Morning Skincare Routine

Ah skincare. Yes we’re back on my favourite topic of all again, so grab a coffee and get comfy. It’s been four months since I last let you in on my skincare lineup and well I’ve mixed up a few steps in the past 16 weeks so thought I’d open up the doors to my bathroom once again. It’s the same but different with a few well-placed newer additions in there, including a dark circle ridding eye cream and an au naturale oil that’s outshining my usual favourites. My skin has taken quite a ‘normal’ stance these days with the odd spot of dryness round the eyes and oiliness in the T-zone, but my current combo of seven products which take approximately six minutes to throw on without any muesli breaks between – I timed it – is keeping everything check, delivering just the right amount of hydration and putting a stop to any developing grease pools. Niiice.

To continue to skincare love-in click above to watch my just rolled out of bed routine and select to ‘Watch on YouTube’ for all the information box scoop. All I’m saying is hallelujah for good lighting that even manages to make my 7am slightly spotty, pillow creased face averagely watchable. Thanks lights. 


  • That’s why you have beautiful skin!

  • Maddy Cane

    I love your videos, I feel like I need to try al of these products now because your have such amazing skin! xxx

  • Beth Bradley

    Loved watching this video Anna, I definitely agree with you about the cleansing balm, it’s heaven in a pot.

    Beth @

  • Denise F.

    great products!

  • thebeautymist

    Need to get me some Origins:) x

  • beautyandtheb

    I also need to try some origins bits, have hear their masks are amazing!

    B xxx

  • If your looking for a good SPF try Clinique’s City Block Sheer SPF! Its really good, I’ve been using it since I was 14! It sits really well under make up too as a primer X

  • I’m dying to try Kiehls Midnight Recovery, I’ve heard amazing things about it. Ah, product envy! x

    Indecisive Blog

  • sarirah

    This video has just taken my tv watching slot for the night. I’ll just be sure to keep no pens or paper near me so I don’t start noting down things for my wishlist. 😉

  • Katie Hello

    Loved this video!

  • Darshna Waghela

    Hiya, I have fairly dehydrated skin too and as an alternative moisturiser, i really recommend the Rodial Dragon’s blood moisturiser on top of the Hydraluron. I use this combination and have found that it really bathes my skin in moisture and soothes my parched skin. I also use Clinique Moisture surge intense on non-makeup days x

  • Holly Allison

    I really like Clarins skincare products, their young range is great, particularly the energising cleanser and the moisturiser.
    Holly xo

  • Amy

    Just watched this video! you really are an inspiration to me and i am so jealous of your high-end skincare, i need to start spending a bit more money on my skin! xxx

    Amy |

  • Telina

    Great video! Really want to try some of these products 🙂

    Telina | I’m currently holding a beauty giveaway! x

  • hahaha love your skincare post, they’re def one of my favorites from you

  • Georgie D’Souza

    LOVE these videos!

  • Dora

    I couldnt really see it but you really wanna make sure the Pai oil stays in a cool and dark place – especially dark. Because the antioxidants in it can easily start breaking down when exposed to light. Then it really isnt any better than putting water on your face. I couldnt really see if you had it in a container or similar.

    Other than that – you might be interested in reading this about the Kiehls MR Concentrate: – this is very scientific based, good advice.

    Still – LOVE your videos. You have a wonderful personality. Thanks! xx

    • yeah, I agree.. I alway check Paula’s Choice for input on products. the Origins Make A Difference is also not so good: :/

      • Dora

        A lot of peoples skin does tolerate irritating ingredients (such as fragrance, certain essential oils etc.) and I see that as a beauty blogger one would be very limited to only a few choices if you wouldnt wanna use them. But just in case: Even if you dont notice a skin reaction those things do irritate the skin, and over time the skin does not only gets sensitive but actually damaged, wounds take longer to heal, the aging process comes faster etc. – Paula explaines it all wonderful and on a scientific point of view I can only agree with her. But I see how its almost impossible as a beauty blogger. Thanks for answering though! xx

        • Dora

          Also you wanna get a real spf, not a moisturizer. You never put enough cream on your face to achieve the spf thats it says on the label. UVA causes 2/3 of the aging process! SPF 15 it must be at least. From a moisturizer you get around a third of what it claims. So if you get one with SPF15 you are only getting SPF5. So better go for a real sunscreen or a very high SPF_moisturizer. 🙂

  • Pippa Jones

    Loved this cant wait for the other one to go up!!

    Pipp xx

  • loving the springtime vibe going on in your background 🙂

    also the music at the end is so cheery and nice!

  • i tried to leave a post on youtube but got an error! Sad! Anyways, i love origins make a difference+ and I’m almost finished with mine! I’m also looking for a good SPF and last summer I was using the La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 50 anti aging primer, but that is silicony too like how you describe the chantecaille. I’ve tried the murad before and thought it was just average :/ but that could be because my skin is more normal to dry and I know ttsandra is more oily. I’ve read good reviews of Clarins UV 40 and wanted to get the tinted version but the shades aren’t right for me. Oh and shiseido just came out with a tinted SPF too, so i’m hoping to get a sample when I go shopping today. I guess i also have the la roche posay anthelios tinted moisturizer too, so maybe i should just use that… 🙂 Sorry to have left you a novel, but I got excited! 🙂

  • Sapna Dosa

    Love origins make a difference +, so much so that i am still using it in the summer and find that my skin is not irritated by it! Lovely video.

    My morning summer skincare routine: