Get Ready With Me: The Brit Awards

Sometimes I have to pinch myself, just to check I’m not still in the world of slumber. Case in point, an email from Revlon arriving in my inbox inviting me to sit at their table at The Brit Awards. I just can’t. The evening of The Brits was always the one night of the year that I was allowed to stay up past my bedtime and watch it live. I’ve watched them all from ‘that’ Geri dress to Adele’s performance that made me weep, so to say I was excited was an understatement. And it did not disappoint. I’ll just say one word. BeyoncΓ©. There may have been tears – again. Luckily I have documented the life-changing moment in film, along with a mini Get Ready With Me intro that features me wearing a dress with no tights (I know it was a night of surprises), a trick employed to keep my base in place all day long and my favourite pair of ASOS-purchased heels right now. But really who cares? Skip to the end for the BeyoncΓ© cameo…