up soon! I’ve been waiting since you mentioned your trip to the dermatologist xxx great post

  • My casual eye look relies 100% on the eyeshadow left on my brush… Excited to hear about the affordable + great skin care, I could use some good facial oil tips!

  • julianna

    the contraction of “come on”
    is “c’mon”, “common” is a word in and of itself

  • Lizzie

    I am exactly the same now that I work from home, I must wear makeup once maybe twice a week at best!

  • I would absolutely love to see a post about your HG items. That’s when you truly know when something works and is worth trying out.

    As a student, I absolutely can’t wait until I have a bit more disposable income to spend on things other than things I slap on my face haha!

  • Christine Laleno

    I am loving your blog, Would love to see a post on your skincare Anna!

  • This exactly how I feel at 25 Anna! I really want to move my blog from solely on beauty to feature other parts of my life that I feel would be valuable 🙂

    Maddie |

  • Chloe Minish

    I know you point to having more disposable income in this thread, but do you find since buying a flat that you find it harder to be less ‘selfish’ when it comes to money? Since I moved into a more adult apartment, I find it difficult to justify spending £75 in Boots on things I want to try when I know I could be putting that towards a nice meal or something for the flat that both my partner and I will enjoy.

  • Antonio Vacos

    Cool photos! Try it for your photos.

  • it’s so easy for people to critique and comment about your posts or videos – “always the same looks” or “aren’t you a beauty blogger?” – but i think the changes that we have seen in your media presence perfectly display the changes and maturations that we all experience as human beings. you are one of the main reasons i got into makeup 3 years ago (truly!), and it is so refreshing to watch you a) be true to yourself and your style and b) share your other interests besides just beauty. there are a million and one makeup channels that people can go watch if they don’t like yours, but there will always be those people that have to speak up and share their negativity. just wanted to drop a quick note and say that you are a beautiful human being inside and out and your journey has been and will continue to be incredible to watch. xo

  • I love your antique apothecary drawers! Women’s Bota Cuello Vuelto Chukka Boot

  • R

    There’s a type you might want to fix ” mid-centuary”.

    • R

      Typo, haha. That’s so typical.

  • Jenny Villanueva

    Thank you so much for you post, Anna! I feel in some ways that my taste has matured along the same trajectory as yours over the last few years, and it’s been a joy to grow with you. I would love to see a HG post. I get so much satisfaction from building up my staples and love feeling like a have a “signature” of sorts. Keep up the amazing work!

  • I love how honest you are! Do what’s best for you, no matter what! That’s what matters most. I still adore your content & will continue to read as long as you post!