Monday To Friday: Suggested Podcast Listening

A recommendation for every day of the week

I. LOVE. PODCASTS. I listen to podcasts in the shower. I listen to podcasts whenever I have to travel. I listen to podcasts whilst I do tasks that allow me to complete them and listen at the same time. I listen to podcasts whilst I clean, eat and cook. You see I’ve never been a huge T.V watcher. Sure I’m partial to a Netflix binge from time to time, but we’re not one of those families who have the T.V on the background. It’s probably because we have poor hearing and aren’t great a multi-tasking, but because of this I can go a fair few days without turning the T.V on. Lily is always baffled whenever we go away together and the T.V in my hotel room remains off. I mean it’s a different situation with the mini bar, but the T.V – yeah I never even bother to locate the remote.

Of course YouTube and streaming apps have made the whole thing portable from your phone and that has meant that I’ve consumed a lot more video content over the past couple of years. If I’ve been in the toilet for 20 minutes it’s because I’m two episodes in to a Shane Dawson series, or something has gone seriously wrong. Over the past couple of months however, the podcast/video balance has shifted and I’ve begun to listen to podcasts over any other kind of media. It’s so easy and entertaining! There’s one for every mood! And more to the point of this post, there’s one for everyday of the week…

MONDAY: Grazia Life Advice. OK, it’s Monday and the chances are you need something motivational. Like ‘YEAH, let’s get ’em!’-type content, but not the type that makes you yawn or not feel good enough. Although I’ve enjoyed business-focused podcasts in the past, I actually prefer more casual ones these days and like ones that have a rotating roster of guests, so that there’s always something new and fresh feeling about it. Although this podcast usually comes out mid-week, I like to save it for a Monday and soak up all the guest’s life-advice that sings to me, like a sponge. Guys – a few week’s ago they had the Queer Eye guys on. ALL FIVE OF THEM. It was amazing.

TUESDAY: Popcast/Breaking Beauty/Couples Therapy. Tuesday is a strange day of the week. Sometimes it’s my most productive, but sometimes my least. I actually tend to shoot most of my photos for the blog on a Tuesday, so more often than not my day is spent not at my desk and having a slightly longer podcast to listen to works for me as I can dip back in and out of it as I get pockets of time to do so. Sometimes I fancy some music commentary – enter Popcast, the New York Times podcast that dissects everything from Drake to Ashlee Simpson. Maybe I fancy something beauty focused? There isn’t actually many beauty podcasts out there, as I guess the main format for that content is usually visual, but I enjoy Breaking Beauty which is made over in Canada and contains interviews with some incredible brand founders (they just had the Co-Founder of MAC on!). Or maybe I just want to listen to two people bicker/talk about relationships and for that Couples Therapy is the often heart-warming perfect pick.

WEDNESDAY: At Home With... Oh look a plug for our very own podcast! What a surprise! How the hell did that get there? I mean I had to include a little ‘jog your memory’ reminder that a new episode of the podcast series that I do with Lily Pebbles drops every Wednesday morning. We’re a little over the halfway point of the second series and seeing as we’ve almost recorded all of them, it’s like waiting for your Birthday weekly for the time to come to put them live. Already this series we’ve had some wonderful guests, but MAN are we just getting started. If you haven’t listened before, the premise is that we interview women who we admire and inspire, in their homes. It’s cosy, it’s chatty, and hopefully it’s exactly what you need on a humpday to get you through your commute.

THURSDAY: The High Low. Whilst my Friday recommendation is perhaps my most favourite entertaining podcast, this is my favourite to listen to whenever I want to feel entertained, but also informed about stuff that really matters. The hosts, Dolly and Pandora, are serious girl crush material and I love delving into their reading recommendations once I’ve finished each episode. They don’t always agree, which I think is an important point to hammer home that it’s ok to disagree with your pals from time to time, but their friendship speaks volumes and it’s probably the podcast that I’ve cried the most at, whenever they do a reading of a piece of work that’s a real tear-jerker. It sounds dramatic, but I feel like I’m a better person for listening – more enriched at least. They’re currently taking a well-deserved break for August, but will back in the autumn and I’ll be ready and waiting for their return.

FRIDAY: Who Weekly? I know I’ve mentioned it before but Who Weekly? is one of my favourite podcasts that makes me howl. I laugh. I makes me do an inner shoulder-shaking chuckle on the tube. It’s funny! It’s light-entertainment and if you love z-list celebs and you visit the Daily Mail sidebar of shame more often than you’d like to admit (I’ve definitely decreased my browsing but blame the recent Love Island conclusion for my recent increase in activity), then this is the podcast for you. I am forever grateful to the Glossier employee who recommended it, as being a U.S based pod I’m not sure I ever would have stumbled across it. That does mean that it focuses mainly from ‘celebs’ from the other side of the pond and I know more than I ever need to know about Bachelor contestants, but ocassionally good ol’ Gemma Collins gets a mention. Team G.C! It’s released on a Tuesday and Friday, but I often save them as the last ones to listen to when I’ve exhausted the rest of my feed. The hosts Bobby and Lindsey have a cracking back and forth and the inside jokes come thick and fast. I’d say you have to get a solid 10 episodes until until you become a stan (inside joke – LOLZ). Good form Bella Thorne.

Photos by Emma Croman

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