Houston, We Have an Oribe Problem…

I’ve whittled down my haircare harem to a bonce-pleasing edit – but there’s a problem. The the pinnacle of achieving undone ‘I-swear-I-haven’t-touched-it‘ locks with a swoosh load of volume rests on a rather purse-weeping purchase, Oribe’s Dry Texturising Spray. You’ve no doubt heard me whittle on about the volume-injecting properties of this little can of goodness before. But since my hair has been lopped off, my shorter doo is just lapping up the stuff and at £18 for the mini bottles shown and £38 for the big boys (I’ve gone through two of these, lets not do the maths), it’s becoming quite the pricey habit. Here’s the justification…

I’ve trialled and spritzed my way through a fair amount of sprays with big promises – quite literally - but the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray surpasses them all. No crunch or crisp, or sticky tresses, just pumped-up hair with a touch of texture. It makes it a little matter than usual, which helps the hair to hold when a spot of ‘poofing‘ takes place – equalling undone hair in a can. I do three spritzes on dry styled hair around my parting, focusing more on the roots and the fronts – massage through, shake and you’re done, that’s it. No-fuss, frizz-free, can’t quite put your finger on it volume. The only downfall aside from the whooping price tag? This mist is also marketed as a dry shampoo too, but I don’t find it to work that well at keeping my greasy mop in check. I reserved it exclusively for volumising purposes and layer it over a dry shampoo spray on oily days.

Confessions made, this is a post that I hope will wallow in the depths of VDM that my Mum will never find. But I’m here, pen and paper in hand ready to scribe down your Dry Texturising Spray-esque suggestions that will hopefully relieve some tension on my purse strings and rid my kitchen cupboards of Sainsbury’s Basics produce. But until I find something that occupies the same va-va-vooming category I’m continuing my mini bottle a month habit cause this stuff is ah-mazing. Spoken like the words of a true addict, eh? 


  • Jade Stokes

    I am seriously tempted to try this myself. I have quite thin hair which used to be seriously thick and lush, so I may look to pick this up to give my hair a bit of oomph and a bit of texture. If it’s featured on your blog, I feel like I can justify picking one up!! x

  • I really want to try this now, it sounds amazing! My hair is really flat & fine meaning I’m always on the look-out for a volumising product.. if only it weren’t so expensive! Your new ‘do looks fab 🙂 x

  • OletaEilis

    This sounds amazing and your hair looks so nice! I’m at one of those stages where my hair just doesn’t do anything its flat and horrible so I could really use this! xx 

  • Ada

    Don’t look at me for any cheappie suggestion Viv. My African American hair only soaks up expensive as hell bottles of Carols Daughter this and that, and natural oils which keep my hair in check and prevent dryness. I feel your pain. -_-

  • Holy mother of… £38?? I’m too terrified to even ask for this as a present, just in case I might end up liking it too!

  • I just read a post today over on Laura’s at (BuyNowBlogLater) blog about the Phyto volume actif. I havent tried it myself, but she’s pretty reliable when it comes to reviewing things! I don’t think its hugely cheap but it seems to be slightly better money wise! 
    Maybe do some research into that?

  • Liparazzi

    Ahhh your hair is flippin gorgeous though…no justification x

  • XXL Volume by Batiste!  I’ve been using that non-stop.  I do love the way Oribe smells though…Otherwise, you can also try Rev-Up by Curly Hair Solutions!  I’ve really been enjoying that, but like the Oribe, it doesn’t have much of a shampoo quality.

  • Katie Hello

    Your hair looks amazing! xx

  • Bethcbradley

    I’d love to try this.
    Love your new do Anna!

    Beth @

  • i got a big bottle of this on discount from birchbox about 2 years ago and always disliked the smell and what it didn’t do for my long hair, but i’ll be damneeddd if i don’t love this and semisumo now that i’ve got short hair. sooo good! …i just still have to ignore the smell 😀 …and the price tag

  • Marcia Hernandez

    I just bought one of these, using my birchbox points and can’t get it to work for me :(. I tried it the other day and it made my mop greasier and gave no volume to my already quite voluminous head. I must be doing something wrong! Any chances of doing a tutorial to explain how you use it? I recently found your blog and it’s become my fave beauty blog as of late. Love the chop as well!

