My Bronzed Face & Body Kit

A quick rake through the archives of VDM will inform that I’m a lover of a faux glow. Trawl back to the early days and you’ll realise I really, really loved it. I’ve toned it town from my borderline tangoed days, but I still like a subtle tint to disguise the fact I’ve been hunched over my laptop indoors for the whole summer. Now we’re coming to the end of leg baring season, but I thought I’d run over my bronzed face and body kit anyways. Feel free to take a visit back here next year when it’s applicable again or if you’re a fan of the English rose then keep on werking it, but if you want to know the best tints, tans and tips then watch away. And yes the Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe makes an appearance. Dur.


  • I really think I need to try some Xen Tan, it just seems to have exploded across the bloggersphere lately! Not sure if I’d have the courage to do my face though, I’m MAC NW10 and was petrified enough using gradual tanner on my legs. Might watch your video again to give me extra dutch courage to try something more instant! Thanks Anna, great video as always!

    from Emily at Sour Strawberry | UK based beauty blog x

  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    I love the Clarins self tan products, they’re amazing and don’t leave your sheet all stained and horrible!

  • I am really enjoying my fake tan and the Guerlain bronzers are my fav! They look uber natural on my fair skin, my fav self tanning mousse is St. Tropez xxx

  • Katie Allen

    I usually just rock my paleness all year but I may try out the xen tan next year.

  • Can’t get enough of my Guerlain bronzer this summer. It has the loveliest texture!

  • hannah

    dying to try the caudalie product!! looks fabulous!! xx

  • Beautyandtheb

    I love x-en tan for body and clarins for face! 🙂

    B xx

  • Maddy Cane

    I really want to try the Bourjois Primer, a lot of people have said it is really good!

    On a completely unrelated note, I baked your cookies today for my family and they loved them! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Jayne Richards

    Hi Anna, would you recommend the other Xen Tan products like the Light/Gradual? I’m bone china white so I think the Dark would be scary on me.

  • Emily Allen

    I’ve really not had the chance to enjoy the sun this summer so will definately be checking out these products xx Emmi

  • Sara

    I love the Clarins Self Tanner for face and the Xen Tan Absolute Luxe!

  • lanalovesxx

    Great video. I’ve wanted the Guerlain bronzer for ages!


  • Celina

    I’m always afraid of fake tanning because I don’t want to accidentally leave streaks. The Caudalie product sounds lovely and easy enough to work with though!

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  • modestglamamor

    Great post love the video. I love Guerlain!!!

    please feel free to drop by my blog

  • I’m a bit scared of tanning but would love to try the clarins for my neck & face…so they match the rest of my body haha

  • Georgina Walsh

    really enjoyed watching this, i’m surprised that st tropez didn’t make it in there they are my go to self tanning products!

  • Sarah @ Spray Tan Tips

    Excellent tips, every step of self-tanning is covered!