How To Make A ‘Solid’ Fancy Bag Purchase

One big post that’s basically just ‘girly maths’…


Back in January I finally got round to purchasing a bag that I’d be eyeing up for yonks – the Chloé Faye. Instead of ripping it open I patiently waited until I sorted out my camera set-up and over the following six months filmed an unboxing, showed you how I style it for the winter, spring and summer months, gave you a ‘What’s In My Bag’ snippet for each of those and summed it up with the pros and cons at the end of it all. It’s easily the video that’s taken me the longest to make and it’s linked up down below if you fancy a watch. With all this fancy bag talk though, I thought I’d put together a post on how I go about deciding whether or not what makes it onto my bag wish-list is worth the purchase…



When you’re dropping some serious dollar on item, whatever it is – whether it be a sofa or a pair of sandals – there needs to be a bit of mulling involved. Impulse luxury purchases are reserved for those who have won the lottery only *sneaks off to buy a ticket for next Saturday*. Plus, it makes the whole thing a bit more romantic if there’s a love story involved. It just feels more special (and kinda more justified), if it’s something that you’ve been lusting after for a while. It also safeguards you from buyer’s regret because if I had a penny for every time I wanted a ridiculously priced item and then a year later wondered why the hell I ever wanted it, I’d be impulse buying bags left, right and centre. The good thing is that because we’re not talking about fast fashion here, bags usually stay in stock for a good couple of months, if not years if they’re a popular style for the brand, so there’s no need to put on comfy footwear, sharpen your elbows and peg it for the shops just yet.



Being a bit of an A-class nerd, this is one of my favourite bits. Before buying anything that’s particularly pricey I like to do a quick Google to see what experiences others have had with it. I usually stumble across a YouTube video, or five, get fully sucked into forums dedicated to handbags (yep they’re a thing and they’re usually super helpful with lots of care tips and practical advice) and find some new blogger reads in the process. If you’re looking at buying a bag then the PurseBlog Forum is one of the best sources of information I’ve found, but a quick ‘*Insert Bag I Want to Buy* Review‘ search on Google will point you in the right direction of all different sources.




If you’re a creative soul, then by all means feel free to get all Blue Peter and create a visual mood board to see how your new purchase will fit in with your current wardrobe. However, whenever I complete this step I tend to do it more in my head and with the help of image searches on places like Pinterest. I find that it really helps to visualise what outfits, silhouettes and colours work best with the bag. Usually the girls wearing the bags I want look all chic, wear their hair in buns and don’t look like an egg head and wear mostly black and white; so whilst I can get the latter down I accept that I will never not look like a moonface. However, it’s really good just to get an idea of how to style it and whether it’s more of a summer, winter or all-year-round purchase.



Once you’ve taken this all into consideration, if all signs are pointing to a purchase then it’s time to do the deed. The best option here is to buy it in store if that’s possible for you. They usually give you booze (WAHEY!), wrap it beautifully and the whole thing just feels really special. However if you’re not local or don’t find yourself in one of the big cities too often, then it’s best to go for it online. Personally I find Net-A-Porter to have the swiftest service and find delivery, returns and the purchasing process really easy on there. Although I have bought things from My Theresa, Selfridges and Matches and been impressed too (just don’t sign up to their mailing lists – it’s dangerous!). When it arrives it’s time to unbox and have a big ol’ posing sesh in front of your mirror, or if you’re like me – begin your six month long review video. Enjoy… 

Photos by Lauren Shipley



  • Ray

    A black bag is a staple and I like your choice. Thanks for sharing your tips as well. There’s a lot to note for making such a purchase.

  • This bag is just gorgeous! 🙂

  • I am not into designer handbags, but I do appreciate the effort you went through to bring us the video. The bag looks very chic and I bet it is easy to style with different outfits, one thing that should be a given at the price.
    Lookig forward to see how you decided to style it in the video.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Your bag looks beautiful! I wish I was more into designer bags and things, I can appreciate how nice they look though!

    I hope you have a great end to your weekend,

  • HarrisonBeach

    That’s some serious dollar… but great advice for those days when you’re feeling like being a ‘big spender’

  • Anna this post is INCREDIBLE – one of the best I’ve ever read about making luxury purchases! I recently made a rather big purchase myself and went through all of the same stages as you, I think it’s so important that you think it over for a long time and don’t get sucked in to impulse buying.

    Freya |

  • I love the faye bag due to its timeless style and the fact that you got it in black extends its versatility, making it a bag who’s price is justifiable. Whenever I make my first luxury bag purchase, I’m definitely going for one like this!

    Nicolette |

  • That bag is just stunning!

    Ellie xx

  • Love that bag, and great advice for buying luxury bags!
    I wanted my Chanel for about ten years before I bought it because I was afraid that it was just the luxury aspect of it I fancied. But the love stayed strong and four years ago it was finally mine!

    x Silje

  • I feel like I should congratulate you or something! Firstly for your new bag addition and also on being so patient haha. The bag is beautiful, there’s something about a designer handbag that makes every outfit look more expensive x

    What Josie Did Next

  • Thanks for this! I’m a ways away from a super fancy bag purchase, but there are some pricier items I’ve been eyeing and this is a great method for sorting the forever purchases from the whims

    – Natalie

  • This was an interesting post!

  • I definitely need to remember to mull things over, made so many bad purchases in my time!

  • great tips as always, mulling over i have to remember!

  • I mull over spending $150 on a jacket for months so I can’t imagine how long I’d need to mull over a designer handbag purchase! Thanks for the tips though, I’ll keep them in mind for the future.
    -Kathryn xx

  • Great post, it really is a great idea to find videos and posts about bags to see what other people think of them before you buy it yourself! Also- loving the bananas in pyjamas pants.. I have similar ones and used to call them my yacht pants (I feel like I should be on a yacht in Italy with them!) 😉

  • Maria

    I love this bag so much! Great post, Ana. I always love reading your blog.
    -Maria | She Blushes

  • I adore Chloe bags, this one is gorgeous! x

    Millie |

  • This bag is AMAZING 🙂
    Miki xx

  • Ilina Sandler

    I love that you don’t gloss over what a serious financial decision it is to buy a bag like that. I feel like social media is all about making people spend massive amounts of money whether or not they actually have it to spend. We need more discussion on financial responsibility. Its not sexy, but its so important!

  • Katie

    I always love to read and hear about reviews of fancy bags! I devour them when I’m thinking of making a fancy bag purchase, and I appreciate how thorough you have been! I have found that there will always be a risk of scratches. I don’t think there is anything that can stop that, so I do my best to not toss my bags around. I use them, but I treat them kindly. No dropping them on the ground or setting them on concrete steps. And I always store them nicely on a shelf in my closet inside their dust bags. If I’m going to pay THAT much for a bag, I damn well plan to keep it nice! Leather needs to be treated like skin, so it’s good that you’re conditioning your bags with a protectant lotion. It’ll help with the longevity of the quality of the leather. But scratches, yeah, just try not to bump against things!

  • While I’m not into purchasing luxury items, I do enjoy the in depth reviews and the bag suits you well!! Maybe one day for me- but currently I’m still hunting at Marshall’s, Savers, Zara sales, and my mom’s closet for most of my closet additions 🙂


  • Penny Rubenbauer

    Did I just spot some scratches on your bag?! Makes my heart bleed a little bit.

  • Natalie Redman

    Gorgeous! That bag is beautiful!

  • Tori Magers

    The day I love something as much as getting a new bag is one that I look forward to (many light-years away i predict)- yours looks great and is definitely a solid “Fancy” purchase.

    Tori |

  • Great tips! Love the bag