Kat Von D: The In-Depth Review





When I last headed to Sephora there was only one thing on my mind (well two, the second one being ‘How long do I have until Mark gets bored of Barnes and Noble next door and shoos me out of here?’ Answer: 45 minutes. Score) – ‘Where the hell is the Kat Von D stand?’. In recent months with the UK shipping of Sephora goods now available and a fair few brands heading to our shores there’s now not that much beauty-wise us Brits can’t get our hands on, but Kat Von D is still one that’s an order online only jobbie. A few bloggers have already tested the waters and armed with a mental image of their reviews I hit up Miss D’s line (or as Mark likes to call it ‘Dita Von Tease’ *shakes head*) and ended up with below. It’s time to dig in…

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Motorhead & A-Go-Go. I thought I’d get these over with first because if I’m honest these are the most and only disappointing purchase. I’d seen quite a buzz about these recently as I think they’re a newish release and though the packaging of these is about as badass as you can get the formula just isn’t right. The colours are great, A-Go-Go (the orangey red one) fares slightly better in texture they both still come off as a bit too tough. Extremely matte, they are really hard and difficult to work with in terms of getting a smooth slick of colour over the lips. Perhaps it’s luck of the draw depending on the shade?

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in A-Go-Go, Bachelorette & Berlin. MY FAVOURITE < the use of capital letters here is completely justified because these are just that good. A liquid lipstick formula that applies easily from the ‘just the right size’ doe-foot and stays put through everything from Frenching to French Toast. They are very similar in finish to the Bourjois Velvet Rouge Editions in that they’re matte, dry-down quickly and don’t budge, but the colour range is better. A-Go-Go is just the most out of this world crazy orange-red that actually looks pretty orange. If I could wear this everyday for the rest of my life I’d be chuffed.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper. The beauty blogger’s favourite is a favourite for a reason because man is this stuff good. It’s a very similar set-up to the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen in that it’s not your usual felt tip but instead it’s a very thin brush which means there’s no pulling or tugging and instead a smooth stream of opaque black liquid is dispensed. It’s über thin at the tip as well meaning that if you draw with that bit then you can make a thin barely-there line, or if you push down so the whole width of the brush comes into contact with the lash line then things can get nice and thick.

Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Concealer in Light 18. I really like this, so cheers for the recommendation Siobhan. Think the Clarins Instant Concealer with a bit more coverage. It’s creamy, blendable and though it took a good shake at first to get everything mixed in, once it was I realised it’s a beaut of a concealer. High coverage but not cakey, invisible looking, under eye and blemish busting goodness.

Kat Von D Monarch Eyeshadow Palette. Now this wasn’t a must-have, but a ‘screw it we can’t get it in the UK’, slight panic purchase. 12 colours, some matte, some pearl are housed inside with three of them touted as base colours, coming in a slightly larger pan. If I’m honest it was the orange on the left hand side that pulled me in. I just don’t own a colour like that and could see it working as a nice alternative to my rusty red favourites. And you know what? I’m pleased I blindly lobbed this in my basket. The colour range has a bit of everything, they blend well on the lids and though there’s a bit of fallout when you’re transferring it to the brush there’s none that settles on the cheeks one it’s patted on to the lids. I like.

Overall it’s a YASSSSS. If you’re in to long-lasting formulas, lovely liners and loud colours, then Kat is your girl.