Comfy Shoes & New Hair News

Five Things

It’s time to bundle together the best of beauty from the past seven days. Edited down to five of the top products, videos, posts, releases and the rest that have had me clicking away:

1. Having the chop at Hershesons. I was well overdue a haircut so I headed down to Hershesons on Conduit Street to see Jordan and I am well chuffed with the results. I had a nice trim, with blunt ends, a few layers and a new whispy bit at the front which adds a bit of a shape to the whole thing. I’ll definitely be revisiting and I definitely recommend it for your next snip.

2. Soigné Nail Polish. A little tough to currently source in the UK (keep an eye on their website here), these are well worth the search. The formula glides on glossy without the need for the top coat and the colours are right up my street with not a shimmer to be seen. Win. My current favourite shade is Lavande. A pale cream lilac that is the purple Essie Fiji equivalent.

3. The cutest mascara EVER. Man I am in love with this stuff if you couldn’t already tell from my rave earlier in the week. It’s the Fairydrops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara and it does everything that a girl with straight elephant-like lashes would want a mascara to do – holding a curl, with a non-smudge non-flake formula and a decent wallop of volume. The fact that it’s packaged in the cutest print ever is just a bonus.

4. PopSugar’s fitness videos. You know I love a good YouTube workout – free, speedy and available to do in your front room with all the panting and moaning you want and these may just be some of my favourite. There’s a nice mix of snappy five minute targeted workouts and longer HIIT, Pilates and cardio ones and the instructor Anna is, yep you’ve guessed it – a babe. The 30-Minute Fat Fry is my favourite.

5. Buying ridiculously comfortable shoes. I’m not quite sure what’s happened to me recently. First Birkenstocks and now these? They’re from Topshop and though they’ve taken a bit of wearing in they’ve have become my stop-gap shoe for when it’s too cold for sandals and too dressy for trainers. Next on the list, Crocs. I jest, I jest… 


  • Abigail

    Absolutely love your blog 🙂 I’m inspired by you and how far you have gotten with YouTube and blogging!

  • Avanti

    Your new haircut looks great! The nail polish sounds gorgeous.
    Love reading your posts Anna. YOU are an absolute babe.


  • Your new haircut looks gorgeous! And yes, that Fairydrops mascara is the pretties thing ever!

  • Love those Topshop shoes, you have gotta have some comfy ones in your wardrobe! Definitely will be checking out those workouts too!

    CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog

  • Lauren Parker

    That mascara sounds amazing, haven’t heard of it before!


  • So gonna get my hands on the mascara soon!! xo

  • Really need some more comfy shoes, I need to invest in a few small heels that I can wear on nights out too

  • Candy Caves

    I can totally understand the shoe choice Anna… my slip ons are from H&M an have a beige Reptile-Skin-Look 😉 Super comfy and a good bargain, but even more so when you buy extra soles to put in, since the purse friendly choices often are a little low quality when it comes to the inside material. Since I have the breathable soft new soles in, i grab them almost every day 🙂

  • I was literally just saying how I really need to up my comfy shoes collection, since I wear them to bits (as opposed to my huge collection of heels) and bought a pair of slip-ons very similar to the pair you’re wearing. But please, no Crocs… 😛

    I also love fitness videos on YouTube, which means there is no need to even go to a gym anymore (not that I ever did). It’s my favourite way to exercise without a doubt!

    • I love fitness videos on youtube too and have been mixing them up with the Kayla Itsines’ 12 week bikini guide which I’m LOVING! I love how there are so many amazing options for fitness now.

      Sam xx – how to make the most of your twenties

  • Hope

    I love your new hair, so glossy and gorgeous! H xx

  • Eguono Ogueh

    I love doing the pop sugar fitness videos too! Nice and quick x

    Gegsy Blog

  • Your hair is so stunning! :O
    Nicole♥ | Just a bit of Nicole

  • I have those shoes from Topshop!! love them!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • Katrina Porter

    just added some videos to my fitness playlist, they look really good 🙂

  • I’ve been after those Topshop shoes for a while! Slip ons are som comfy and look great x

    Tilly Enn // A Beauty and Fashion Blog

  • Emma and Emily

    I have been loving the fitness blender videos recently, due to your recommendation a few posts back! I did their 5 day challange and I am definately feeling sore after all that working out.
    Really need to chop my hair off too.. I’m thinking of getting rid of about 4 inches which is a bit scary!

  • Mandy Bajwa

    I’ve got those shoes! Super comfy aren’t they!!

  • elza

    love those shoes ! I’ve been meaning to do some workouts over on youtube but I’m just too lazy, I don’t know how you have willpower to do them ahah .. x


  • Daniella




  • Love your new hair.


  • alittlebitofjenn
  • alice bea

    Really need that mascara!

