Five Things To Remember To Pack When You Travel


I’ve been lucky enough to spend a long weekend with Mark in Stockholm and it’s been lush. The people, the architecture, the food, the home interiors shopping – have all been great. It got me thinking though, what are the five things that I often forget to pack that make me feel like a complete fool when I realise that I’ve left them at home. You know when that ‘I’m sure I’ve forgotten something‘ feeling turns out to be true? DOH. So I’ve narrowed it down to five beauty bits, fashion finds and tools that often end up being my most-used and most-treasured items whenever I travel (and actually remember to pack them).

Beauty-wise I’m all about the hydration when I travel. As long as I’ve got something to remove my makeup, quickly cleanse and then something that hydrates real good – then I’m happy. Although I often take a full skincare regimen with me, after a long day and a couple of cocktails I’m quite happy just to settle for the three steps above before bed. Right now I’m hugely into the Allies of Skin 1A Overnight Mask that’s a leave-on mask that feels like a rich moisturiser but has all the properties of a rehydrating mask. I don’t miss using an oil when I use this, it’s less of a liability to travel with and it doubles up as a good in-flight facial final step. In fact the whole range is a beaut, but more on that another day.

Another thing I like to keep on hand in my skincare stash is a decent SPF that’s light and not greasy, but offers a primer-like feel. Right now it’s the DIOR Bronze Beautifying Protective Cream SPF 50 that’s ticking all the right boxes. It smells like summer which is always a must in my books, but more importantly it glides onto the skin, has SPF 50 and leaves behind a radiant finish that some primers would be jealous off. In fact I’ve just been using this with a bit of concealer under my eyes and calling it a day for most of our trip.

I often spend so much time deliberating lipstick choices that I forget to back a lip balm and spend the time till we can make it to a drugstore feeling like my lips are going to fall off, so I’ve drummed it into myself never to forget to pack a Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector which acts as a lip gloss/balm/tint – all in one. Right now it’s the shade 10 that’s floating my boat. Another thing that isn’t so sexy to pack are Rubis Tweezers and a pair of mini Tweezerman Nail Scissors (obviously not if you’re doing hand-luggage only because these will be swiped away at security) – but I can’t even begin to tell you how handy those scissors have come in from cutting tags off new clothes that you want to wear immediately to trimming down my unruly eyebrows.

The final thing – a small city-day, night time-friendly bag. I have a feeling that this tops my forgotten most often list and I end up having to go out wearing Mark’s rucksack or a hand luggage size tote bag. It gives dancing around your handbag a whole new meaning. For this trip I packed my trusty CHANEL Wallet on a Chain because it has to be prised off me these days (Food shop? Off to get petrol? Picking up loo roll? Yeah I’ll wear it), but I do love the zipped-up, cross-body style of the Whistles chain clutches too.

Right, I’m off to enjoy our final day in Stockholm and lets just say that something very exciting is happening around these parts tomorrow. FINALLY. Stay tuned…

P.S) Another thing to tell you if you’ve missed me squealing about it on Twitter is that I’m off to Koh Samui next February with New Horizons. SQUEAL (again). It’s an active retreat and I’m heading there with my mate Zanna – if you fancy going our crew there are still places left. I’ve never been to that part of the world and I’m planning on staying out there for a while and Mark joining too so if you have any recommendations of where to stay/what do do/eat/whatever – I’m all ears! 

Photos by me / Edited by Lauren Shipley