My 2019 Winter Uniform & Where To Buy It

Prepare yourself for the usual suspects…

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My winter uniform hasn’t changed much over the years, but I’m here for it’s 2019 reiteration. There’s still the straight leg trouser shape and a fluffy knit that makes me look a tad like a teddy bear, but this year it’s shifted somewhat. I still enjoy my wool pea coats but I’ve added a puffer into the mix, which might just be my most practical purchase in years. My Mum is quite frankly over the moon. And of course I still love my almond toe heeled boots, but day-to-day I’ve found myself leaning towards a chunky lace up boot more and more. Sort of the same, but sort of different too. A little less smart, a little more comfy. So today I thought I’d check you in with the my current most-worn pieces in my wardrobe and give you some options if you’re surfing the worldwide web for some Cyber Monday deals on this fine morning. Here is my winter uniform and where to buy it; featuring the usual suspects (kinda)…


Let me tell you a story about puffer jackets. When I was younger I was *DESPERATE* for a Spice Girls puffer jacket. It was black and had the rainbow Spice Girls logo embroidered on the right chest pocket. My best mate Mel had one and my parents point-blank refused my birthday and Christmas list requests stating, ‘We’re not getting you it because you won’t want in six months time – they will break up soon anyway!’. Ladies and gentlemen my parents are Mystic Meg. I’m still not over it, so I’ve taken matters into my own hands and picked up the ARKET Down Puffer Jacket*, made from recycled down and feather which is It was perfect for the Chicago chill and is basically all I plan on wearing this winter. I do love the & Stories Oversized Down Puffer*, which I prefer because of the black zip but then it does lack a hood which I feel will come in real handy with the ARKET one. And then if I didn’t already own a leopard print coat option in m wardrobe, then I would be pretty tempted to pick up the Kitri Leopard Print Puffer Coat* which just looks SO FUN.



I try not to go wild with my hauling, but I just can’t resist a fluffy knit. A chunky knit that’s heavily textured and probably an absolute nightmare if you wear contact lenses – those are my fave. During the warmer months I live in silk shirts and camis, but in the cooler months I live in big knits that make me look like the Michelin Man and I love it. I get cold easily, so bundle me up in one of these and I’m a happy bunny. Plus they are an easy piece to style; with leather trousers and a heeled boot and you’re ready for a nice evening out, or with a big ol’ coat and boots like I’ve styled in this post and you’re ready for a weekend wander. I allow myself one knitwear purchase per season and if I was tempted by anything right now it would be the & Other Stories Chunky Alpaca Blend Knitted Sweater in Purple*, (although the Oatmeal* is catching my eye too). The Everlane Women’s Teddy Crew Neck Sweater* looks just the right amount of fluffy too and I’m always down for more rusty tones in my wardrobe.



I have loved leather trousers for years and they’ve been a staple in my wardrobe in some shape and form for a long while. Unfortunately I also have a habit of buying ones that are a wee bit too tight for me and end up splitting right down the arse whilst I’m alone in public. Brilliant. So this time round I’ve gone for more of a classic trouser fit, instead of a ‘spray-painted-on’ fit and so far, so good. I have these exact ones; the & Other Stories Leather Kick Flare Trousers*. I did actually size down as they come up a little big, but they fit like a dream with more a classic trouser shape and are so darn flattering and surprisingly comfortable. You can sit down in these with ease!!! If your budget doesn’t stretch to leather just yet or you fancy a vegan pair, these H&M Imitation Leather Trousers* look like a great dupe. I really love the straight leg style, there’s just something a bit more modern about it, and these M&S Leather Cropped Straight Leg Trousers* (gifted) look great on too.



Much like the puffer jacket thing that is currently having a moment, I never thought I would own a Dr. Marten’s style of boot in my wardrobe. I have to say that the nineties nostalgia really isn’t my vibe fashion-wise, but piece by piece it’s slipping into my wardrobe and I’m getting close to having to admit that it might actually be a bit of me after all that resistance. What do you know? I have these & Other Stories Winter Boots* (gifted), from last winter and they are my current go-to shoe. I wore them everyday in Chicago and plan on doing the same in New York. They are comfy, warm, have plenty of grip on them and look pretty darn *cool* in my book. Yes, I have become my Mum. Annoyingly they are low on stock, but these ones* are basically this year’s version of them. If I was going to go balls out on a chunky boot purchase then the Grenson Nanette Boots* are the ones to go for, or if you fancy something a little lighter and less clunky looking, then give these Mango Lace-Up Leather Boots* a go.



Photos by Mark Newton