  • antonella

    Your hair looks awesome 🙂


  • Amazing picks! I’ve never even seen that nail polish before, have to track it down. Love the hair cut and the shoes look awesome!

  • Oh Anna, I just had to add you to my blogroll on
    You’re just such a nice person and I can’t stop reading your blog!

    x Lola

  • I have those shoes in pink, so comfy!

  • When I read new hair at first I thought you dyed your hair!!!!

  • Francesca~

    Love the haircut!

  • staygold

    Looooove those shoes! Comfy and stylish. Definitely not a fan of Birkenstocks, but these – yes 🙂

  • Indie Maria

    I love your shoes need to pick them up soon, and definitely want to try the fairydrops mascara ! 🙂

  • you look gorgeous in the bottom right picture 🙂

  • Your new hair looks amazing Anna!!!!!! Thank you so much for recommending the popsugar fitness video, oh my god cant wait to do it tomorrow!!. I get so easily bored with fitness videos, but Anna the trainer seemed really fun.
    You know what? Tomorrow never comes, I am going to do the routine right now.

  • Love your hair so much, it always looks great! And I might have to have a look at those workouts for some variation – thank you!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • Landry

    Hey! Have you seen any physical progress since you’ve started running/bikini guide/online fitness? You were already lovely and slim, but have you noticed you’re becoming more toned? I have the same bikini guide and good lord it is intense.

  • I will check out the fitness videos next time I am looking for something to do at home!

  • That haircut is fantastic! I’m going to check out those Topshop shoes as I’ve been wanting a pair like that for awhile but haven’t found any at a good price.

  • Emma

    Loving the new do!

  • Carrie Harr

    Love the new shoes, Anna!

  • I love those Topshop shoes! I’ve got them in a few styles/colours and they’re super comfortable! Love the hair also Anna x

  • Leah

    Anna, I love those shoes from Topshop! Don’t be ashamed about jumping on the “comfort train.” Every girl needs a pair of cute comfortable shoes, and those shoes look like the perfect option.
    Great post!


  • Chantal

    I love your new hair Anna 🙂 x

  • Jane
  • Kate B

    Wow, I’ve just spent the ENTIRE afternoon flicking through PopSugar! A great recommend, thanks, I will be using those as of next week. Anna Renderer is extremely motivating/lovely. I had been doing the 30 day shred as recommended by Ruth, but time for a switch up. Thank you!

  • Oh my, I’ve been eyeing that topshop shoes for a while and now I want them even more! Love your new hair! x

    Sophia ||

  • those shoes are super cute ! 🙂

    Love from France, Victoria

  • These shoes look amazing and so comfy – I will definitely be buying some soon! x

    FASHION TREEHOUSE | UK Fashion Blogger

  • Katie

    You have given me TOTAL hair envy, it looks beaut. Want, want, want.


  • Allison

    I’m not going to lie, crocs actually has some cute shoes for guys right now! They have these ones that look like boat shoes/sperries that are pretty decent looking but still, they are crocs, so the Boyfriend still isn’t getting any hahah
    Allison from

  • Charlotte C

    LOVE the shoes, they are quite affordable too! Never thought your would become a Birkenstocks-wearer though!

  • This is a cool post and surprisingly really interesting haha 🙂 Imma check out the youtube channel 🙂

    Anjna Harish

  • Natalie

    I love your haircut! It frames your face really nicely 😀
    Also the mascara is really in the cutest packaging ever. I hate it when I buy products just for the packaging, so I’m glad to hear that this product actually works as well!

  • Shorter hair suits you amazingly Anna! I love your shoes too, they are super edgy and cool.

  • Thanks for the fitness bender recommendation. I tired it and feel it is great! 🙂

  • Julia from Berlin

    Jokes aside crocs are actually amazing- I am addicted… Not those classic like garden once, but some cute sandal and ballerinas 🙂

  • Sarah Rose

    I’m obsessed with nail polish, i feel naked without it and I’m sure you can relate haha i was just wondering if you have any tips for ensuring that yellowish stain doesn’t happen to your nails when you have varnish on it all the time? i know my nails need a break but i can’t go without! thank you 🙂

  • Rebecca Christmas

    I love the fitsuagr videos they are awesome! I do a mix of those, fitness blender and pilates. I love the variation as I can get bored of doing the same thing all the time. Also, that mascara is firmly added to the wishlist 🙂 xx

  • New hair looks fabulous – need to get my feet into some of those comfy TopShop shoes!
    Love these posts 🙂

    nlmorgan, lifestyle & beauty

  • Your hair looks amazing!

  • Your hair looks amazing, it really suits you 🙂



    You have amazing hair from nature – it`s very thick and health. And that natural waves suits you very much.