Is That Autumn I See in the Distance?


Now we’re officially in September (even if it’s just the second day of it), I feel like I can tentatively mention the ‘A’ word. Autumn. Personally it’s my favourite season. Sunny days, slightly crisp nights and weather that means I can wear all my beloved jumpers without coats and whip out my boots without my toes perspiring. It’s also my favourite beauty-wise; there’s no glitter like winter or the girly pastels of spring, I do like summer, but hey – I’m a sweaty betty and I look like a beetroot after approximately five minutes in direct sunlight. So I warmly welcome to warm tones of autumn beauty along with the deeper colour palette and switch-up in textures. I’ve done a spot of Googling and noted down the repeat offenders that keep cropping up with the search term ‘Autumn 2014 Beauty Trends’ just so we can all get a heads up on what to expect along with the reoccurring suspects…

A Touch of Metallic. Textures that create a glossy, wet and metal-like look on the eyes are going to be having a moment and I’m really ok with that. There’s something about those formulas that not only make things look polished, but are also very flattering; papering over any creases and blending out with just the smudge of a finger. I foresee my Urban Decay Naked Palette getting some serious use whenever I feel like channeling this trend.

No-Colour Complexions. A base free from bronzer, contour, highlighter, blush or any colour product for that matter is supposedly the way to go for the upcoming season. Personally that’s a look I throw on most weekends when all I can manage is a quick swipe of concealer under my eyes so as not to scare children when I exit the flat, so I’m pleased to hear that my low-key look is finally en vogue.

Underline. Just as I’ve mastered the technique to create a feline flick that isn’t too wonky or points downwards (you’ll be amazed how frequent that occurrence happens for me), the Makeup Gods propose that it’s time for the lower lash line to get some special attention. Smokey, graphic, coloured – they all had their moment on the catwalk – but I think I’ll be keeping mine simple and not too reminiscent of my Green Day loving days with a subtle smudge of whatever shadow is having its turn on my lid to ease me in.

Bold is Beautiful. Colour is back in a big way. I always think the balmy summer weather lends itself to low-maintence, creamy neutral shades, partly due to the fact that if we all attempted a cobalt blue graphic liner we’d end up looking like a smurf by the time we reached the office in the morning. That’s my little theory. Yellow, blue, purple and of course the classic autumnal red will be filling the counters and the pages of our beauty reads in the coming weeks and I have to say I’m up for it. I reckon I can brave a blue liner or a red-toned smokey eye, but yellow? Yeah I think I’ll have to work up to that one…


  • Anna Blush

    I love the underline trend! I never opt for anything too crazy but a little shadow smudged in to the lower lash line always looks lovely. I also think metallics will be super popular this year, definitely time to dig out the UD! x

  • Oh good lord, if i left the house with no blush I think people would assume there was a zombie Apocalypse on the horizon! Ill stick with blush but loving the wet look lids! Excite!

  • Loving the colour under liner look at the moment! Gorgeous!!


  • Avanti

    Autumn is a lovely time of the year. Those autumn trends sound gorgeous. Though I am pretty glad summer is approaching here in Australia.


  • Nicoco Chanel

    Under liner and no cheek products? Have the make up trendsetters been considering me? Yaaassssss.

    x Nicole Isabella

  • The palette in the picture looks so gorgeous! Completely agree with your love for Autumn, as long as the rain holds off for a bit! x

  • emily couture

    love the autumn time too 🙂

    emily xx

  • Cannot wait to rock these!! Bring on autumn! x

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  • Bella

    I am so sorry to see the end of summer, but it’s easier just to embrace the Autumn now. I am always shocked by how abrupt the transition in in the Netherlands: I am freezing today and I don’t find it funny. I shall be wearing some shimmer, I always do, but under eye liner, a face free of colour and bold eye colour will not be seeing me. I guess that’s what it’s all about; choosing and working the trends that suit you and which you enjoy and leaving the rest to someone else.
    I really need to find my autumn clothes and tights, though, as I said I am freezing!

  • Can’t wait for autumn. My favourite time of year! x

    Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  • I love Autumn makeup. Very excited to whip out my berry lipstick shades and go slightly darker on the eyes.

