Holiday Beauty Planning

Now I’m not sure if this crazed list was scrawled in the wake of Lisa Eldridge’s glorious recent video or if the small fact that I go on holiday in 3 weeks and have all of about 2 days spare between now and then free. But you guys know I’m a list maker. And when it comes to holidays I like to get in there nice and early so last night I trawled through my stocks of miniture beauty products and made a list of things I needed as not to end up with 10 tiny bottles of shampoo after a raid at the Boots travel section. Oh and I’m hitting up Florida with my family, pretty sure it’s just cause my Dad wants to get all the Disney characters to sign his autograph book 😉

Amongst the things I need to purchase are those mesh zip bags from Muji, a pick ‘n’ mix of various sized pots and bottles from Muji to decant some of my favourites into, a small 100ml bottle of Bioderma and another mini Caudalie Beauty Elixir (which will be my third repurchase). So basically I will be buying out a huge amount of Muji travel-related stock and a few back-ups of my favourite skincare products!

So here’s where you guys come in! It’s been awhile since I’ve properly been abroad so I’d love to hear what products you find are essentials for the stuffy plane journey there or beauties you rely on for humid and hot climates. What do I need to add to my list? I’m sure you beauty junkies can think of a few things!


  • cescafrancis_x

    I’m not going away until July but I’ve already made a list too! I’m thinking of investing in a good after sun like the one from Liz Earle cos I burn quite easily and its horrible to have peeling skin! I’d love to see a Holiday Makeup essentials blogpost/video too, I always end up taking far too much 😉

  • Liz R

    I know its not really a beauty product but i have to take eye drops on the plane. My eyes get so dry and it is surprisingly unbearable! x

  • aftersun cream, its so cooling and refreshing after being in the hot sun all day. a good scrub to get rid of dead skin so your tan will last longer, I’ve found decleor make the best ones and an spf lip balm so your lips don’t burn, chapstick do an spf 30. 

  • OfficialSarah

    I wouldn’t buy too much in advance (even if it is just travel sizes) as you can buy EVERYTHING (and more) in the US for way less money. For the plane I would bring eye drops, a chap stick, and some lotion for your face and hands (or a spray).

    But even in the suitcase I would stick to the essentials – for me vacation in Florida is all about shopping and buying new and exciting American products!

    A good sunscreen won’t hurt in Florida – but even here: Buy it there!!! Cheaper and better products. They are used to the sun and got a lot of great stuff!

    My parents are down there at the moment and the weather is great! Hope the time until your vacation passes quick. I wish I could go again (last time I went was in October last year)…

    Love, S.

  • brownsugar

    eau thermal avene water spray! not really a necessity but feels so nice to mist this on your face when its really hot and humid out.

  • Delphine Beuvain

    As said above, SPF cream… A sleeping mask is a must in my opinion to sleep in public transport where lights might be annoying (plane, train, coach…); if you can’t live without perfume, Travalo has the best plane-friendly atomizer, and they are so easy to use! x

  • Buy out there…much more fun! And you’re not the only crazy person who writes list :)  I do too!

  • Cookie Monster

    for humid and hot weather I wouldn’t use any foundation, a tinted moistorizer at most. I live in Portugal so I have a quite good experience to share. During the warmer mounths I usually go with powder, a basic eyeliner look and waterproof mascara. The powder will keep your skin matte in the heat and humidity and by the  mascara beeing waterproof you make sure it won’t melt away.

    Lots of Love xxxxxx 

  • You’re going to have such an amazing time – Disney is so much better as an adult! 

    Make sure you bring hand sanitizer for all the public toilet use when travelling. I’d also bring a perfume mini with something citrus and fresh to spray when you feel a bit sluggish on the plane. 

    Not beauty related but I always pack a soft pair of socks and a snugly cardigan or pashmina to fight off the freeezing air conditioning on planes.

  • Shari O’Connor

    You must get the La Roche-Posay spf 50+, it’s very light and non-greasy considering it’s a sun cream. 

  • amelia liana

    I would say the Chantecaille sun protectant but I saw in your video you already have that ;) 
    A protectant for your hair while being in the sun so you don’t damage it! – I love the Kerastase Soleil range 
    Urban Decay De Slick setting spray for hot climates! 
    Also  – a lip balm with an spf! I’m loving supergoop’s right now from space NK
    Hope that helps! 

  • SPF for the plane as well as when you’re there ofcourse, lip balm, eye mask, fluffly socks (I change into mine as soon as I get on the plane), a magazine on my ipad, a book on my kindle, a hair clip, mini toothbrush and toothpaste, hand cream is a must and everything you mentioned above. I would say dont bother attempting to washing your face on the plane, I always feel more ‘germed’ when I come out of there so probably lots of bioderma and cotton pads! Have a lovely time xx

  • Madeline C

    Well, I have lived in Australia my entire life so I can certainly give you quite a few tips for a hot and humid climate!

