It’s Time To Give Yourself A Pat On The Back

The weekend before last, my sister and I traipsed over to Canary Wharf to attend the #GirlGains and Protein Pow #GirlPow event, where we spent one of the most motivational, kick-up the rear (in a good way) afternoons I’ve ever had. The event was filled with talks and Q&A’s around the topics of positivity, self-love and confidence and it was the talk with Life Coach Jacqueline Hurst that had me nodding along the whole way through going ‘YAAAAAASSSSS‘. One of the Co-Founders of #GirlGains, Zanna, summarised her talking points here, which is definitely worth a read but the whole thing got me thinking that we should really take the time to give ourselves a pat on the back more often. Being proud of your achievements and loving yourself is really bloomin’ cool and doesn’t make you a Bobby big head. For me it’s a work in progress, but in the interests of sparking you to give yourself a ‘well done’ pat I thought I’d share what I’m pretty chuffed with right about now…

GOING TO THE GYM. I know I keep blathering on about this, but going to the gym has not only made me stronger and less likely to sound like a wheezing walrus when I have to run for the train, it’s also helped me be more effective with getting through my to-do lists and more likely to prioritise looking after myself. At the beginning of each week I look at where I can get in my three gym sessions and everything else is slotted around that.

EATING GREEN STUFF. The other day I looked in my shopping basket and I was seriously amazed at the amount of green stuff that was in there. Back in my Uni days I shopped exclusively from the bakery and frozen food aisles, picking up the odd bag of apples, but now I stalk the fresh section more than any other. Uni Anna would be in shock.

LEARNING TO SAY NO. Having the ability to look at your diary and know what a week looks like in order for you to be relaxed, happy and feel like you’ve been productive enough at the end of it is seriously priceless. I’m a people pleaser and I hate letting people down, but if I know that an extra meeting here or a meal out there is going to make that day too jam-packed that I won’t have even checked my emails or will get home hours after my bedtime then I’ve learnt to politely decline.

LETTING GO OF PERFECTION. I’m the first one to put my hands up in the air and admit that I’m a perfectionist. I’m a 100% or a 0% kinda gal and a control freak with the inability to delegate. What a pretty picture, eh? Recently though I’ve learnt that absolute perfection doesn’t exist and sometimes in the interests of getting shiz done in a productive and effective way you have to be ok with something that’s 99% of the way there. Perfectly imperfect is the new perfect don’t you know?