My Autumn Style Predictions

I’m about to get all Mystic Meg up in here…


I LOVE AUTUMN DRESSING. I’m not sure if I mentioned that before? Obviously I jest because you lot know from my awkward turtle posing in camisoles, from my reluctance to don any kind of colour or cutesy pattern, that warm weather dressing just ain’t my crack. I love coats! I love layers! I love clomping around in my leopard print Russel Brand boots! It’s my favourite capsule wardrobe re-jig of the year. So much so that I completed it immediately when I got back from New York in a jet-lagged state because I was that desperate to get the ball rolling/the U.K had become arctic in the five days that I’d been away. Today I’ve uploaded the second part of my seasonal wardrobe series (see part one here!) and have shared my new purchases with you – have a scroll down to the bottom of this post to see that – but I thought I’d also chat through some predictions of what I think will be my most worn items of the upcoming months, along with an item that I’m still toying with. Thoughts on a postcard please… 


I’m pretty darn sure that my most worn item of my autumn capsule wardrobe will be this Whistles Alexandra Belted Camel Coat. Seriously – how can I take this off? It’s comfortable, cosy and in my new favourite colour. I think camel will be huge this autumn, although I can see checked blazers and big cocoon coats in primary colours having a moment too. I think that coats and jackets are the most exciting part of cold weather dressing because they can really take an outfit in a different direction. Add a black trench over a jeans and shirt combo (we ain’t in t-shirt weather anymore) and all of a sudden you’re screaming Parisian chic, but pop a denim jacket over it and you’ve got yourself the perfect ‘popping out to brunch’ Canadian tuxedo. I’ve actually realised that I have quite a few coats – I think about six or seven – but they all bring something new to the table and cater for different temperatures. I still think that constitutes capsule wardrobe numbers in my eyes, kinda… 



BOOTS! My all-time favourite footwear category. I could talk about boots until the cows come home – you ready? I predict that we’ll be going for chunkier styles than ever before and even leaning towards patterns, prints and bolder colours. One of my favourite parts of transitioning from my summer to my autumn wardrobe was dusting off my boots and the ones I was most excited to be reunited with were my leopard print pair from Whistles. Prepare to see them in every other post for the next six months. Fun news – THEY’RE BACK IN STOCK.  I do have a couple of rules when it comes to boots. Firstly, I prefer pairs with a slight heel, high ankle and a pointy or soft almond toe – I just find those to be the most flattering. Secondly, I like to invest in leather pairs because they wear the best – ain’t nobody got time for suede brushing. Finally, if you’re going to create a little boot capsule wardrobe may I suggest a flatter black Chelsea boot for everyday wear, something a little fun (a print, a colour, a different fabric) for when dull outfits need spicing up and then a solid black higher heeled pair that are slightly dressier for when you want to look a little more formal. There you go, I’ve just justified three new pairs of shoes for you there. Shop away! 



A question that I often ponder in the cooler months is – do I need to do a Ross and invest in a pair of leather trousers? I feel like they’d be a wardrobe staple if I took the plunge. I had a pair of faux ones from ZARA a couple of years ago and I wore them to death, to the point where they had a saggy butt and knee situation that just wouldn’t un-sag. However I can’t help but hear the words ‘IT’S MADE A PASTE’ ringing around in my head, which make me worry that I would end up traipsing back from London one evening with my jumper tied round my waist to cover my modesty. Thankfully I think the price point is going to be the snag here because they really don’t come cheap. Weekday do a pair that are on the less eye-watering side of the scale, but it’s this pair from Frame that really have me swooning. Unfortunately the latter cost the same as a month’s worth of adulting outgoings, so I can’t see that happening soon. If anyone hears of some major Net-A-Porter discount code doing the rounds – sling it my way, would ya?


Photos by Lauren Shipley

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  • Ronja

    I feel the same way as you about coats and boots. And I loved your predictions, they seem pretty accurate to me 🙂

  • Janay Moore

    Reiss are good for leather trousers/leggings. Usually around the £400-600 mark but may be worth a try!

