Five Highlights From The Month Of July



August is here! Almost. Can you believe it? I really feel like July has flown by. There’s been a lot going on and I’ve found myself heading to London quite a bit (I’ve worked out what seat it’s best to get on the late night train home so that no one sits next to me and I can have a pre-bed nap), so I’m pretty cream crackered. As always to go with my monthly favourites video – scroll down the bottom for that – I’ve detailed my five personal highlights from the month, although I’ve just realised that there’s one thing missing from the list, as we finally booked our honeymoon!

Mark and I will be heading to New Zealand over Christmas and New Year and we’re both so bloomin’ excited. Thank you so much for all your recommendations you’ve sent over, they’ve been so helpful. I’m also getting a little bit giddy about it because for it I’ll be taking off the whole month of December. That means four, probably five actually weeks off from here, which is something that I’ve never done in my seven years of blogging. No instagram scrolling, no Buzzfeed quizzes, no watching the number one trending video on YouTube and thinking ‘WHY?‘.

So that it’s a real break I won’t be pre-scheudling anything to go up (because I know I’ll find myself checking it *slaps wrist*), just jumping straight back into things when I’m back in January, hopefully feeling refreshed from a proper digital detox. You’ll all be knee deep in Vlogmas videos and Boxing Day Sales posts anyway. I’m sure you all understand on that one because you’re all absolute babes; we only get one chance to properly honeymoon so I’m taking full advantage of it. In the meantime though, here’s what else has been tickling my pickle…


Birthday Bash. On the 1st July I arrived back in the U.K from our visit to New York (see the vlog here!) and crawled into bed at about midday. Five hours later I woke up feeling like I was ready for world domination, had a shower and set off to a friend’s birthday that consisted of pizza (YES!) and drinks. The party ended at 3am and quite honestly I could have stayed out later (my body clock was still stuck on 10pm NYC time). I also went to a gin festival which resulted Mark, my mates and I trying to drink gin shots off the floor without using our hands. I feel I am having a ‘SHIT I’m an adult and might get up the duff in the next couple of years so must get all this out my system‘ moment and I’m kinda loving it.

The End of ‘At Home With…’. This month saw the final episode of ‘At Home With…‘ go live and it was a bittersweet moment. Sad because it was over, but so beyond chuffed with the amazing feedback and general response from you lot. It went so much better than I’d ever even imagined and I really loved getting my teeth into content creation that was so different to my everyday blogging/video making cycle. I must admit that it’s been nice to claw back a bit of time back in my schedule – hey, I’m writing this post two days before it goes live, which was unheard of last month! – but work on season two has already commenced…


A Trip To Provence. There’s been quite a lot of toing and froing this month with travel, but one of the best visits I’ve had was to Provence with the guys from the L’Occitane team to go back to the brand’s roots. I was lucky enough to go along with Lily and Niomi and we got to meet the Founder, Olivier (such a cool man who was mega into climate change and sustainability – DUDE), visit the lavender fields and have a treatment at the spa which was lush, but I panicked afterwards because I thought that I’d left my pants behind in the therapist’s room. Have a watch of Lily’s vlog here, for a snapshot of the trip. The food! The smell! The view! 

Coppafeel PEOPLE. Last week Lily and I found ourselves in a studio in central London dressed up in balaclavas that look like nipples and clutching our boobs for a photographer. Out of context it sounds bizarre, but it was all for a good cause though because Lily and I are now proud to be spreading the word of Coppafeel by joining their Digital Boob Team! If you haven’t heard of Coppafeel before then I highly recommend you hear their story and read up about their Founder, Kris, over on their website. The main aim though is to encourage gals (and guys!) to cop a feel of their boobs often and know what differences and changes to look out for (watch a video on that here). We’ll be doing lots more stuff with them in the coming months – watch this space! 


