Juicy Lips, Sorted

A bright pink lipstick?! I know, are you sitting down? On paper, the new Lipstick Queen Endless Summer Lipstick in Perfect Wave and a peachy lip lover like myself look like we wouldn’t get on. But you know what, I lurve it. Glossy, sheer and just the right tooth-whitening, lip popping flash of fuchsia, I see this becoming quite the sunshine’s out shade for me. If this was opaque, I’m not sure I’d be as hot on it. But the fact that one quick swipe coats on just the right amount of a your lips but a bit pinkier hue and leaves them feeling nicely nourished, I’m in. It almost reminds me of the shade those ‘changes to the natural pH of your lips’ products go – not too crazy, just like you’ve gone to town on a Ribena ice lolly. Mascara: required, the rest of your makeup: optional.

I picked mine up from a rather fruitful Space NK trip. At £18 it’s not the cheapest pick of the pack, but for juicy summer lips, I’m sorted. 


  • Looks stunning! Would love to see a swatch or what it looks like on you!


  • Absolutely gorgeous! I love a subtle touch of pink on the lips! xxx

  • bacardi chasers

    it Looks lovely…i still haven´t found a good Fuchsia tho. 🙁

  • Sarah Nunn

    Ooooh it looks lovely. I’m a sucker for pink lipstick though!

  • This colour is so gorgeous, i’m going to have to go check it out


  • Anna Blush

    Looks gorgeous, I love a nice sheer wash of colour x

  • Marijana

    Very pretty, I’m currently a bit obsessed with pink lipsticks 😀

  • Gorgeous shade x

  • laura

    Sounds good, I love the colour!

  • Millie Robinson

    This looks gorgeous! The colour is stunning 🙂 ♥

  • Sounds amazing! I love fuchsia lipstick for summer. You are the lipstick queen 🙂 I love reading your blog!!
    xx Darcy

  • The colour is so pretty

  • Gita Bončina

    The shade looks awesome!


  • Justyna J

    That’s more less the colour I was looking for lately! I might give it a go 🙂


  • Anon

    Ahhh, again, can we please see a swatch of the product you’re describing?! Such a tease

  • Maddy Cane

    Looks so pretty, I love the colour! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Gorgeous shade, but I would have loved to see it on you in a picture for the post! x

    ♥ Em from Mascara Warrior

  • I’ve been eying up the Lipstick Queen lip range in SPACE NK for too long. Who doesn’t want to look like they’ve been eating a Ribena Lolly? 😉

  • Frances Loves

    I’d love to try that, I love the packaging of the lipstick queen lipsticks, I really ought to branch out into the brighter shades myself


  • laadeedah

    Giving a product such a glowing review of a product and then not showing it swatched or on you so disappointing! It’s like the post is only half done!

  • alanaburke

    I’d love to see a swatch to see the actual color! Also the packaging is just great… gonna have to check it out (:

  • Deja Vu

    God I swatch this yesterday on Ulta and it was so beautiful, so summery.

  • Celina

    I’ve never heard of that brand until now. The colour looks gorgeous in the tube. xx

  • liv

    beaut! would love to see it on your lips!

  • Daniella

    STUNNING! I need this for summer! Great lipstick, great quality!

  • Christina

    The colour looks amazing and love the packaging as well!!

    Christina xx

  • Imogen

    This looks fab for summer – that is if we ever get any sun!

    Imogen – A rendezvous with you

  • Sandy

    I sooo want to pick this up online but I need to find some swatches first! It looks perrrfect for summer and love the packaging 🙂


  • Brian22can

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