Five Wardrobe Basics For Summer

All white, black, navy or denim of course


After my fifth time of fishing a dirty pair of jeans out of the washing basket so I could wear them for the zillionth day in a row, it became abundantly clear that my wardrobe needed a top-up. Nothing crazy. Not a haul that good ol’ DPD Stuart wouldn’t be able to carry to the door in one trip, but just a replenishing of the basics that I was clearly lacking. So today’s video is the result of that pondering and features five items that I’ve recently bought, that although not particularly ground-breaking on their own, are helping to beef up my summer capsule wardrobe. They also mean that I don’t need to fish around in my washing basket on a regular basis, nor wash a load every other day, which is always a good thing in my books. Call me Monica, but I hate washing clothes almost as much as I hate washing my hair – grim. Have a scroll to the bottom of this post to watch that, or read on for some dupes and alternatives to pick up if you too have become a laundry scavenger…



The occasionwear section of my wardrobe consists exclusively of jumpsuits. For some strange reason in dresses I’m always concerned that my knickers are on full display (this didn’t worry me back when I was at Uni from the millions of pictures that exist of me wearing not much more than a handkerchief around my arse), so I always feel more comfortable in a trouser, making jumpsuits the perfect evening-out choice for me. For some reason however, I’ve not invested as much in my day-time offerings which makes no sense because wearing a jumpsuit always makes me feel like some kind of badass creative type who paints in her spare time (FYI, I think ‘sassy freelancer/part-time painter should be my new style aspiration – it has a ring to it, right?). Thankfully on a recent trip to Topshop I found this jumpsuit which might just be the comfiest item of clothing that is socially acceptable to wear out of the house. IN. LOVE. 



Before the start of the summer I think I owned about five t-shirts. Isn’t that nuts? T-shirts are one of those things that I basically live in during the summer and due to the cosy relationship between them and my armpit, I’m constantly washing them and running to the end of my pile. So I’ve invested in a couple more white and black numbers to see me through. Weekday are a great place to start with tees. I have one that I’ve had for about three or four years now and it’s still going strong, they don’t cost the earth and they wash well. However, I’ve been impressed with & Other Stories’ offering too and I love the fit of their Cotton T-Shirts. They’re slightly tighter than what I usually go for, but this means that they tuck well into jeans and make me look like I actually have boobs, which is very exciting.




I blame my current style crush, Lucy Williams, for this one. She’s always wearing denim skirts and looking flippin’ fabulous in them and as it’s a genre that wasn’t catered for in my current wardrobe I thought I’d pick one up from the high-street to road test it out. I love denim, but hate skirts (due to the aforementioned fear of constantly flashing my pants), so it’s a bit of a 50/50 coin toss with this, but I have to report that so far, so good. I picked up this number from & Other Stories (obvs) and I love the wash and the high-waisted fit of it. I do recommend sizing up unless you like things looking super skin-tight as the first one I bought I could barely fit over one leg which is always a buzz kill. This one’s a bit of an experiment, so I’ll report back; but I’m hoping it will be a worthwhile addition to my wardrobe, although I’m not looking forward to shaving my legs.



Camisoles, much like t-shirts are a summer staple for me. They’re basically the sleeveless form of the latter and there’s just something about them that feeds into the ‘Lauren from the O.C‘ vibe that I’ve been trying to curate since I was 15. Again this was something that was strangely lacking my wardrobe as I’m constantly whipping them out to tuck into *surprise, surprise* jeans. I’m a fan of paler colours when I’ve got my limbs out as I feel like they look better against my Casper-esque complexion, so I picked up this ASOS Swing Cami. Now technically it does have a double layer, but when wearing sans bra I feel like my nipples look like I’m smuggling two 1p coins underneath my top – it’s not exactly a full coverage look. Annoyingly it doesn’t look too great with a bra either, so I think I’ll have to invest in some kind of bandeau or just constantly walk about with a hunched back keeping my boobs as far away as psychically possible from the fabric.




