Lorac Pro Palette Review

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Hold on tight because the rave train is running a high speed service today. Say hello to Lorac’s Pro Eyeshadow Palette. Advance warning: this palette will be mentioned in every video for approximately the next three months and feature on here on a weekly basis for that time period too, for I am in love. This came into my life thanks to the lovely Sandra, who shipped it over from Canada and Sandra for that act, I am forever in your debt. Since it arrived it has graced my lids almost daily. The packaging, the formulas, the colours – I think this post could be a long one…

The first thing that struck me when I’d excitedly ripped it out of its box is how small it is. Small in a ‘good for travelling, compact, not going to take up too much space in my makeup drawers’ kinda way. It’s a slim, cardboard bound, smooth to touch, slightly rubberised house for the eyeshadows and I have to say that I’m a sucker for its simple packaging. Inside there’s a huge mirror which again backed up my ‘good for travelling’ theory and the square-set shadows are just the right size to dig your brush into.

I think it’s only right to dedicate a whole paragraph to the formula here as they are that good. Of course all the desired adjectives apply to these: buttery, creamy, smooth, blendable – you know the deal. But really, it’s the spread and opaqueness that sets these apart from the rest. One quick swipe with a brush and there’s enough product there to wash over your whole lid; it really does act as a cream-to-powder finish. There is one shade that doesn’t fall into this category – Champagne – which is a little gritty and glitter-laden for my tastes, but for the other 15 colours I have no complaints.

Speaking of shades I thought I’d give a little shout-out to my favourites. From the mattes I’m feeling Taupe, a mid-toned camel brown, Sable, a brown with a hint of a mauve-y base thrown in and Espresso a deep cocoa which is one of those ‘black, but not black’ shades. Shimmer-wise my favourite of them has to be Pewter, a good ol’ taupe that I’ve been wearing most days with a hint of Taupe in the crease to diffuse the colour (barely shown in the photo above, but you get the gist). It.Bronze is a nice everyday peachy/golden shade and I’ve actually got a lot of wear out of Garnet too – a fab contrast for us green-eyed gals.

Now I probably should have added this disclaimer in at the beginning before I got your heart beating a little faster at this beautiful specimen of a palette – it’s near impossible to track down in the UK. I have spotted it on Amazon and eBay a few times, though these are not methods I have tried or tested and as it’s not available to ship over from US sites to these shores, your best bet is to get a US or Canadian mate to act as a makeup mule or hey – head there yourself. Because never has an eyeshadow palette so been worth the high price of a plane ticket.