Lorac Pro Palette Review

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Hold on tight because the rave train is running a high speed service today. Say hello to Lorac’s Pro Eyeshadow Palette. Advance warning: this palette will be mentioned in every video for approximately the next three months and feature on here on a weekly basis for that time period too, for I am in love. This came into my life thanks to the lovely Sandra, who shipped it over from Canada and Sandra for that act, I am forever in your debt. Since it arrived it has graced my lids almost daily. The packaging, the formulas, the colours – I think this post could be a long one…

The first thing that struck me when I’d excitedly ripped it out of its box is how small it is. Small in a ‘good for travelling, compact, not going to take up too much space in my makeup drawers’ kinda way. It’s a slim, cardboard bound, smooth to touch, slightly rubberised house for the eyeshadows and I have to say that I’m a sucker for its simple packaging. Inside there’s a huge mirror which again backed up my ‘good for travelling’ theory and the square-set shadows are just the right size to dig your brush into.

I think it’s only right to dedicate a whole paragraph to the formula here as they are that good. Of course all the desired adjectives apply to these: buttery, creamy, smooth, blendable – you know the deal. But really, it’s the spread and opaqueness that sets these apart from the rest. One quick swipe with a brush and there’s enough product there to wash over your whole lid; it really does act as a cream-to-powder finish. There is one shade that doesn’t fall into this category – Champagne – which is a little gritty and glitter-laden for my tastes, but for the other 15 colours I have no complaints.

Speaking of shades I thought I’d give a little shout-out to my favourites. From the mattes I’m feeling Taupe, a mid-toned camel brown, Sable, a brown with a hint of a mauve-y base thrown in and Espresso a deep cocoa which is one of those ‘black, but not black’ shades. Shimmer-wise my favourite of them has to be Pewter, a good ol’ taupe that I’ve been wearing most days with a hint of Taupe in the crease to diffuse the colour (barely shown in the photo above, but you get the gist). It.Bronze is a nice everyday peachy/golden shade and I’ve actually got a lot of wear out of Garnet too – a fab contrast for us green-eyed gals.

Now I probably should have added this disclaimer in at the beginning before I got your heart beating a little faster at this beautiful specimen of a palette – it’s near impossible to track down in the UK. I have spotted it on Amazon and eBay a few times, though these are not methods I have tried or tested and as it’s not available to ship over from US sites to these shores, your best bet is to get a US or Canadian mate to act as a makeup mule or hey – head there yourself. Because never has an eyeshadow palette so been worth the high price of a plane ticket.


  • I just ordered this!! I have to wait for a relative that lives in the US to bring it to me because I can’t get it where I live. Waiting is not fun!

    | |

  • eineisabel

    Buying it from Amazon is really fool proof, but you have to go to – it is part if the global programme and with that you get minimal shipping costs and duties and all that jazz are already included into the price ! 🙂

  • Monika Gomez

    Such an amazing palette!! great review! Im such a fan Anna… Literally play marathons of vdm on youtube everyweekend >.< lol

  • Anna Blush

    As soon as I saw this post I told myself ‘do not read, Anna could sell you anything and this isn’t available in Australia’. But no, I kept reading and now I’m lusting after this beautiful thing!

  • This palette is perfection!

    Sophia //

  • Sarah

    I ordered the Lorac Pro Pallete on Amazon a week or two ago and can wait for it to come. Your post has made me beyond excited for it !

  • Emily Golding

    I have always wanted this product but the way you talk about it, I want to go out and grab it now.

    Emily xx

  • Roisin Mckenna

    I’m in Ireland and I ordered mine off Nordstrom – wasn’t too expensive & arrived really quickly too 🙂 they deliver to most countries too.


      I’ve tried to order it from there before – but they wouldn’t ship it internationally. Have they changed their policy recently?

  • Thou Shalt Not Covet

    This is top of my wish list, and I want it even more now!! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  • Emma and Emily

    You didn’t have to convince me that I wanted this because I already did, but now I want it even more!

  • Avanti

    I have heard so many wonderful things about this palette. Now I just need to decide whether I need it or not!