Being a bit of a summer scrooge when it comes to fashion I can often be found sweltering in jeans and a long-sleeve shirt during the hottest day of the year. My distaste for getting my arms out, along with my underwear-flashing fear and the fact that I hate shaving my legs, mean that it’s my ultimate outfit combo all-year round. Cotton shirts are really the ultimate top-half fabric for the summer months due to their light and airy nature, but I’m too lazy to iron which means the slightly heavier and more crease-resistant, silk is my personal favourite. Obviously I have a lot of love for my Equipment ones (and I did treat myself to this tie-dye design to add something different to my bland shirt selection), but & Other Stories have some great ones too and if I wasn’t such a profuse sweater then I would 100% be taking this yellow beauty with me.


Photos by Lauren Shipley



  • Kathryn

    Great post! I feel the need to offer a sisterly opinion though…that jumpsuit is really unflattering. If it’s super comfy though, ignore me! God knows I have some clothes that I wear just cause they feel like pjs. The hubby calls them my old lady smocks 😂

  • HarrisonBeach

    I genuinely feel like you could pull off anything… Another amazing blog post anna!

  • Love the shoe lace detailing on the jump suit! And girl navy looks great against on you xx

    xx Ashley

  • I love the silk shirt, in fact all the Equipment shirts are ace. The Outnet sells their shirts at a reduced price which is great. Check out this one from Joseph, which I have my eye on:

    Great post as always 🙂

  • I love this jumpsuit, as you said, it looks very good for a casual day, yet it would also look very classy with a high waisted belt, some heels and a clutch bag! The denim one is gorgeous as well!

    • AnnieBroccoli

      I second the belt idea! I think it would look so put together and chic x

  • Haha I am so that person who ends up fishing their basics out of the laundry because they accidentally have nothing to wear! I’ve bought a denim skirt recently too and it’s been a total life saver! Love some of the cami’s you picked out too! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Fashion Travel Beauty

  • Connie Beck-Treadway

    I agree with so many of these! Except I don’t wear tees very much in summer or any season. And I’m with you on wanting to join the denim skirt experiment (but I haven’t found the perfect one yet).
    In response to your fear of flashing your undies, one thing that’s become a necessity for me is a pair of black spandex boy shorts. I used them all the time when I was dancing so I didn’t flash judges or audience ever and they worked so well they infiltrated my daily wardrobe. And then when it gets horribly hot I just wear them alone around the house with a camisole.
    Also, regarding nipples: just let them show, no?

  • I never got the whole jumpsuit thing, I am constantly annoyed by the fact that I have to strip naked when I need to pee.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Your body looks amazing.

  • Marie B.

    You look adorable/gorgeous in that ASOS cami. Too bad it’s not as comfortable coverage-wise as you would like. How would you describe the fit? I hope to order 1 in each color and see if I can make them work for, well, work, under blazers and cardigans. Are they true to size? If I am larger in the bust should I order a larger/tall if the busty version is not available? Sorry for the inundation of questions! Thanks so much!!!!

  • I really like jumpsuits and reading this made me realise I don’t actually have one in my wardrobe. That has to change for sure. I’ve been on the look out for some good quality tees so I’ll certainly be checking the ones you suggested.

    You look great in the pictures, such a nice summer look! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  • agirlcalledania

    I really like that jumpsuits,i like that color and the material must feel so comfortable .

  • I prefer playsuits to jumpsuits in the summer, especially light, airy ones – it feels like you’re not wearing anything, which is always pleasant haha. I need a pretty silky shirt now, it is definitely a staple to have!

    Julia x
    Last Post: Balboa Park, San Diego |

  • Rachel 🌸

    Gosh I love a jumpsuit! If only there was a way to pee in them without having to strip naked in the toilet cubicle though…

    Rachel Xx

  • Lisa Autumn

    Your style is so effortlessly chic Anna, I adore it!

    xx Lisa |

  • Aimee

    Definitely my sort of style

  • Emilie

    Ooooh if I wasn’t sporting a babybump I would be living in a jumpsuit like that Topshop one. It looks so flattering on you as well, would have thought it fits like a big sack, but it really doesn’t. It look so GOOD!

  • Loving the jumpsuit it really suits you and the shaping is so flattering

    Mel ★

  • Joie Mojica

    I am a strong believer that high heels should be part of the essential summer get up. It makes any girl/woman feels confident. I love wearing my Cicihot shoes especially on summer dates or simply summer fun times with my girls.