Getting Minted

For the meantime I’ve put the reds on hold and am turning my talons to a more springtime congruous colour – mint. Who doesn’t love a good mint? Well actually my best mate Mel doesn’t, stating that the only two colours that shouldn’t be sported on nails are greens and blues – say what? But she has been known to quote that ‘shimmer nail polish is against her religion’ and I can vouch for a glitter nail or two so I think we’re just going to have to agree to disagree on that one. She’s bloomin’ hilarious my Mel and has some funny takes on beauty; I’m currently in the process of bullying her into featuring on the blog. But back to blue and green’s shade baby, mint, and there’s five in my stash that I turn to when a passion for pastel arises…

& Other Stories Nail Colour in Moire Green – There’s a bit of a buzz in the beauty waters at the moment for this shade and I can see why. Although it requires a steady hand and enough time on the clock for three coats (as do most of these picks), I love this one mainly for the fact it’s exactly the darn same as my favourite mint - Essie’s Absolutely Shore (see below).

Butter London Nail Lacquer in Bossy Boots – Slightly different from the rest of the pack with its pistachio hues; a good choice for those who want to steer away from the aquamarine side of mint. This scores major points on the application front too – just two thin coats to achieve a nod of opaqueness approval.

Bourjois So Lacque Glossy in Amande Défile – The newest addition the crew and a purchase again egged on by Lily (we really need to stop shopping together). The jury was split on this shade when I posted a preview on Instagram yesterday; the formula does require the patience to layer on three or so thin coats but it’s redeemed by its awesome brush and mint-choc-chip tone.

Essie Nail Polish in Absolutely ShoreMy favourite. Not too bright, too white, too bold, just right – you know? Whenever I’m in the mood for a pastel, out this subtle-toned mint comes. It looks perfectly pretty on fingers and toes alike and is 100% worth the hunt down for it online.

Essie Nail Polish in Mint Candy Apple - A minted nail polish edit just isn’t complete without a nod to this. The original, and probably the most popular of the this hue, it’s the most blue-tinged of my bevy and probably the one I wear least but it would be almost criminal for me not to own.

There you go, if you’re in a minty mood then lacquer-up with one of the aforementioned and you’re sorted. And don’t worry about Mel, I’m working on her. She’ll be rocking out a slick of seafoam quicker than you can say ‘Mint Candy Apple’… 


  • Love a good mint polish for Spring!

    Lottie x

  • Girlie Blogger

    No kidding. WHo doesn’t like a good mint? Loving the colors you chose.

  • Jess and Erin

    Headed into winter in Australia, but I think I shall still be rocking mint even in the depths of winter haha
    Jess x

  • Rebecca-Louise Murray

    love mint! Favourite polish is Essie’s mint candy apple for sure… (: x

  • Keely

    I love Essie’s Mint Candy Apple, it’s one of my favourites 🙂

  • oleta

    Love this post, mint nails are my favourite xx

  • Maddy Cane

    My favourite mints are Mint by Barry M and Topshop Gone Fishing, you should try them! xxx

    Maddy for


  • Cat Symons

    Maybelline have a lovely one too that I’m rocking at the moment – “Mint for Life” is it’s name and so far, I#m impressed with its formula. Four days wear with no chips! Hooray!

  • Delicious mints! And – news just in – congratulations on being shortlisted for the Fashion Monitor Journalism Awards 2013! Brilliant news. Fi x

  • Sheila

    I have absolutely shore but it is a bitch to put on! Streaks ahoy with thin coats, and horribly blobby at the nail bed with a thicker coat. I always always wonder how you get it so perfect looking as I don’t use it because of this

  • I love the color mint!! It looks stunning on you 🙂 Robyn – The Chic Image xx

  • These colours got me in a right spring mood! Shade-wise, I’d have to say the Bourjois polish is my favourite.

  • Julie F

    I adore mint! I’ve had my eye on absolutely shore–might need to get my hands on one after seeing this.


  • colourfulkiya

    So the Absolutely shore is hard to get in shops? I am going to London this week and would like to pick it up. Any advice what colour would be the best dupe for the Tiffany & Co. colour?

    • Sheila

      I got mine from American eBay if that helps, wouldn’t recycle it though based on how streaky it is, very frustrating application 🙁

    • Laurel

      OPI “For Audrey” is almost spot on!