  • I love the shimmery shades – especially the pewter and gold shades, lovely! Dying to go back to Canada or America so maybe this could help me find an excuse 🙂

  • Leannemariexo

    I’m off to NY in November & this baby has been whacked on my ‘to buy’ buy list. – Trying to be strict with what I get and not go crazy. But after watching numerous vlogs and hauls of people going over the pond to pick up beauty bits… well it’s going to be hard to stick to my list!

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie x

  • Clementine Buttercup

    Sold out when I visited an ULTA while on holiday in US last week. Boo hoo!

  • Ooh replacing the Naked 3 for the eyeshadow palette on every beauty lover’s wish list I think!!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

  • I’m off to New York in November and this is yet another thing on the ever-growing shopping list for when I’m out there – I am a sucker for a good portable neutral palette and this looks amazing! Great review as always Anna 🙂

  • Sophie Bird

    Just ordered! Hurrah!

  • Holly Cooke

    Oh wowie, this really is just so beautiful x

  • It sounds so lovely! x


  • I am lusting after this palette so much, seeing so many reviews is breaking my heart! It’s so unattainable in Australia from a reputable seller, and getting a dud would be even worse than none at all. It honestly looks amazing, thank you for the up close and personal shots.

  • AllboutMakeup01

    Can I just tell you how much I love your style of writing? So unique and makes for such
    An I nteresting read. I think you should write a book..

  • Manouk

    I’m going to New York in 2 months and I WILL get this haha! Can’t wait to buy everything I read about online but can’t get over here 🙂

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait

  • This palette looks so great x

  • gorgeous!!

  • Definitely going to be on this years Christmas list, garnet is such a beautiful shade!

    – Grace and Charlotte

  • I so wish I could get my hands on this, but I certainly won’t be heading to the US anytime soon and as you already mentioned, it’s just impossible to get in Europe. Sigh..

  • Samara CD

    Nordstom know offer UK delivery, so you can order it from there however with tax and delivery it comes to around £56

  • The formula sounds lush! Ah, I want it so badly! May just a bite the bullet and pay the expensive postage!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • Guest

    You can get it online from Nordstrom.. but its £30 shipping and taxes! x

  • alittlebitofjenn

    Ah I have wanted this for ages!! You are a lucky lady!!

  • Charleen

    I’m gonna need that palette ASAP!

    Top Notch Beauty

  • I picked this palette up when I was in the US – such a firm fave.

  • Looks lovely. Why are all the best products so hard to get?!

    Emma Be Beauty</A

  • Natália

    So pretty cc:

  • I really wish I could get my hands on one of these it looks perfect!! We should start a petition to get Lorac sold in a UK store or online for us UK girls!!

  • I loved your writing here Anna! The shades are all so pretty, why is it so impossible to find?! x

  • Argh… I want this. I imported some make up last week though and got a £30 customs fee, of which nearly £20 was admin charges, so I’m not keen to try that again…

  • What a nice palette. I Went on the Sephora website to see if they have it although I don’t think Sephora carries the brand anymore. I Will have to look elsewhere.

  • This palette is so gorgeous! I loved the red colour you had on in your vlog the other day. I really want this but it’s a shame it’s not available in the UK!

  • Daniella

    great colors!



  • I love this palette! I’ve been wanting it for so long but they don’t sell it anywhere in Dubai.

  • Thanks for this review! I didn’t know it was small but I love the formula, it sounds like a dream! I really have to go swatch it in store 🙂

    Every Day In Grace

  • My dream. It looks so pretty! 😀

  • staygold

    So glad you have this now because I’m always looking to learn about different combinations people use and whatnot – please use it in a get ready with me/other kind of makeup video!

  • everyone raves about this, i want to take the plunge 🙂

  • I totally share you obsession for this!!! I got it in february and have dents on sable and taupe! now i got the pro 2 again through and it is also so gorgeous!! Oh, I live in The Netherlands and the shipping was less than 2 weeks!!!!
    Alice|Alice’s Beauty Madness

  • I’ve been contemplating buying this for so long now! It’s absolutely stunning.

