I Love Purple Lipstick

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When it comes to lips, I like my berries, my pinks, my reds, my nudes, my oranges – I’m pretty loving of most colours – but purple was something I always steered clear of. I remember seeing the big kerfuffle of the relaunch of MAC’s Lipstick in Heroine last year and thinking ‘nah, not for me‘. Then suddenly purple was on everyone’s lips. When I opened Instagram there it was. On Pinterest, there is was. Any picture or video of a trendy celeb – there it was, and weirdly I kinda liked how it looked. I did the usual thing of shopping my stash to see if I had anything already that would itch that scratch for me and for once I didn’t – what? So off I trotted to MAC to pick up this much-hyped about shade. Sadly they didn’t have the lipstick in stock, but they did have the Lip Pencil in Heroine which is pretty much the same thing, but in a slightly more matte form. The MUA convinced me and I was so excited to try it on I applied it in the car before I started driving home and you know what? I LOVE it…

I’ve been thinking about the best way to describe this colour and think the perfect way to sum it up is, a ‘Barney‘ purple. Remember him? It’s like a magenta, bright purple that’s got a bit of pink, a bit of berry and a bit of purple going on and it’s surprisingly wearable. Being a MAC Lip Pencil the finish is matte and pretty drying, but on the upside it stays in place like glue and with a bit of the NARS Pro-Prime Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base underneath it layers up smoothly (new discovery, it makes the perfect lip primer, who knew?). I always feel like a Bobby Big Head saying this, but the purple pairs nicely with my green eyes and I like how it looks best with pretty minimal makeup. Overall – big thumbs up.

I’m thinking about taking my purple lip love to the next level and have the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in L.U.V in my sights which looks like it dials up the colour a notch. Any others I need to add to my shopping list, because one purple lip option just isn’t enough, you know? I jest.