Five Highlights From The Month Of October

Sun, sea and the Devonshire coast…


Hello peeps! If you spotted my Instagram Stories this morning, then you’ll know that this blog post is freshly squeezed. Like literally in the past hour, so please do excuse me if this seems a little rushed, but it’s here on time, by the skin of it’s teeth. Actually this post was a speedy one to put together because the past four weeks have been pretty lush. There have been some big shifts in my work life, lots of family time and just generally good vibes all round, so this was a nice one to write. I like writing these because even if the past month seems like a bit of a rushed, work-filled blur, when I strip it back there’s always some positive foundations underneath it all; sometimes we just have to strip back the stress, right?

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A weekend with Lily & Rich. At the beginning of the month, Mark and I headed to London for the night to hang out with Lily and Rich and we had a hoot. In fact – have you seen the vlog? The boys gave us a taste of our own medicine and shopped till they dropped, we ate our favourite dish at our favourite sushi place (the Hell’s Kitchen at Sticks ‘n Sushi), Lily took us to the best brunch spot (Strut & Cluck) and we spent the evening drinking gin. Food, drink and some meandering around London – great. It’s actually so nice to visit London at the weekends because it feels like we’re on holiday, but from our three years of living there, we know our way around. Next year we really want to visit more as we always have such a laugh when we’re up there (and I can’t stop thinking about the sushi).

Out the comfort zone. When it comes to watching films, I like them from the rom-com genre and to feature Ryan Gosling (which is why I watch Crazy Stupid Love at least once a week), so when our mates invited us to a screening of Ex Machina I said yes to push myself out of my comfort zone, despite it being Gosling-less. However, I have to say that it was absolutely cracking and I’m become a bit obsessed – stalking the IMDB page and watching BTS videos. The storyline! The setting! The special effects! Who’d have thought it, eh? If you have any other recommendations along the same lines then I’m all ears. Today though, I’m channeling my new love for sci-fi, with my old love and have rallied the troops to go and watch Blade Runner 2049. Gosling, I’m ready for ya.


A really cool thing that’s such a tease. I hate to be a tease (so feel free to eyeroll here, I’m eyerolling at myself), but something pretty cool has been set in stone this month, which means that I’m going to have a bit of a project on my hand over the next 14 months. It’s been in the works for years and I’m so ridiculously excited by it all that my stomach just did a very big nervous/OMG/WTF churn as I typed. It’s a pretty big project, so I’m going to have a free up a bit of time in my schedule, which means that from the beginning of next year I’ll be posting three blog posts here a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am – and just the one video – Sunday 9am – with the odd Wednesday video as a bit of a bonus rather than the norm. You know me, I love to have a schedule so we’ll see how this one goes and hopefully I’ll be back up to my old tricks mid-2018 (2018? Isn’t that a crazy thought?). I promise it’s worth the shake-up though and I just want to say a huge THANK YOU, because without you reading my random ramblings they’d be none of this bloomin’ cool stuff happening. You babes, the lot of ya.

Two mini mini-breaks. Towards the end of the month I packed up my laptop and headed away to two very different destinations. Firstly I had the chance to visit Athens with my fitness-loving pal Zanna. I don’t think that I’ve ever walked so far in a day in my entire life (22,000 steps!), but what a lovely city the Greek capital is to wander around. We soaked up that ancient culture like a sponge and there’s a vlog on our four day trip heading your way on Wednesday morning. It was lush and the high dose of vitamin D was much appreciated. On the other end of the vitamin D scale, I found myself unpacking and re-packing for a quick turnaround to join Mark on his annual family holiday to the Devonshire coast. Unfortunately for the days that I was there the sun was on strike, but it was still good to catch up with family and eat my bodyweight in pasties and scones.


Time with the fam. Earlier in the month my sister took a dramatic fall off a climbing wall and broke her ankle. Of course that wasn’t a highlight off the month, but the knock-on effect from that is that I’ve spent the majority of my free time in October hanging out with her, my parents, my grandparents, aunties, uncles and the long line of loved ones who’ve come to visit her. I’m such a homebody that I’ve been LAPPING. IT. UP. Over the past couple of weeks my family and I have developed a fondness for origami, my Dad has a new found love for the MTV show, Catfish, and laughs until he practically can’t breathe watching it and we’ve ordered in more fish and chips than you can shake a stick at. Mark and I often spend a whole day chilling there at the weekends and we barely look at our phones and have no idea what the time is – a.k.a, the best kind of day.

Photos by Lauren Shipley

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