Getting Minted

For the meantime I’ve put the reds on hold and am turning my talons to a more springtime congruous colour – mint. Who doesn’t love a good mint? Well actually my best mate Mel doesn’t, stating that the only two colours that shouldn’t be sported on nails are greens and blues – say what? But she has been known to quote that ‘shimmer nail polish is against her religion’ and I can vouch for a glitter nail or two so I think we’re just going to have to agree to disagree on that one. She’s bloomin’ hilarious my Mel and has some funny takes on beauty; I’m currently in the process of bullying her into featuring on the blog. But back to blue and green’s shade baby, mint, and there’s five in my stash that I turn to when a passion for pastel arises…

& Other Stories Nail Colour in Moire Green – There’s a bit of a buzz in the beauty waters at the moment for this shade and I can see why. Although it requires a steady hand and enough time on the clock for three coats (as do most of these picks), I love this one mainly for the fact it’s exactly the darn same as my favourite mint - Essie’s Absolutely Shore (see below).

Butter London Nail Lacquer in Bossy Boots – Slightly different from the rest of the pack with its pistachio hues; a good choice for those who want to steer away from the aquamarine side of mint. This scores major points on the application front too – just two thin coats to achieve a nod of opaqueness approval.

Bourjois So Lacque Glossy in Amande Défile – The newest addition the crew and a purchase again egged on by Lily (we really need to stop shopping together). The jury was split on this shade when I posted a preview on Instagram yesterday; the formula does require the patience to layer on three or so thin coats but it’s redeemed by its awesome brush and mint-choc-chip tone.

Essie Nail Polish in Absolutely ShoreMy favourite. Not too bright, too white, too bold, just right – you know? Whenever I’m in the mood for a pastel, out this subtle-toned mint comes. It looks perfectly pretty on fingers and toes alike and is 100% worth the hunt down for it online.

Essie Nail Polish in Mint Candy Apple - A minted nail polish edit just isn’t complete without a nod to this. The original, and probably the most popular of the this hue, it’s the most blue-tinged of my bevy and probably the one I wear least but it would be almost criminal for me not to own.

There you go, if you’re in a minty mood then lacquer-up with one of the aforementioned and you’re sorted. And don’t worry about Mel, I’m working on her. She’ll be rocking out a slick of seafoam quicker than you can say ‘Mint Candy Apple’…