    Sunscreen! Do not go there without sun protection. The Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion is AMAZING and it sinks into your skin without leaving a shiny white or oily layer on top like most other sunscreens! A makeup artist at the Bobbie Brown counter also recommended to me Dermalogica for suncream, and said that you can mix a little bit of it in with your moisturizer or foundation :D Also, a loose powder is also a good idea for touch ups during the day, as well as oil blotting papers because the face gets quite shiny if it is humid and hot. Anti frizz serum or hair product is also good if your hair tends to get a bit frizzy in the humidity….Erm, stick with waterproof mascara in hot weather as well and bring a primer for the eyes because I personally find that normal mascara can transfer and melt quite easily, eyeshadow creases and liquid or gel liner smudges really easily. In fact, less is more because lots of makeup feels disgusting when the weather is humid and hot. For the plane, like Lisa Eldridge did, don’t wear any makeup and try to get heaps of sleep :D.I hope this all helps! And please excuse for the uber long comment! xD  

  • jemimaandted

    It might not be a beauty product, but an eye mask! I had never used one until I went to Asia this summer and my god…they work wonders if you have trouble sleeping! Pair them with eyeplugs, you’ll sleep like a baby. Before the discovery of the Beauty Elixir, I would have said a herbal face mist for the plane (and dehydration) but of course, you’ve got your BE firmly on the list! Have fun, I am SUPER jealous (Can’t wait to see your US product haul!) xx

  • Jemma

    I found the water in Florida really dried out my hair (that mixed with the ever so hot sun!) so remember lot’s of conditioner or/and hair masks! X

  • I would definitely bring a lot of moisturizers for your hair/hands/face/body. My skin gets really dry on planes! For florida, I wouldn’t bring really thick or heavy foundation – choose something light! Make sure you either bring a great primer or a setting powder though as makeup tends to slide around when its really humid (lovely picture, isn’t it?). I always go through the air port with makeup on, take it off as soon as I get on the plane, and then put makeup back on about 45 minutes before landing.Since you’re going to be at the beach (I’m assuming) definitely bring sunscreen and try out some multi-purpose products like bars multiples or the bobbi brown pot rouges. You don’t want a face full of makeup if you’re going to go swimming! 

  • Travellingfemme

    Foot cream!!! Weird but long haul flights always dry out my hands and feet! Also, for Florida, the water is different so definitely a good conditioner. As for your face, I’m from florida and have normal/combo skin, and I find that when i go back home in the summer i can’t wear too many layers on my face.  So, just a serum and tinted moisturizer is enough…or sunscreen and mineral powder.  You get the idea.  Oh and one of those spray SPFs isn’t a bad idea for your handbag to top up frequently throughout the day if you are walking about.  If you go to Disney YOU WILL GET SUNBURNED.  I used to work there and we always felt so bad for foreigners cause they would get soooooooo red.  Like lipstick red stripes down their legs. So, LOTS of sunscreen.  Have a great trip!!!!

  • I went to Florida last year and it really is too humid for full foundation if you’re going to be outside most of the day! Long wear cream blushes are good, basically anything that won’t slide off and disappear! If any of your make up has a tendency to do that (including mascaras) don’t bother bringing it. Echoing what lots of people have said, get suncream when you’re over there, they have lots of cool mist spray ones which are so easy to apply, and obv you need to reapply a lot when in Florida so it’s great. I hope you have a great time – you have to go to Universal whilst you’re out there, Harry Potter World is freaking awesome! Also the Mall of Millenia is a really nice place to shop too. xx

  • Sarah S.

    If you have time to order it I highly recommend Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42 No. 23.  I was in Florida only a couple months ago and I wore this on my face in place of moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation (so, it wound up lighter because it was only one layer!) and it lasted all day even though I did a 24-hour run of the Disney Parks. I did not burn my NC25 skin whatsoever. The stuff is really an all-day-outdoors miracle.

  • Alexandra

    If your in orlando you should go the cco and bannana republic outlets.
    Its on international drive.

  • Annie An

    Sheet masks for in flight and after sun!x

  • Alexsays Londonsburning

    I go to Florida with my family pretty regularly, I usually skip foundation and any all over face products (besides an SPF and a mattifying moisturiser) pop a bit of mascara on and wear big sunglasses to disguise my red cheeks, it really is too hot and humid for much else. I recommend you get the Neutrogena dry touch sun lotion (when you arrive – everywhere has it, it’s around $10 as it really is fabulous, I’m freakishly pale (translucent) and as long as I’ve not missed a patch or gotten soaking wet I won’t burn, also it dries very fast and doesnt leave you looking or feeling greasy and it doesn’t stain clothes. Also if you go to the downtown Disney area I recommend having a little look around Basin, it’s a shop just across from the main ‘World of Disney’ store and is similar to lush. Take a good body scrub with you, I always find that being out in the sun with lots of lotion a high chance of a bit of perspiration makes your skin feel a bit grim by the end of the day, so it’s nice to feel like its been cleaned thoroughly. Also you should take advantage of the excellent prices for beauty things in America, and clothing, some things (especially drugstore) can often be pound to dollar so you really do save quite a bit of mulah if you buy in America. Woo, that’s a lot, I hope you have a great time though and you should take your dad to see Mickey he’s a cool mouse.

