Five Life Organisation Tips: From Diary Planning To Label Making


Last week was a complete and utter fail of a week work-wise. Procrastination-wise it was banging. My cupboards are cleared, viral cat video knowledge up to date and my wardrobe has never looked so organised. My to-do list however, remained un-ticked and so this week I’ve tried real hard to get back into the swing of things (despite a cold and intermittent internet – Snapchat fam where you at?).

In case you too have been in the mood for watching kittens be scared by their own tails, I thought I’d share my top five life organisation tips for getting yourself back in the productive swing of things. There’s no rocket science going on here and it’s all stuff that I’ve touched on before, but it’s more of a reminder to myself more than anything else to pull my finger out. When these five things fall into place I feel like everything else follows suit; basically if I have my diary, fridge, to-do lists and workout plan in order then I feel like I’m doing alright at this whole adulting thing.

Oh and that monthly workout planner PDF I was going on about in the video? That’s linked up here for you. It’s as easy as printing it, filling in your workouts for the next four weeks and ticking them off as you go *insert unimpressed face emoji*… ah yeah it’s just the sweating your balls off thing that doesn’t sound too fun. Hey, I promise you that the crossing off bit as you do each sweat sesh is extremely satisfying. Almost as satisfying as a shower after working out. DREAMY.

Photos by Lauren Shipley