Marc Jacobs Beauty

Scouting out the new Marc Jacobs beauty line was pretty high on my list of priorities when I visited New York a few weeks back now, along with a reminder to text my parents to inform them of my safe landing and sleep. The beauty world has been tapping its foot impatiently since news of his makeup line leaked and in August it dropped in America to rave reviews and declarations of instant HG status; so it’s fair to say I was positively drooling at the thought of standing in front of an M.J packed counter and loading up. And when the occasion arose I felt a little bamboozled about the experience. I’ll explain.

Firstly; the line is humongous – bases, brushes, polish, colour – the lot. Where does one start? Another sticking point was that I wasn’t massively enthralled by the packaging in person. In print it looks perfect; a curved, sexy, something different sorta aesthetic. But close up, well I didn’t lurve it as I’d expected to. But of course it’s what’s inside that counts *slaps self on wrist* and after swatching almost up to my elbow I still felt conflicted. Gorgeous, buttery blendable textures but nothing that really caught my eye (heck, it was next to a Tarte counter, did it ever have a chance?). And to throw in another purchasing pauser the line was pretty pricey. So what did I do? Exit Sephora with two nail polishes. That’s what. 

Now these cute pockets of polish I did like the design of. Easy to store and with a pop off lid that houses a brush that’s long, thin and easy to grip. The two colours that caught my eye were Delphine, a classic greige and Lola, a tomato ‘in yer face’ red, because a gal always needs another rouge lacquer right? Marc describes them a long-lasting formula with a plasticised finish and I have to agree. The wear time on these is good (four days give and take) and the high-shine end result is there – sidenote: no top coat was used in the above gif. Delphine is pretty but Lola is really where it’s at. A colour so strong that only one coat is required. Seriously. Say hello to my new favourite red.

Two pretty polishes that I’m very chuffed to have purchased. You know the saying. When in doubt pick up a polish…