Life in Film

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Whenever we visit somewhere new Mark does one of two things. He either forgets his camera and then shuffles around muttering how good this and that shot would have been, or he remembers to bring along one from his camera collection and sits at the back of the pack snapping pretty darn good photos for the whole day. I may jest him for taking about 15 minutes to set up each snap, but there’s no doubt about it that there’s just something very special about capturing moments on film. I quite miss the not knowing and mystery that comes with the snapping, developing, and waiting process.

Last week we finally got round to developing a load of films that held shots of some of our best trips of 2014 on them: South of France, New York, Northumbria, the Lake District, Paris – and they were so good I just had to share some of my favourites. As an FYI, these pictures were either taken on Mark’s Canon EOS 33 or Zorki-4. Mark – I promise I will never rib you again, because all that twiddling with your camera in the background is well worth it for pictures like this. Thank you!