  • Hannah McD

    the vo5 dry texturizing spray (in the pink bottle) is pretty good – i doubt it’s as good as the oribe but i find it gives a nice grit to my hair, especially when it’s freshly washed. my hair is mid-length too and wavy so i can’t stand when it’s flat to my head!

    hannah x

  • The other day at Space NK they gave me a sample of the Oribe´s shampoo and conditioner and holy hair loved it! Then I checked the price for the full size online and wallet didn´t love it very much!x

  • Oh no!  I have the sneaking suspicion that would be perfect for me, I may have to find a second job to afford it!  Right now I’m using a mini bottle of Oscar Blandi Pronto Texture & Volume Spray, but it does leave my hair a bit tacky.

  • Hannah

    I really want to try this, but I’m not sure I can warrant the purchase right now, so I am also hoping that someone posts details of a much more purse friendly alternative! x

  • Pippa Jones

    Cant wait to give this a go! 🙂 Lovely post! 

    Pipp xx

  • Clairewiththecamera

    Your hair looks amazing.
    I’ve been using Tigi Catwalk Series Salt Soray to give mine texture, and an Aveda volume boosting spray for the roots.
    The Oribe sounds amazing, but given how fast I can get through a can of Batiste, and how expensive Oribe is I think I better not make a purchase incase I get hooked on it too!

  • Faheema15

    Joico Structure Beach Textyre Spray is amazing! I would say it does a very very good job and is similar to Oribe! Its better sprayed on wet hair then blow dried….its only available in salons but i would deffo recommend it! xx 

  • Have you tried the new Tresme Texturising spray, it’s like a hairspray/dry shapoo spray not sticky at all and is great for adding matt texture to the hair!

  • Your hair looks beautiful! I can’t justify this too myself unfortunately, clearly works though!

  • Allanahbrookes

    Phillip Kinglsey Maximiser gives fantastic volume. What about Redken Wool Shake, I’ve been tempted to try it for its texturising claims but my hair harem is waaaay too large just now to justifiy yet another product!

  • Sof

    Wow I feel like trying it now!. I also bought the “John Frieda dry volumising shampoo” and it is def not very drying for the oily hair days but I layer it with my other dry shampoo! i guess we have the same technique with different products 🙂

  • elodie

    I’ve tried this before but didn’t like the way it felt in my hair…(i think its ~ $19 and $39 in the u.s. though – the price hike there is ludicrous!) I recently bought the sachajuan volume powder and at least for my hair, it gives a lot more volume that lasts for days. Only thing is, its still a bit expensive, and I’m not sure how much it is in the uk.

  • Tudyellis

    I hope I can find it here in the US 🙂 And by the way I love that you said Houston we have a problem. I am from Houston Texas! Love all of your beauty tips!

  • Chloe Witty

    ouch what a price tag! would love to try it though (when i marry a rich boy, in my dreams)

    chloe @chlowitty blogs

  • Kiran Kang

    Was considering buying this  I’m hopeless at styling my hair and stick to heated rollers but wanted to try something new heard of the bumble and blumbe beach spray but preferred this as I wanted a ‘sleeker’ look. Would love to try it still!


  • Amy

    Ooohh I’ve never tried this! batiste is always my choice but i do love a bit of volume!
    Amy |

  • Jenn

    I am head over heels in love with Oribes Dry Texture Spray, i like to use it on freshly washed hair to give it that little extra oomph. I did, however, recieve a sample of a similar product in this months US Birchbox. It is called the Meta Revive Volumizing Dry Shampoo with Cedar Bark by Serge Normant. I use this on days I don’t wash my hair as I feel like the Oribe Spray doesn’t do much in the dry shampoo department. I love almost everything about th Serge Normant Dry shampoo, it gives almost as much volume and texture as the Oribe Spray but it comes out of the bottle pretty wet, which I am not a fan of. I am 90% sure I will purchase the full size bottle to use with the Oribe Dry Texture Spray.

  • This is a pre-blow-dry option, but here’s an article I read the other day on ITG- might be something to look into!

  • uljasik12

    Does anyone know where it can be ordered online ?