Important News For Readers!

Gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever written a title that dramatic! But I do have my reasons I assure you as the lovely people at Google have decided to deactivate Google Friend Contect for non-blogger hosted blogs, and that includes mine, hooray (note the sarcasm)! God knows the the in’s and out’s of it but this does mean that if you keep up to date with this blog through your blogger dashboard then you’re going to have to have find another way. Boo! A minor inconvenience that I hope you don’t mind making. But fear not as I have linked a couple of options for you below!

– You can follow through Bloglovin’, a fancy version of the Blogger dasboard.

– Or how about Facebook, I’ve set up a Facebook page for Vivianna Does Makeup and pop all my posts on there plus the odd status every now and again!

– Now I seriously do not shut up on Twitter, but I do the odd bit of self-promotion here and there of my latest posts.

I hope this helps! As I said I’m not sure if GFC will just stop new readers following via that or if it will continue to feed through posts to old subscribers – but hey I thought it was best to all let you know. I won’t have disappeared! I’ll still be here blogging away! Thanks again for all the support of this blog, your comments, emails, tweets – the lot seriously make my day 🙂