  • These are actually really hard to find in Canada too.

  • I just got this palette about 2 weeks ago and it has been my go-to ever since, loveee the formula and colors! Obsessed is an understatement.

  • The Lorac Pro Palette is amazing! It’s my go-to shadow for my lids everytime! 🙂

  • Do you like it better than the Naked palletes?!

  • It looks beautiful! I also love the fact it seems to have a good balance between cool and warm shades! Maybe one day, it will be mine too but in the meanwhile, I will stick to my Naked 2 and 3. Xo, Alexandra

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

  • It is a gorgeous palette. Now you should try to get your hands on Lorac Pro2 Palette, it’s just as gorgeous!

  • It seems silly not to make it more available in the UK! I’d love to try on out!

  • Eileen

    Haha aww Anna… btw I think it’s Lt. Bronze – as in light bronze? I think x

  • Autumn Seavey Hicks

    I love this palette, too. I’m not an eyeshadow expert by any means, but this guy makes it easy! So much love <3

  • The pallet looks so lovely, but I’m torn between getting the Lorac palette or the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Pallete! Anyone have any suggestions?

    xx Sierra

    • thewhineglass

      I’m going to kind of contradict everything and say the Lorac 2 palette is better than the first one! But that’s only because PERSONALLY, I realized I already own 80-90% of the shadows Lorac 1 houses, in other palettes. (Too Faced Natural Eyes has most of the neutrals and the “Gold” shimmer color) but Lorac 1 vs Chocolate Bar, I’d say go with the latter!

  • Joycelyn Steib

    This palette looks amazing and the colors seem to be spot on!!! What a wonderful gift sent your way and thanks for reviewing this product for us!!! <3

  • I saw you talking about Garnet in your vlog yesterday, it’s definitely my fave shade out of the entire palette!

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

  • I saw you mention this in your vlog, its looks lovely! All of the shades look gorgeous it’s officially on my birthday wishlist. If only it’s easier to get in the UK. x

  • This looks awesome in having serious makeup envy gurl!! I really want a high end palette to review in my blog but the only one I have is the crappy urban decay feminine palette !!

  • This palette is just too much, the colour range is on-point! I will get to America asap to buy this it’s got every shade you need

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • greatouse

    You can buy it on, they will ship to the UK via BorderFree. But this is quite costly, I paid over £50 for mine (£26 for the palette + tax/duty +shipping). I had to take a deap breath afterwards but totally worth it!

  • Beautiful! I wish it was also easily available in Europe.

  • that palette is looking like the holy graal ! :)x

    Love from France, Victoria

  • The things we do for beauty right! I have to agree with you the lorac palette is worth all that, its such a fantastic product!

    xx Angie |

  • it reminds me of the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette. I have a Makeup Collection & Storage post at

  • Wipes drool off keyboard… My GOD it is BEAUTIFUL!

  • lauren

    I need this pallette in my life omg its gorgeous x x

  • julie s

    I’d be interested to know where Sandra got this palette in Canada! I’ve only seen it online from one Canadian source but not anywhere in person.

    • The bay? Sephora?

      • julie s

        I don’t know about other parts of Canada, but neither the Bay nor Sephora carry Lorac in Ottawa.

        • Melanie Hernandez

          I’ve tweeted at Lorac about getting it in Canada…it’s impossible. No one stocks it & it costs more than the palette itself to get it specially shipped. I need an American fairy godmother!

          • julie s

            I did a little more digging and it turns out that has the Lorac Pro Palette and they will ship to Canada. A Canadian online retailer called Canadian Beauty Supply also has it in stock but it is almost $28 more expensive than at Given that you would have to factor in the Canadian-US exchange rate and duty for importing it into Canada via, the cost might come out pretty even between the two sources.

  • I’m actually so jealous, I need this in my life!

  • Love this! You look so gorgeous.

    Love from Canada,

    Marie from Elle Charie.

    Check out my back 2 school makeup tutorial!

