Fragrance Fitting at Diptyque

Diptyque 1

Diptyque 2Last week I spent one of the best smelling hours of my life being scent serenaded at a Fragrance Fitting at Diptyque. A one-on-one with a pefume peep who sniff by sniff takes you through the Diptyque lineup and curates an edited fragrance wardrobe for you based on your muses. I booked in with Amanda at the Brook Street store and left with four EDT layering duos and a new candle combination on my wishlist. Dangerous, right?

But to get to my perfume prescription Amanda started by blind-testing me on their candle collection as they’re single notes so she could cross ones off the list, and asked for a simple yes/no response. I must mention a very important step here, between each sniff you are offered to inhale a cup of chocolate covered coffee beans or eat one to cleanse your nasal palette and they were so good. I must have chowed my way through half the glass. I also corrected guessed Figuier despite the label being covered. It was a proud moment. A new candle combo was added to the list too – Menthe Verte and Verveine – a muddled mint and lemon hit. But after nodding my head to all the fresh, woody and fruity flavours and rejecting all florals except rose, Amanda selected some personal scents she thought I’d like. And like I did, I pretty much said yes to them all. Here it got tough and I umm-ed and ahh-ed until I narrowed it down to around six scents which lead Amanda to pair up four combinations which were spritzed on the front and backs of each wrist for me to sniff away at on my journey home:

Eau Rose and Volutes: My new go-to evening fragrance right there. I’ve always liked Veloutes since its release last year, and spritzed-up with Rose just adds a bit of something something. Upon my return home this combo got the boyfriend-approved thumbs up.

Eau Moheli and Philosykos: Being a Philosykos lover already, Amanda suggested I layer it up to standout from the fig-smelling masses. Their newest addition to their lineup Moheli can be a little too much for me on its own, but with my ol’ fave it’s much less ‘in yer face‘ and sweet.

Tam Dao and Philosykos: This is it. I had one of those light shines down from the sky moments when this was layered on. Woody, figgy and sort of spicy. And thanks to the Instagram commenter who mentioned that Michael Bublé sports Tam Daowho doesn’t want to smell like the Bub?

Eau Moheli and Vetyverio: Moheli brings the ylang-ylang girliness, while Vetyverio, a unisex fragrance, mellows it out with a citrusy splash and a base note of vetiver – a note of which I disovered through this process that I really rather liked.

The best bit? The Fragrance Fitting service is free for Diptyque hoarders and newbies alike, there’s no pushing to purchase – in fact they encourage you to toddle off with samples to see how the perfumes develop – all they ask is that it’s best to ring ahead and book in to make sure there’s the manpower in store to sort your every scent need. Check the list of stores here. I luuuurved this sit and sniff sesh and I promise it’s not just down to the chocolate covered coffee beans. Promise.