I Finally Finished My MAC Palette. Hurrah!



I’ve had a bit of a roller coaster relationship when it comes to MAC Eyeshadows. I first discovered them when I was a student, living off baked beans and snubbing books for beauty when it came to my student loan. Priorities, you know? The day that I discovered all my recommended reading was available for free at the library was a good day. It was about that time that I decided that I wanted to own every single eye colour that MAC made, paletted up and stored in a labelled and orderly way. I began my mission, purchasing my first 15-pan palette and beginning to fill it up. First came All That Glitters and the rest of the bronzey neutrals followed. I almost filled it before realising I never used half of them, purging and getting rid of my least-loved in blog sales and to family and friends. I got it down to one handy quad, before it grew again to two and now we’re back to a 15 strong pan game with just two slots left to fill. It appears that I just can’t help myself when it comes to the small discs of lid lovin’ goodness. The texture, the colours – going shopping for them feels a bit like going to a sweet shop. So here are the latest and final purchases of my pear drops MAC eyeshadow haul…

I entered MAC with the intention to purchase two shadows and came out with three. Typical. The shade Folie unfortunately got a bit smashed up in a non-carpeted floor incident and was on its last crumbly legs, so that’s how I justified bumping it out for that third pan that I just couldn’t leave the shop without. After doing that thing were you pick up lots of colours that you like the look of, check the name on the bottom and then realise you already have it, I came across Starviolet; which was a much-recommended shade from you lot. It reminds me a lot of Cranberry, but with a purple twist and with purples being lacking in my line-up as it stood into the basket it went. There’s a shimmer running through it that creates an almost foiled looking effect when it’s swatched and with a brown base it’s wearable enough for everyday wear.

One shimmer down, I decided to focus my search on mattes. I didn’t own much in the MAC mattes department, just Omega and Espresso and with me filling the rows up with warm-toned colours I thought I should invest in a matte that could cuddle up into the crease and accompany these. I reached for Swiss Chocolate and it was love at first swatch. A deep, rich, reddy brown it was exactly what I was looking for and pairs perfectly with any of my middle row residents.

At this point I should have left the eyeshadow stand and headed to the counter but the swatch-fest continued and my inner makeup magpie that currently lusts anything in the eye department that has a red vibe going on caused my already shadow covered finger to swipe into the shade Coppering and WOAH NELLY. It’s like the more orange version of Cranberry and with a minimal base and lashings of mascara I can confirm that it looks lush. I’m sorry Folie, but Coppering was well worth nudging you out for.

So how does it currently stand? Well the top row, left to right, contains: All That Glitters, Era, Omega, Soba and Woodwinked. The second rows homes: Texture, Antiqued, Starviolet, Coppering and Antiqued and finally the bottom row has: Sable, Swiss Chocolate, Espresso, Club and Smut. Yep, I’m happy with my choices and this time they’re here to stay.