  • Julie Kirstine Godsk Nielsen

    I would recommend you to take a look at Selected Femme’s leather trousers.

  • Tara

    Take a look at Baukjen for leather trousers.

  • I love your outfit Anna! Perfect for Autumn!

    I hope you have a great Sunday!

  • Erin Russell

    All that is missing is the Vans rather than the Converse Anna! 🙂

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  • I love coats like this! X

  • Julia Deutschen

    Love this post and the pictures look great!
    The coat looks so good on you.
    I am really excited for the video.
    Going to watch it right away.

    xx Julia

  • Em

    Ohh! Leather pants! I feel your pain, so chic yet so expensive. I say go for it – they are a classic!

  • HarrisonBeach

    This is exactly the kind of coat I want… i’m just too short! 🙁

  • Lily Manon

    This is the dream bag, looks amazing and the coat, I’m left speechless !

  • Love the camel coat!

  • The camel coat looks amazing, but the color just doesnt suit me at all. Maybe I should dye my hair brown?

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Sophie Bird

    If it’s cold enough to wear a winter coat, won’t it be far too cold to have bare ankles?

  • ella ryder

    Love this coat Anna! Boots are my favourite types of shoes to wear too!xx

  • Love your outfit sooo much!!

  • I’m an autumn dresser as well, mostly because coats are the god. Damn. Best. With a nice coat; the rest of your outfit could literally be a bin bag. That whistles one is gorgeous.

  • Lisa Autumn

    Oh girl I want allllll of these!

    xx Lisa |

  • Autumn is my favorite season – everything about it is awesomesauce. I really enjoy that you dress for what you like and wear things you actually have without buying too much nonsense.

  • Elisha Maè Iveson

    Love this whoooole outfit Anna – so effortlessly cool. Always look to you for some minimal style inspo.

    Elisha-Maé |

  • Sepideh

    Loving that camel jacket!! Looks great on you!

  • You look so friggen cute!!! I love that coat, the color is so perf for this time of year and and ultra versatile. Girl you had me DYING when you said “on the less eye watering side of the scale” !!!! I think we all know that feeling hahaha. Cheers to an amazing fall wardrobe!

    -Lauren Will from

  • The coat is glorious! I do love autumn fashion. xxx

  • I adore your new coat, and the photography in this post is stunning! I love Autumn fashion x

  • NEEEEEEEED that coat. xx

  • You know that horrible, gut-wrenching, “WHAT HAVE I DONE” moment when you’re umming and ahhing over an item, finally decide to spend your hard-earned money on it, and then it’s SOLD OUT ACROSS THE UNIVERSE? Yep, that was me and that camel Alexandra Coat from Whistles. Will forever lament that it was there in my grasp (at 20% too WHAT) and I didn’t snag it. It looks FAB on you! As does your whole outfit. I am convinced an all-black outfit with a camel coat thrown on top is the chicest outfit one can wear. Naaaaailed it!

    Also, am with you on the Autumnal dressing thing. Boots! Coats! Layers! Hiding in clothes! The best things ever. Bring on the hygge x

    Eire | Wolf & Stag

    • Lucy

      Hey – I actually bought this coat and meant to return it but they have a 14 day returns policy which has lapsed. I love it but it’s a little too formal and expensive for my day to day (I wear trainers to work!). Anyway I am selling on eBay in a size 10 if you are still interested.

      • Hi Lucy! What’s the link to your ebay listing? x

  • Cat

    Re. Leather trousers. I bought a pair two years ago and I absolutely love them – they go with everything. I bought mine from Baujken, (not somewhere I usually shop) – they were pricey, but worth every penny. They’re a sort of high wasted legging style. I’m a bit of a short arse so did get them taken up so they were more ankle length, but they fit like a glove now.
    I like you am a jeans girl, and these are the only things come autumn/winter/even spring at a push that will get me out of denim.

  • kforkarli

    You always look so chic! In Queensland my Winter coat this year was a Levi’s denim jacket… I wore stockings once. I’m so not prepared for summer!!

  • Danica Toscano

    Hey Anna! Aritzia also do some beautiful leather leggings that are amazing quality. Loved this post XO