Meeting The Glossier Team. Earlier this week I got to have dinner with Glossier. Yep, the Glossier team and Emily Weiss. I know, pinch me. I posted a vlog if you fancy re-living the whole thing with me, but unsurprisingly it was awesome. You know, I’m actually at the point where I’m already on my second (and even third!) bottle of some of their skincare products – yes I’m looking at you Milky Jelly Cleanser and Super Bounce. Emily was a complete babe – funny, friendly and super passionate about her brand – I’m practically running around in a circle chasing my tail with excitement that the brand is heading to U.K shores in only two months time. TWO MONTHS? I’d better get saving now…

Photos by Lauren Shipley



  • It sounds like you had a lovely July, Anna! I can’t wait to binge the At Home With.. series!

    I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday,

  • Four weeks without your posts 🙁 #sad
    Miki xx

  • Ray

    Looks like you had a really good summer, enjoy the remaining bit dear.

  • Heh I saw you jumping around as a boob ninja on Twitter, looking good!

    Mel ★

  • Taking a proper honeymoon is so important, of course we will understand. And New Zealand is more than worth it, I could still slap myself for all the times I needed to update on my social media and forgot to live in the moment when I was there.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Oooh I would love to hear after you have been to New Zealand what your digital void life was like!

  • Julia Deutschen

    I always love hearing about your monthly highlights.

    A honeymoon in New Zealand sounds really exciting and with no blogposts going up, you can completely enjoy it without your mind somewhere else.

    xx Julia

  • HarrisonBeach

    You’ll absolutely love NZ! So jealous of you taking that amount of time off!! You deserve it though!

  • I love these jeans! x

  • Erin Russell

    honestly I have heard you and Lizzy rave about these jeans so much it makes me want to just go buy them already! lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  • Can’t believe it’s nearly August! Love those bright orange shoes x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • These posts make me realise how fast time flies. These are amazing highlights!

    Hannah | Stories Of A Telescope

  • Abz Kellett

    Currently writing my July favourites post and At Home with is definitely top, I’ve enjoyed it so much, can’t wait to go back round and listen to them all over again!

    Abz | abzfabz

  • Oh I am so excited that you are heading to NZ – that is one place I would love to visit one day, partly because of The Hobbit, partly for the amazing Air New Zealand safety videos…

    Emma |

  • Georgina McWhirter

    ooh yay, I’m from New Zealand but now live in NYC! check out my friends insta/auckland-based fledgling travel company 42adventures for some ideas/awesome visuals! I would recommend dividing your time equally between the north and south islands as they are so different. Beaches and forests in the north, mountains and lakes in the south, and cafe culture everywhere! if you spend any time in auckland maybe hit a beach plus mudbrick vineyard restaurant on waiheke island, takapuna beach cafe, little and friday, winona forever, or rosie for cafes, fish and chips on takapuna beach or mission bay, satya if in the mood for yum indian, otara (polynesian) market, maybe karen walker, miss crab, and superette for clothes, oh and try some Antipodes beauty! i could go on omg. love you and mark, hope you have a fab time!

  • Sophie ♥

    SO exciting you’re coming to NZ! And yay for Glossier in London, although I feel that could be dangerous for you.

    Sophie |

  • Awh a proper month off vacation sounds like such a dream! I know July went by way too quickly. I can’t believe it’s almost August. Almost virgo season!

  • New Zealand! How exciting. If you feel inclined to jump across the pond to Australia I can be your tour guide haha
    -Kathryn xx

  • New Zealand is amazing! Don’t feel guilty about taking the time of blogging to just enjoy spending time with Mark and exploring NZ. Also, super excited about the mention of a second season of ‘At Home With…’.

  • Lucy Farrow

    The Wellington Chocolate Factory is amazing – we watched the staff make a fresh batch of chocolate while we sipped on the best hot chocolates I’ve ever taste!

    You’ll find NZ so incredible you’ll be snapping pictures left right and centre.


  • New Zeland, I really would like to go there too 🙂
    Miki xx