Glossier: Here’s What I Still Use

Believe the hype about *these* products…

I’m not sure that a brand has ever landed in the U.K with as much fanfare as Glossier did. As a lover of all things glossy, ‘no makeup’ makeup and a sucker for packaging, I was there bustling to the front of the queue – heck, I even paid for a sweatshirt with their branding printed slap-bang on the front. Some brands that arrive with such noise quietly disappear into the background, but I’m pleased to say that much of the Glossier items that I picked up two years ago (some longer as I’d hauled my ass off whenever I visited NYC!) are still there banging around in my routine.

Now that’s not to say that every single product has stood the test of time, nor did I even like every single product in the first place. The bodycare bits are nice but not repurchases for me, the Lidstars were way too glittery for my tastes, I’ve never been brave enough to try Solution after some interesting reviews and Invisible Shield made me red and blotchy. There are some duds in the range, but there are some class bits too, so today I thought I’d share with you the items that when the hype has died down are still the stars of my show…

The fuss-free cleanser – Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. I’m pretty head over heels about the Kiehl’s Centella Sensitive Facial Cleanser at the moment, but I can still accept that this offering from Glossier is a solid option. It’s reasonably priced (as is much of their range), available in a reusable miniature which makes it good for travel and is just a simple formula that doesn’t try out my dehydrated skin, but leaves it feeling clean in a non-squeaky kind of way. I’ve gone through two big bottles and can see myself polishing off another one in the future. It’s no-frills, but it’s one that I would add to the list of cleansers to return to if ever my skin is playing games with me.

The über hydrating serum – Glossier Bounce Serum. I still have a bottle of this in my bathroom cabinet, although it’s not my current Hyaluronic Acid-filled serum of choice (I’m working my way through the Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Serum at the moment). Much like the cleanser, it’s a low-key formula but I used it solidly for around two years and my skin lapped it up. It’s hydrating, but without an ounce of stickiness and it sandwiched nicely between whatever was underneath it and whatever I applied on top. My only niggle with this product is just how small it is for the price. I would go through a bottle a month-ish and when you’re buying it that frequently, it’s not exactly a bargain. I’d recommend it more for travel as it’s small, but great for calming skin down.

The barely-there base product – Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint. This was reformulated in summer last year and although I personally preferred the original formula – the former was dewier and stickier, whereas the latter feels silkier and more velvety – it’s still something that I keep in my everyday makeup stash. WARNING: This provides no coverage. Like none. And it’s not buildable either, but it does somehow make the skin look glowy and fresh, which is why it’s what I reach for at the weekend, when I don’t want to feel like I have makeup on the skin. The shade range is lacking to the say the least, but the lack of coverage means that despite the lack of choice, most can work with it. I use Light in the winter, Medium in the summer and mix the two between seasons.

The glossiest concealer – Glossier Stretch Concealer. If we’re talking about my favourite, favourite Glossier product, then this would be it. It’s one I use every single day and even though there are other concealers that I love *cough* Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer *cough*, there’s nothing that’s quite as hydrating and glossy under the eye as this. If you want something that doesn’t crease, then this isn’t the one for you. If you want coverage, then this isn’t the one for you. But if you fancy a brightening balm that just looks fresh and doesn’t ever cling to dryness or look cakey then HELLO. I apply it under my eyes either with my finger, or dust it over areas of redness with the ZOEVA 134 Luxe Powder Fusion Brush to even everything out (thanks Katie Jane Hughes for the tip!).

The highlighter that lasts forever – Glossier Haloscope in Quartz. Just like the concealer, this is a product that I use all the darn time. It might not look much in tube, but my last one kept going for over 12 months (just scrape out all the product when you think you’ve got to the bottom because there is still so much left in there!). It’s the most subtle, skin-like, glimmering highlight that melts into the skin and just looks like it’s always there. It comes in three shades, but Quartz is the one for me. It’s a champagne colour, but the tone is completely neutral so it never sits too blue or pink on the skin and I feel like the clear core balm adds a nice transparent gloss top coat. You could apply this directly to the skin from the stick, but I prefer to blend it over my fingers to warm up the product and then press it into my skin with my fingertips which gives you the ability to work it into your base without disrupting whatever you’ve already applied.

The blush for blusher hatersGlossier Cloud Paint in Dusk. Now I don’t use this every single day, but it’s at least used bi-monthly whenever I feel like dabbling in blush because I just look that pale and dead. You know those days? It’s a thin cream blush that you squeeze out of the tube and although it’s primarily used for the cheeks I’ve seen people use it on the eyes and the lips too (watch out as I don’t think it’s officially tested for that!). It’s such a light texture and although the pigment is there, it really gives a sheer wash of colour that’s easy to blend and never looks too much; especially in this tawny pink/brown shade. On my skintone it does a bit of a blush/contour/bronzer thing all in one. I like it on the cheeks, but I love it as a nude lip too – pat it on, wait for it to dry, nice.

The grooming brow productGlossier Boy Brow in Brown. One of the first makeup products they ever released and really started the boom for waxy brow gels that didn’t crust up your hairs, but instead groomed them into place allowing them to still be a little bit fluffy and free. Although these days I prefer the Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel, which is just a tad less heavy in formula and the brush delivers less product making it a smidge easier to use, I still have both the Brown and Clear of the Glossier in my rotation and enjoy using them both. Great if you want volume, grit and grooming added to your brows.

The tinted chapstick balmGlossier Generation G Lipstick. Another reformulated product, which after giving them both a good ol’ test I think that I prefer the previous form. DAMMIT. Yes these are kinda drying and hard and I do feel like Glossier could up the creaminess factor a nudge, but I do enjoy just how matte these are and how they offer a stain on the lips which just looks so natural. Cake is my personal favourite – a peachy nude of course, but I do enjoy Zip too when I’m in the mood for something bolder. The new bulkier packaging means that these don’t break and roll out of the tube each time you open them, but it does also mean that they are a little tougher to apply on the lips as the bullet is larger. Still a great option though if you fancy a tinted balm, that’s sorta buildable.

Photos by Emma Croman

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