    And I’m LOVING that bare-faced trend!! Makes life nice and easy haha xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  • Rachel White

    Autumn is my favourite season too. Jumpers, scarves, cosy nights and hot drinks! What is there not to love! Thank god the winged eyeliner isn’t really on the Autumn trend, as I have still yet to master it. Mac eyeshadows such as Cranberry and Sketch will definitely be coming out this season!

    Rachel xx

  • The slow pace

    Autumn is my favourite season!! I love the traditional Autumn colours (burgundy, green and yay! browns and neutrals!) Add that no color complexión trend and I’m in paradise! (even though I’ve spent the Summer trying to learn how to apply bronzer!)

  • I love Autumn too, and all the trends this season sound beautiful!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • I feel your pain about the sweaty summer, nice, but not for me, so, just like you I’m looking forward to this AA (amazing autumn). Loved this post (just like all the others actually), you’re amazing.
    Letizia x

  • Fall is fully in the works. It’s coming soon & I can just about smell it. I’m looking forward to sporting touches of metallic. Such a radiant & fun choice. :] // ☼ ☯

  • Such a lovely post, I love Autumn x


  • Laura

    That palette is so gorgeous! I am so excited for Autumn 🙂

    Laura | Laurzrah

  • Lux Veritatis

    I’m in love with your way of writing ! 🙂
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  • The colours in the palette is beautiful. Autumn is my favourite season so I am really excited about the darker/bolder colours involved.

    Thank you for sharing, I hope you have a lovely day! ♥


    X x X x X

  • Love this post! It is very useful 🙂 Autumn is my favourite time of the year too <3 xxx


  • Manouk

    Ahhh I feel the same way! Autumn is perfect 🙂 I cannot wait to wear Rimmel 107 when it gets colder 🙂 x

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait

  • Mimi
  • Autumn is my favourite season too! And a no colour complexion? That’ll save me some time in the mornings;)

    Esmé // CloudEsmé

  • I really like the sound of these trends… except the yellow eye thing :S But metallic eyes and not bothering with contour are just my cup of tea x

  • Mandy Bajwa

    Great post! Love the way you write x

  • Holly Rose

    That palette..phwoar! gimme gimme! Can’t wait for the raspberry and taupe eyeshadow colours this autumn!

    holly | ♥

  • Not to sure about the yellow eye either. Metallic and liner..YES!

  • PeonyandPeach

    Love this post, would be great to see something like this at the start of every season! I’ll definitely be embracing the metallic eye look and perhaps try out a red toned smokey eye!

  • I can’t wait to wear jewel tones this autumn! I’m a big fan of dark purples and blues.

  • Nice post, metallics- yes! I am not sure about no bronzer or blush, they both add so much dimension to your complexion.

  • i’m guilty of loving metallics during any season 🙂

  • Chantal

    I love metallic eye shadows! L’Oreal do some great shades of metallic eye shadows that are really pretty. 🙂 x

  • I am so excited about autumn too! Can’t wait to rock plummy and berry shades! Nice post Anna! xx Alexandra
    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

  • Metallics – they are suitable for all occasions! hehe x

  • Thanks for sharing!

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  • Yeah! It’s autumn. It means we can wear darker eyes shadow! 🙂

  • Metallics and dark lipstick- I’m so ready for autumn, bring it on!


  • I can’t wait for the bold shades of Fall. Give me plum everything! xo

  • as excited as I am for colder seasons, I’m just not quite ready to say goodbye to Summer! x


  • lbakes

    Love this post! I am so ready for Autumn. Not sure about the yellow eye but I love the look of a reddy/purple look; that palette in the photo looks perfect.

  • That’s a really interesting post ! thanks 🙂

  • I agree, Autumn is the best, both fashion and makeup wise! I can’t wait to wear jumpers and boats again, and crack out the berry shades.

    Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger


  • Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year. The fashion and beauty is always so beautiful this time of year! Loved reading your thoughts on the trends.


