The Concealer Palette of Dreams and Eyeshadow Printers?

Five Things

1. An Eyeshadow Printer? Apparently so. Refinery 29 reported that at a recent tech conference the Mink 3-D Makeup Printer was presented. How cool is that? Powders to lipstick are in the works and it’s as simple as you pick the colour, the printer does the rest. I have a feeling that if I owned one it would get as intense as my Hama Bead phase…

2. Essie Nail Polish in Style Hunter. I’m not a very pink girl and especially not when it comes to nails, but for the past two weeks I’ve worn nothing else aside from this on my beds. When the polish settles down in the bottle there’s a varnish-free gap up top and that never happens. I think it’s the slightly watermelon quality that keeps it from looking too sickly sweet, but seriously; when will the Style Hunter affair stop? 

3. Brow Threading at Blink. I finally bit the bullet and let a professional do their thang on my brows – a long overdue job – and well, I’m converted. Lily made me do it and I’m bloomin’ glad she did. The main question is did it hurt and while I wouldn’t say it was pain free it was no worse than plucking and I’m so chuffed with the shape and rate of regrowth that came with it; I’ll definitely be going back. Blog post to come.

4. The Arrival of the Summer Drop. Pre-Christmas aside, this is one of the best times of the year for the beauty world. The summer launches are freshly in and it’s about that time when we drop the pastels and go hell for leather with earthy hues of bronze, gold and 50 shades of coral lip. My current favourite places to stalk include the ‘New In’ sections of Selfridges, Cult Beauty and Space NK.

5. Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette. This was my one lone Sephora purchase when I visited Milan and man was it a good one. I picked up No.2 (middle row, left), which houses four flesh toned concealers and a lilac corrector to banish dullness. It’s now become my go-to palette for bags, blemishes, whatever and the two lightest shades have my complexion match down. The darker one will come in handy when I’m faux glowed and the lilac? Well I’m still working up to that one…