Haircare Routine #3 Video!

Crazy to think I’m on a ‘Haircare Routine MARK 3’ video, but the title says it all 😉 You guys are always asking about my mop, and I have been using a fair few new products on it recently, so I thought it was time to share…
What a tease eh? Leaving it till Monday to tell you what this new fabulous tool I have been using is! Ah well, all will be revealed soon! I hope you all have a lush weekend. I’m off out tonight and will probably spend the rest of tomorrow in bed with a (hopefully minor) hangover – replying to emails and knocking out some posts and videos 🙂 Combined with pyjamas and a huge Sunday roast – it sounds like the perfect Sunday! 
Much Love,
Vivianna x


  • Your hair is so nice, it always looks so healthy. This video was great 🙂 x

    • Aw thank you love, I’m pleased you enjoyed it 🙂 xx

  • Thank you for sharing! I recently just cut off my long hair, because it was so damaged. Now I’m going through the pain of growing it back out, I would love to check out these products :]

    • Oh yes, but at least you have nice and healthy hair now ! xx

  • I’ve recently discovered Ojon and I love it so, so much, but like you said, the price tag is a little bit overwhelming. I want to try out some of the other products you’ve mentioned, as my old-time favourites don’t seem to work as well on my hair anymore – maybe it’s got used to the ingredients.

    • It is! I definitely want to try more of their stuff though, as I have loved everything I have tried so far xx

  • Natalie @TheBeautyStash

    love the video as usual! i bought the vo5 oil yesterday on your recommendation – i’d been using herbal essences beautiful ends split end protection cream, and although it’s worked amazingly i thought why not try some oils!  i also wondered just how long it took you to grow your hair? i’ve been growing mine for years, but dry ends always meant i had to get loads chopped off; now i’ve finally got products to make sure the ends are moisturised i want beautiful hair like yours ;)! xx

    • Thank you hun! It’s taken me quite a few years to get it this long, but I try and use really protective things in it so I don’t have to get it cut too often! xx

  • Guest

    nice rutine, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks hun! xx