  • Shrewd wit

    The Butter polish looks divine. I probably should get a pistachio hue for spring and summer…

  • makeupmonster1

    I adore mint shades too!

  • novella afterglow

    Great feature, mint is always my go-to summer colour (it normally creeps into winter too, oops) but it’s fab to see them compared like that. That Butter London pistachio shade is divine! L x

  • This post has my name written all over it, loved it, Essie’s Mint Candy Apple is one of my favourite shades. I need to invest in the rest!

  • I adore mint shades!! I can never say I have too many and I can’t stop buying.. ♥

    My favourites are Bourjois and Essie!!

  • I’ve just bought mint candy apple and cant wait to put it on x

  • and kate

    loving the mint shade, however i think i may have to agree with your friend mel, i don’t really like green or blue nail polishes – but these shades of mint are understated and sophisticated!
    lots of love
    kate xo

  • laura

    Essie Absolutely shore is my favorite too, but all of these are gorgeous (:


  • joysteib

    This is such an awesome color for spring!! I’m thinking this will be the “it” color this spring!!! Thanks for sharing!!! <3

  • Chelsea Ireland

    I own both of the Essie polishes and love them to bits. It’s nothing but cold months ahead where i live and i have been trying to steer towards more darker shades for the colder months, but its just so hard with these beautiful pastel polishes sitting on my shelves. Do you have any recommendations for nice Autumn/Fall polishes?

  • Pippa Jones

    Love the essie mint colours they are very subtle pastel mints! Love the post!


  • I absolutely LOVE mint right now. Jeans, shoes, accessories, ya know, pretty much anything 🙂

  • Julia Jones

    I love the different shade on each finger. I’m very uncreative when it comes to my nails!

  • Luci

    The other day I brought one of the new MUA nail polishes from superdrug in a mint green colour- it looks similar to essie mint candy apple. I also brought a lilac that looks similar to essie lilacism. The packaging of the new MUA nail polishes also looks the same as the essie packaging- so I think they have copied them, but the MUA ones are only £1 so im not complaining haha! I think they might be some good dupes for essie 🙂

  • t
  • Hollie Galvin

    I can’t believe how similar absolutely shore and moire green are. I wish I’d picked this up from &otherstories when I popped in there a few weeks ago. I’m normally more of an aqua blue-green girl but this looks lovely and polished 🙂

  • I might try one of those because I don’t have a mint nail varnish but I love the colour! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    Louisa’s Notebook

  • Emma

    I love the colour Mint, yet I haven’t got any in my nail polish collection. Love the Essie shades x

  • beautyandtheb

    I have been meaning to try mint candy apple for soooo long, such a pretty summer shade!

    B xxx

  • I love my Essie’s, but that Bourjois one has got me! Wish they had this here. :[

    <3 Carolyn

  • Shel Jay

    I love the look of the Borjois one, tasty! I have the Barry M mint colour and that does the trick too 🙂 xx

  • Amy

    I love a good mint nail polish! I have a few, Barry M do a good mint green shade too. x

    Amy |

  • kmakesithappen

    I’m not a fan of mint colored nail polishes but I have to say your making me think twice

  • alanaburke

    I love the Essie one, it’s gorgeous.

    They seem to have a lot of mint colors; I have Turquoise and Caicos but Mint Candy Apple is also really popular!

  • Gorgeous mint colours! I particularly like the one on your middle finger, I’ll have to try one sometime!

    Emily x

  • Rachel Hood

    I don’t own any mint colours, but these are so pretty.


  • I have been looking for a new mint nail polish and Essie Absolutely Shore looks perfect! I’ve added it to my growing Beauty Bay basket! X

  • Ellis Rose

    I love mint!

    I really need to try some Butter London nail polishes. How much are they?

  • both essies i cannot live without!! got absolutely shore on now!!

  • katherine.parkes

    actually adore mint everything! x

  • ooo the and other stories one looks gorgeous im a bit of a sucker for mint at the moment! xx

  • Absolutely Shore is also my all time fave…not just mint, all time favorite of any nail polish I’ve ever worn or own. It’s just perfection. I was totally drawn to Moire Green when I was in & Other Stories, but I was wearing Absolutely Shore at the time and realized they were identical 😛