  • Lucy

    You can actually buy it from Nordstrom online and get it shipped to the uk. They use the same company as sephora do to ship here, so there’s no surprise customs charges! Mine arrived last week and I’m so in love with it 🙂

  • I absolutely ADORE the Lt.Bronze and Pewter shades. The whole thing is just so so so pretty…for sure adding this palette to my “would love to someday own” list!

  • Ohhh yessss, the beautiful Lorac Palette! I just got this as a birthday gift and I’m so excited, have you taken a look at the Pro 2 Palette yet? It’s just as gorgeous!

  • I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of these. Even though I’m in Canada I might need to make a trip to the US to pick this up. Great post, thanks for the info!

  • yanksgurl613

    gorgeous palette! I have so many like it so maybe I’ll go for the lorac pro 2 instead. I love whatever mascara your wearing here!! xx. gigi.

  • Love the palette! Wish i could get my hands on it! 🙁

  • I’ve tried so hard not to buy this palette. I’ve seen it countless times in store, here in the US. I may just have to cave in. 🙂

  • Valerie

    Which US or Canadian stores sell this? My collegue is overseas right now, so I could ask her to buy one for me 🙂
    Actually I’m not so keen on eye shadows (I have quite hooded and deep set eyes) but this palette is just too gorgeous!

  • Abi

    I bought this palette on eBay and found out it was a fake 🙁 although the colours are very close to that of the real thing, I just don’t trust putting something that hasn’t been tested near my eyes. Please spread the word!

  • Hope Richardson

    This palette looks so amazing! I love there are so many matte colours as well as you don’t always get so many. Definitely going to try and track one down! 🙂

  • I want this palette so much – I’ve been lusting over it for months and months now! It would be so easy to drive five minutes to Ulta down the street and get one, don’t know what’s holding me back? Probably because I am a uni student and forty two dollars may be a few meals for me but I THINK THIS IS DEFINITELY WORTH IT 🙂 XXX

    Annesque – Beauty and Lifestyle blog –

  • The selection of shades in this palette really are gorgeous and I love the mix of mattes and shimmers. May have to give this one a second look 🙂

  • Angela Sandez

    ooooh, that´s my “most wanted” palette! I want it soo bad,it´s gorgeous 😀

  • Chantal

    That’s such a lovely palette, like you said it’s a shame we can’t get it in the UK yet. x

  • ahh, I’ve wanted this palette for such a long time!! xx

    The Persephone Complex

  • Pallette like this is very convinient, wow it have all colors that I want for everyday!

    xo Jhem Says

  • Shannon

    Anna- could you give us a tutorial using the Lorac pro? xx

  • Allison

    UGH so gorgeous! I really need to pick this up
    Allison from

  • This looks so incredible, you’re just making me want it even more! One day I will get my hands on it! xx

    Megan /

  • I have the LORAC 2 and you are going to need that one as well, the colour selection is on point!

    CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog

  • Tabby

    i just ordered it off and it came to 32 pounds including shipping and tax. Easy!

  • This looks lovely, but I really don’t need another eyeshadow palette 🙂

    Kate xo //

  • Nazee

    Can’t wait to try it out!

  • I’d love to try this, but i guess I have to wait till I take a trip to the US!

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

  • Absolutely gorgeous colours!!

    Charlotte x

  • Secret shopper (not ships this to the UK! I ordered mine yesterday – I’m so excited to receive it after your review! If I like it, I will have to purchase the Lorac Pro Palette 2!

    • Thank you for this information, I ordered it. I’m so excited and I can’t believe I am finally going to get my hands on the Lorac Pro Palette. If it’s as good as most people have said it is then I may even have to purchase the Lorac Pro Palette 2 as well……

      • Secret shopper

        Your welcome 🙂

  • Cathy Speight

    Try Roses Beauty Store for Lorac products in the UK:

  • Lily

    Just brought this on amazon you totally convinced me 🙂 ha! love it thanks Vivianna x

  • Endoangel

    i came across a lady from Melbourne is is able to get cosmetics from the US, with reasonable shipping costs