Five Books To Read This Summer

Sun + Book = Pure Bliss


So apparently today is going to be the hottest day of the year so far in the UK. All the fans that are available on Amazon Prime have sold out (no seriously, I’ve checked), ice lollies are scarce and don’t even think about trying to buy a disposable BBQ, they are long gone. So whilst you sweat it out, may I suggest some reading to settle down with in an air conditioned spot or in the shade? Something to take your mind off the fact that the sweat patch on your back is now the size of China. These five books are ones that I’ve really been enjoying reading so far this summer, or ones that I’ve flicked through in previous years. And if you fancy a more in-depth book chat then have a watch of today’s video because it features a bookshelf tour. Oh yeah, this one goes out to all the bookworms out there…


‘Option B’ by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant. Now I must preface this by saying that this is one of the newest additions to my bookshelf and I’m currently about halfway through so there’s still a lot of pages to turn with this one, but so far it’s great. You’ll notice with my picks that I’m more of a non-fiction, self-help kinda gal when it comes to reading and this definitely falls into the latter category. This might be a bit deep but one of my biggest fears in life is the thought of those closest to me passing away and this book deals primarily with the grief that comes with that. It might sound a bit morbid (this might not be the perfect one to sit out in the sun with an aperol spritz with), but it’s certainly uplifting, whilst also being practical and helping me get to grips with the topic.

‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo. I feel like whatever the season, it’s always a good time to read this book, but summer is one of those times where things get a bit all over the shop. We’ve lost that ‘New Year’ zest and it’s still a while to wait until September when the fresh school year habits kick in. So whilst you’ve got a weekend that’s clear of hen-dos, family BBQs and weddings (PAH! Has anyone?), I’d recommend reading this and spending the afternoon filling up bin bags for your local charity shop and getting back on top of your personal organisation, so you’re ready to tackle your booming social calendar. Now this is one to drink Aperol Spritz whilst reading…


‘Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?’ by Mindy Kaling. I read Mindy’s first book about three years ago now whilst I was away camping with Mark and my parents and it still makes me laugh whenever I pick it up and read a chapter, even now. If you’re a fan of The Office and the character that Mindy played, Kelly, then you’ll love it. It details how Mindy even ended up on the show in the first place and gives lots of anecdotes about behind the scenes and stories of her childhood. It’s just funny. I basically want Mindy to be my best mate. It’s one that once I picked up, I didn’t really put down and you’ll definitely be following her on Instagram by the end of it (and hoping that B.J Novak and her just pack it in and get married someday – I’m rooting for those two!).

‘The Vertue Method’ by Shona Vertue. This is also on my bedside table and is one that I’m dipping into every evening. I always like to have some kind of health/wellness book on the go because I find that a quick daily dabble in them helps me to focus and dismiss my inner need for Coco Pops every morning. I have to say that this one of the best ones that I’ve read. I love Shona’s outlook on fitness and that she includes stretching and mobility, as well as weights and HIIT training – there’s a bit of everything in there. There’s also a tonne on nutrition and I find myself getting my inner nerd on when I read through those chapters. The recipes included are good’uns too and I’ve found myself actually enjoying salads since following some of them. I know, am I feeling alright? 


‘Yes Please’ by Amy Phoeler. I’ve saved the best till last. I am the ultimate Amy Phoeler fangirl and so it will come as no surprise to you that I’m a big fan of her book. So much of a fan in fact, that once I’d finished the book I immediately purchased the audio version and listened to that too. LOSER. This book is part self-help/motivational and part stories of Amy’s past and present. I am especially fond of the chapter where she shares stories of her Parks & Recreation co-stars because it’s possibly my favourite TV series I’ve ever watched. Ever. It’s fun, it’s light reading and I remember one day whipping this out on the tube and laughing so loudly that I got stares from fellow passengers. Oh Amy – will you, Mindy and Tina be my BFFs? 

Photos by Lauren Shipley