  • When I went to Florida I swore by Blinc Mascara (  The only way to get it off is by using a cotton bud soaked in warm water with some pressure.   Otherwise it just doesn’t budge – in the pool, in the hot sun, it just stays put all day.  I loved it! 🙂  I’m soo jealous you get to go! I miss Florida soo much 🙁 I bet you’ll have an amazing time! xxx

  • Clay Butterfleyes

    Aw I was in Florida a couple of months ago, it’s so nice ! Have a brilliant time hun ! xxx

  • Make_UpAndMe

    The Florida mall is so much better the mall at milenia. SPF, masacara, urban decay eyeliner (apart from on water rides!) and blotting sheets, and a decent lip balm and don’t forget “it’s a 10” xx

  • Jen

    Disney World in June means that you’ll be standing in the hot sun for hours, so I wouldn’t even bother putting on foundation– maybe a touch of tinted moisturizer with a high spf and some cheek and lip stain. The lines at Disney (if you’re waiting to go on the rides) are torturous and the sun would make you feel hotter than it really is, so I would bring some face wipes to freshen up a few times during the day and I would pair thin and semi-loose cotton tanks with denim or linen shorts. And as some others have said– make sure to purchase some hand sanitizer and after-sun moisturizer or aloe. Have fun!

  • Amanda Cheyenne Manis

    Disney and Florida in general can be ridiculously hot this time of year.  You may want to invest in a good, non-greasy sunblock that you can carry with you to touch up throughout your day.  Chapstick as well and don’t forget your scalp.  I can’t tell you how many people who come to Florida burn their scalp by wearing their hair parted with no protection!  Also, just  a little Disney World tip from someone who has lived right about 30 minutes away for nearly 27 years, when you enter go to the left.  It’s the natural inclination for Americans to go to the right and the best rides such as Pirates, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Railroad are to the left.  Save some time and sanity! 🙂

  • Pinkcupcake2401

    I really recommend the Avene suncream. It is super light weight, non greasy and fantastic for sensitive skin. :) 

  • sephora haul on return?? love panic buying there when i go to Florda enjoy! have a nice VayCay!

  • get everything out there in Target or Walgreens! don’t take anything but my must haves!

  • Hollys1985

    Deffo Avon Skin so soft in the green range. Perfect for giving your skin a gorgeous sheen but most importantly the best thing at stopping those pesky insects biting you!! x

  • Disney World sound like so much fun! Hope you have a lovely trip with your family!
    I hope to see a little American haul when you return home 😉

  • Hafsa

    You need the travel kit from Mister Mascara. It comes with bottles that follow EU legislation so you won’t get into trouble about carrying liquids.

  • Lottie

    I always pack a tinted moisturiser!  Last year I used Benefits You Rebel Lite which also has SPF 15.  Have a lovely time 🙂

  • ljames

    You can get little travel size pots and bottles from Primark

  • Amandastan82

    Liz earle spritzer 30ml is perfect size for travel and really refreshing and toning for ur face. love it!!

  • Emilia

    definitely a hydrating facial spritzer for the long flight! Plus moisturizer for your arms and chest on the flight back so you don’t start to loose your tanned skin…(ehhhmmm.. whats the word in english..!?)

  • xlucykellyx

    Wet wipes! They come in handy all the time.
    Enjoy your holiday you gorgeous girl!

  • jenna butler

    love this post…am off to florida next week for a week in miami and a week in orlando 🙂 but as the weather  forecast is thunder storms i will prob spend most of my time shopping and so i want to ask you the opposite to this post….what are you NOT bringing with you and instead buying over there? what will be the beauty products you are planning on stocking up on while over there?? 🙂 xx

  • Sherrie x

    You probably already have this at the top of your list- don’t forget the caudalie Beauty Elixir! Also a good lip balm, some nice mints and don’t forget your hair bands and clips.

    I’ve just been on holiday and loved using the beauty elixir in the morning when I woke up to help clear my senses! Have a fab time away! I would also recommend the Liz Earle foot spritz, your feet can get hot and uncomfortable. Great for the plane. xx

  • Francesca Brookman

    The beauty elixir in 100ml and 30ml is cheapest on gorgeous shop, but its only free delivery after £35, and you can often find discount codes too!! And I love making lists for holiday too, I take it with me leading up to my holidays incase I remember something! Have a nice trip!! x

  • Maria

    I would recommend that you don’t bring too much if you plan on doing some shopping in the US.  I know the prices for alot of thing are cheaper here and we tend to have a different selection of drugstore products.  Hope you have a great trip and most of all wear sunscreen because it will be very hot. (I live in Louisiana and today the high is 96F/36C and its only May so it will get much hotter)

  • Thegermanbrazilianlondoner

    Insect repellant, high facial sunscreen and crawl hair clips/elastics to keep your long hair off your neck 😉

  • Ooooo I’m a list-maker too! I start making holiday “to buy” lists weeeeeks in advance and then totally overpack! X

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