  • thanks for that very useful post ! Now I’m really looking forward to be able to wear Autumn makeup as soon as possible ! I think gold and purple colors are the best for the season, love that ! And a quite mat face as well is perfect 🙂

    Love from France, Victoria

  • Autumn is definitely my favorite season for fashion, beauty, and in general. Can’t wait for it to cool down enough to break out my boots and scarves! Generally, I’m on board with the trends, though I’m not sure about the underline situation—I feel like it gives the eyes a tired look and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

    Marianna |

  • Bring on the fall colours! Thanks for putting this all in one neat little place for me, now I’ll know just how to be on trend this fall! I agree with you though, yellow just won’t be happening for this girl. Never say never, but.. yeah never.

  • LauraR

    It’s hard to think of autumn in 94 degree heat (that’s about 34.5 celsius). But, when it does finally come around (mid to late October I’d imagine) then I’ll be loving the metallic trends. I’m not sure if I can back off the bronzer….I may need a program.

  • Thanks for the update! Autumn is definitely my best season for beauty and fashion as well. Looking forward to trying out some of these trends. First stop, metallic eyeshadows!

  • Vix

    I’m currently going mad trying to figure out which beauty of a Tom Ford quad palette this is. Don’t suppose anyone could help 🙂 x

  • I am still in denial that summer is over, but maybe these makeup trend to look forward to can help me accept.

  • Sabrinna Baglio

    im in denial that summer is over but i can’t say that I’m not excited for fall and this post made me even more excited!

    fashion, beauty, music and more x

  • I am so glad autumn is here! It is my favorite time of the year! 🙂

  • I just love autumn so much, everything is better although the rain is a downside hahaha x

  • Janna

    Great post.

  • Ayesha

    I’m super excited for autumn too! I love the fashion trends too.. With the cosy jumpers and scarves.. As we tread through the golden leaves in our boots 🙂

    Ayesha xxx

  • I can’t wait to put some autumn colors on my face! Darker lips, burgundy shades, oh yes, my favorite time of the year is finally coming!

  • So excited for Autumn!

  • Margery Ho

    Loving the no face makeup thing!!

  • Charlotte Price

    the no face makeup will be a touchie for me because I do love to highlight my cheekbones but I definitely think I can give it a try! Loooove metallic-y eyeshadows:)

  • Oh yes, that is Autumn you see! I’m excited too, happy September 🙂

  • Guest

    I always love Autumn because it means I get to whip out my plum colored liners 🙂

  • I am so excited for autumn! I’ll definitely give metallic a shot this autumn and maybe underline as well! x

    Sophia |

  • Emma and Emily

    Love the idea of a metallic eye. Autumn is all about berry shades too!

  • Those shadows scream autumn! So, so stunning!

  • Stephanie

    I can’t find that Tom Ford eyeshadow quad anywhere online, is it even out yet, Anna? Could you please tell us what it’s called?

  • Ella

    Ooh! I’m excited to hear about bottom liner being a trend. I haven’t ever played with it much! I’ve been wearing just my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer without any foundation for a couple months. I’ll miss it when I need fuller coverage!

  • Libby

    Can’t wait to start wearing metallic shades, definitely gonna be using the more ‘unloved’ shades in my NAKED palette (unloved as I felt I couldn’t rock them in summer). That tom ford palette *drools*, i’m just about to start uni and already i’m pondering whether living on beans and toast and minimal going out would be bearable as long as I have that gorgeous creation in my possession…

  • Oh my…that quad looks absolutely amazing!

    Michelle xx |

  • Monica

    What happend to the blog? It is now full of strange advertisements around the edges?
    Still good stuff, but the ads are very distracting! Plastered with tampon ads!?

    Also in keeping with the point of the blog post, I looove fall, bring it on!

  • Autumn is my favourite season too! I totally relate to you about the sweaty summer, beet face thing 😛 I love Fall fashion as well!

  • I think metallics and bold colours will be my pick of the autumn trends but with some natural thrown in of course! I did a similar transitional make-up post on my blog – I just love autumn so much 🙂
    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • I also have the TF quad in Burnished Amber and it’s my favourite of them all so far, followed closely by Golden Mink 🙂

    Bf Gf Does Blogging