Hello, I’m Anna and I LOVE Stationery

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Already as I set down to write this post I’m not quite sure where it’s going. But do hear the excitement in my tone because today I’m talking about my favourite topic bar makeup, burgers and bed – stationery. Back in the day I was a floozy, trawling the aisles of Paperchase, WH Smith, Woolworths (oh Woolworths I will forever miss your pick ‘n’ mix section) and the likes. However these days there is just one place that I head to get my fix. Staples. I get it from my Dad. We visit there together even when we don’t need anything just to pour over the pens, printers and paper (aren’t we so cool?) but really it’s the Martha Stewart at Staples section that’s got my heart. A wash of turquoise and cream there’s everything from chalkboard labels to organisers, files, journals, post-its – the lot. So today, after feeling inspired from a complete paperwork clear out where the paper shredder almost caught fire, I thought I’d share the highlights:

Martha Stewart Accordion File: My old accordion file was purchased back when I was 16 and was rainbow patterned with an elastic tie that was well past it’s best, so this one feels all flashy and chic in comparison. One simple long piece of elastic, loads of pockets and a strap around the bottom that stops it being too chunky – the rainbow file was promptly shown the door.

Martha Stewart Files: To be honest there’s nothing particularly special about these, but they match and that’s what important here. Though when I had my big paperwork clear out (groan) I did appreciate that these snapped open with the click of one handy button therefore saving my mani and contained four rings instead of the usual two meaning everything is doubly secured inside.

Martha Stewart Sticky Notes: The best way to describe these are pretty post-its – look at that fancy shape! I use the three different colours for three different genres of lists because I’m just a Virgo like that, but they certainly make writing the weekly food shop a bit more fun.

Martha Stewart Shagreen Journal: I’ve already gone through one, am halfway through another and have three spares under my bed because I’m terrified that they’ll get discontinued and they are easily the best notepad I’ve ever found. Most importantly they lie flat. But it’s larger than most and so perfect if you’re a ‘draw your own chart’ maker like me and it’s got a handy little ribbon so you can mark where you’re up to. Oh and Martha shares her tips for how to be the perfect host in the back. Cheers Marth! 

Martha Stewart Page Tabs: These are lifesavers. I often wonder what life would be like without them (see, I told you I take this whole stationery thing very seriously). Sticky and re-useable they have just enough firmness in them for you to grab on and flick to your chosen page. Yep, I just heard myself. I think it’s time to stop there.

Martha – you are my stationery saviour. BABE. Fellow notebook freaks, any other ranges I need to be perusing with my Dad?