New Beauty Discoveries For Your Consideration

Time to harvest the new-in beauty crop

You lot know me. Often I’m wearing and using the exact same makeup that I have done for past one to two years, with some items even more long-standing than that. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It means I actually get to use things up and you lot know what my true and tried and tested favourites are. However every now and again I take a look in my makeup box and realise that things have taken a shift. There are new items! New formulas! New favourites! And that’s when it’s time to check-in again. So today that’s exactly what I’m doing because I’ve realised that there have been some new products enter my world that are truly fab and will be hanging around for years to come; some are new and some are just new to me, but they are all worth your consideration…

NARS Radiance Primer SPF35. I am all about that primer life right now. My skin is at an interesting point where it’s not feeling particularly oily because thankfully the weather has cooled right down, but it also hasn’t got to the point where it’s full on dessert-levels of dehydration just yet. So actually this primer is doing all the right things for me right now. I don’t find this to work the best at hydration levels out of the ones that I own, but it’s really good at amping up faux-luminosity thanks to a slightly peachy sheen that runs through it. It doesn’t look glittery on the skin, but it does impart some kind of light-reflecting veil that makeup sits ridiculously well on top of. Props to the SPF35 as well. Although I always use an SPF on my skin as part of my skincare routine, it never hurts to apply yet another layer on top and I don’t find that it gives any issues with flashback in photos either (although let’s face it, I am only ever out past a time that requires flash photography about 3 times a year anyway).

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer in Light 4. This concealer ROCKS. I haven’t felt this way about a concealer since the Glossier Stretch Concealer which is my favourite light-coverage option, and the NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer which is my favourite ‘SHIT I NEED COVERAGE’ option. This is sort of sits slap bang in the middle of the two. Whereas the Glossier is such a slick and hydrating formula that sits perfectly under the eyes, it doesn’t do the best job at actually concealing; and the opposite is true of the NARS, it packs a punch of pigment, but is way too dry for me to ever use under my eyes. This new offering from Charlotte Tilbury is creamy enough for use all over the face, but actually has a really hefty amount of coverage to it. I’m crazy about it. The only thing that’s a little grim is the sponge-top applicator which isn’t my favourite hygiene-wise, but does make sense for application. If you have an appreciation for radiance but sometimes need your concealer to work a bit harder, this might be the right one for you…

Charlotte Tilbury Genius Magic Powder in Light. Yep, Charlotte’s in here again. There have been an absolute shedload of releases over the past 12 months, but I don’t feel like much has really caught my attention and if I’m ever going to stan for any C.T products, then it will always be the original batch which she first released because I feel like that houses some absolutely cracking face, eye and lip products. However, this loose powder is the mutt’s nuts. I could wheel out the whole spiel about how I’m not really a powder gal, but sometimes I go a little too heavy on the oils and the glow and the grease and taking it back a notch, especially when filming, can help me from looking like I’m a frying pan just waiting for an egg to be cracked onto me. This has a teeny tiny amount of coverage, but more than anything it has a brightening effect which doesn’t bunch up or crease in my dry bits. Sometimes it’s just easier to dab into a pressed powder, but sometimes you just want to feel all boujee and dust a loose powder ’50’s pin-up style, on your face.

CHANEL Stylo Ombre et Contour in Clair. I am very much into pencil products right now. No brushes. Most don’t even require sharpening these days. And you can smoosh makeup onto your face in a way that’s effective, but literally takes you about one minute. I spoke in my most recent makeup routine video about how I’m enjoying the no-eyeshadow movement right now, mainly due to laziness, but also for the fact that with a pencil product you can create a soft cat-eye with minimal effort. This limited edition release from CHANEL is so fab that I hope they make the format of product permanent because it’s a great creamy kohl that has just the right amount of blend time before it sets and refuses to move and they grey-ish brown shade does exactly what it says on the tin (although don’t use it as face contour because BOY is it pigmented). Let’s just say that I’m enjoying it so much, that I’m tempted to find a back-up if I can actually find it in stock somewhere…

Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick in Vibe & Stylin’. Now if you’ve watched even one of my videos over the past couple of months, then the chances are that you’ve seen me wear, use or rave profusely about this new Laura Mercier lipstick formula. It’s everything that I want a matte lipstick to be. They’re opaque, without being chalky but more importantly can easily be smudged on for more of a stain-like watercolour look. They are housed in a twist-up tube so don’t require any additional tools or liners to apply, PLUS they come in some cracking colours. Vibe is my perfect nude (like say if I was getting married again tomorrow, I’d wear it), but today I’d like to shine a light on Stylin‘, which is a great everyday option for those who like an orangey red. Who remembers when we were all getting our knickers in a twist over MAC Morange a couple of years ago? Well this is in no-way as red, but veers off more peachy which means that you can wear it all the darn time without feeling the need to look in a mirror and reapply every 30 minutes. I am slowly growing quite the collection of these and I ain’t mad about it.

Photos by Emma Croman

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