Keep Hoarding Those Empties…

Oh hello there. Apologies for the radio-silence, but the Internet situation in the new pad is a little shady – having to stop and buffer The Great British Bake Off four times in order to watch the whole episode and Youtube saying it will take 13 hours to upload a video (yes you read that correctly!) is not ideal – books and a box-set of Arrested Development have become my best friends. But after some begging and borrowing I managed to upload a video and with everything starting to come together after multiple trips to the Sainsburys (basics) home section, Ikea and John Lewis, I should be back on my usual spouting daily beauty bulletins schedule very soon. I filmed this video before the big move, but thought I’d pop it up anyway as I trust you don’t wish to see my four-day old ‘only just worked out how to turn the hot water on’ hair.

So select to watch on Youtube for all the extra info, links and all that jazz and be prepared for some VDM bombardment…


  • Elle Pearson

    I love empties post, it’s great to see proof of what products people really love. Looking forward to writing my September Empties post soon!

  • Megan Carpenter

    I’ve just done my first empties post (I am new to the beauty blogging world) and it does feel really weird saving up empty bottles and getting excited when I finish something! x

  • Eliza

    Great video Anna! I love kiehls products!

  • alicekatiemcdonald1995

    I’ve been watching your videos for ages, I had no idea you had a blog, where have I been? YAAY

    Check out my blog please?

  • Line

    I love using products up. Because I keep buying more and then I get stressed from the room all the products take up, so I get stress relief from seeing others using their products up as well. Quite weird, I know!

  • fernanda.g18

    I really want to try the Creme de Corps, I think it’s almost become a cult product now! But like you I’m not really fussed about moisturizers, I find body oils work better for moisturizing. :))

  • Andie

    I’m travelling from Australia to London for work and secretly hoping I will run into you hahaha

  • Hope your new place is coming together well! Its such an exciting time! Lovely post as always! x

  • thebeautyheroes

    your mum is so cute to have added her own little empty ! x

  • My favourite conditioner is American Cream (double strength)from Lush, smells amazing and the scent stays in your hair for hours. Lush’s Retread conditioner is also good as a once a week treat (triple strength).

  • Sarah

    Hi Anna, love watching your video’s – I don’t know if you know but you can buy Bioderma from the Guru makeup emporium. I think their store is in fulham & the have a website. Probably cheaper to buy it on ebay though. Also I really like Liz Earle’s normal hair conditioner – smells amazing and leaves my hair really soft.

  • Another great video! Thanks for sharing!

  • marina

    hey guys, have a read im new so support if you can!!