Five Videos to Get You All Limber This Morning


If there’s one single thing that’s made the biggest difference physically in my whole fitness routine shebang it’s stretching. I often missed the pre-stretch before P.E lessons at school because I was still too busy in the changing room trying to perfect my bump-free pony tail with mousse (#90sKidProblems) and stupidly it was a step I neglected pre-run, Yoga, spinning sesh – whatever. After my calves played up and told me a strict ‘No, what do you think you’re doing Anna? STRETCH WOMAN’ tell-off, I now do a good 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after of bending around and it’s made the world of difference leaving me pain and strain free the next morning. In fact, it feels so lovely warming up my limbs I do it even on days when I’m not planning on pounding the pavement. I know – what a change for the books. So here are my favourite stretching routines from the world of YouTube that I like to crack out and will be sure to get you all limber on this chilly Monday morning…

Yoga By Adriene – Yoga for Runners: Warm-Up Sequence. The runner’s warm-up. It’s lengthy, but it’s thorough and when I start my run after this I feel loose with no niggles. Plus Adriene is the ultimate babe.

POP SUGAR Fitness – Full Body Stretching Exercises. My favourite one to do on rest days that does a bit of everything and stretches out muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Caroline Jordan – Quick, Effective, Post Run Stretch Routine. I’m not going to lie, I can mouth the script for this video word-for-word as it’s my go-to routine for after a run…’and the secret sauce is when you engage the right butt cheek’. See?

Fitness Blender – Cool Down Stretching Routine for Flexibility. A good post-workout stretch for any kind of activity. Nothing that requires you to be too bendy and the moves are held in place for enough time to make you go ‘oohhhh‘.

Blogilates – Relax with Me Stretch Routine. The most relaxing of the five, Cassie guides through a not-too-taxing routine that targets from head to toe and is the one that I like to do before I flop into bed.