Five Blogs to Snuggle Up & Read This Weekend


With the weather still requiring a minimum of six layers of clothing to keep you feeling somewhat toasty, I’m happily eking out one of the last Sundays of winter on my sofa paired with a delightful combination of baking, Netflix and blog reading. It’s cosy and quite frankly I don’t want to move until Monday. It’s been one of those weekends: relaxed, chilled, recharging. I thought it would be rude of me to sit here and not share with you my current reading list, so if you too are refusing to get out of your PJ’s today then here are five of my current blog favourites to snuggle up with and have a read of this weekend…

STYLE THE NATIVESCharly is the ultimate wordsmith. She has a way with words that I can only dream of. She writes pieces that make me laugh till I wee a little, though I often find myself tearing up and reaching for a tissue when I get to some of her conclusions. It’s really beautiful and seeing that I’m a big believer in that you are what you read, I always head here when I want to get my lexicon juices flowing.

LOVE TAZA. This blog came up at one of our recent #BeautyChatLIVE events and I remembered that I used to read this ages ago when Naomi and her husband had one child, Eleanor. Now they have three (!!!) as it’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. A great NYC lifestyle blog that will make your ovaries explode. You have been warned.

DELICIOUSLY ELLA. Ok, so I think I managed four days without mentioning my current girl crush of the moment – Ella Woodward *pats self on back*. If you’ve yet to pick up her book, her blog is a great place to find a wealth of healthy eating inspiration, including recipes, store cupboard essentials and London eats. I religiously check it to see what tasty treat she’s been rustling up.

DESIGN SPONGE. I’ve been finding myself getting seriously into interiors blogs recently. To the point where I’m even finding myself ‘pinning’ – I know. Design Sponge is like a visual feast of ‘Through the Keyhole’ peeks into very beautiful homes, but I also love Gh0stparties interior design posts and find myself looking at French By Design too. Anymore recommendations for monochrome, Pinterest-worthy blogs? Hit me up.

LIPSTICK WITH SOME SUNSHINE. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Tamira’s Instagram before because it’s one of the most dreamy feeds I follow, but her blog is equally worth the heart eyed emojis. With on-point photography, it’s like if a design blog had a baby with a beauty blog, it would look something like this amazing corner of the Internet.


  • I absolutely love Love Taza’s blog. Her NYC videos were my tourist guide when me and my boyf visited at New Year. Great picks all round. Happy Sunday!


  • Rhiannon Payne

    I love posts like this, its so nice to find amazing new blog to read! I love Deliciously Ella, her blog is so perfect, I’m yet to by her book yet though!

  • Design Sponge is probably one of the first blogs I started to read back when I didn’t even know what blogging was. Totally had to follow Tamira’s instagram!

    | |

  • They all sound fab, I need to check out Deliciously Ella!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

  • Taylor Florence

    Wow, read through a few of Style the Natives blog and it is amazing! Such a cool mix of insightful and giggle-inducing

  • Sophie ♥

    I love Tamira’s blog! I probably have you to thank for introducing me to her and her amazing corner of the interwebs. If you love all things design-y you might enjoy Nubby Twiglet’s blog. As well as being a blogger, she’s also a graphic designer and she has an incredible eye. x

  • Louise

    Wit and Delight is a good one to check out. Also Apartment Therapy…

  • Maireem Maneje

    Awesome suggestions. I just checked out Tamira’s Instagram and I loved it. Plus, I am now obsessed with Style the Natives! Charly is a charmer.

  • Jenna

    Love this post! I’m going to check them all out now 🙂

    Jenna | Jenna Loves Beauty

  • emily couture

    great suggestions and lovely post 🙂

    emily xx

  • Rebecca Marie

    Love Lipstick with some sunshine! Great blog suggestions as always 🙂 Rebecca | xx

  • It is sunny and warm here in Germany, so I will have to save the reads for the evening. Thanks for sharing.

    Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Lizzie

    All of these are now being added to my reading list, thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  • In my PJs are reading the blogs now, thanks Anna!
    LWSS is probably my fav now 😉


  • clementine buttercup

    I look forward to every Design Sponge post. Have gotten so many interiors ideas from their blog!

  • I love posts like this because I end up finding so many new and incredible blogs! Definitely checking these out x

    Anna | pretty pretentious

  • Tamira’s blog is one of my favourites too. Glad to see you sharing some love for other blogs around.

  • Gabriella

    Love the idea of this post since it allows me to find so many new blogs!

    Thanks Anna 🙂

  • Lipstick with Some Sunshine is one of my favourites! Thanks for sharing these!

  • Bea

    Love finding new blogs to read! Defiantly going to check these out!

  • I am going to check them all out xx

    Rock Me Fabulous Blog


    thanks for sharing Anna, i’m addicted to Ella and her wonderful recipes too. The energy balls are amazing! I will check out the others you have listed. Have a great day Mrs J xx

  • I love these kinds of posts! I’m definitely going to have a click-through and long read. Thanks for sharing!
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell

    Love deliciously ella!


  • I havent heard of these yet! Can’t wait to check them out later today x

  • Love Taza meets my personal taste the most. Thank u for sharing. New things to go trough, just have time for everything….:)

  • Deliciously Ella *preach emoji*

    Olivia –
    Bloglovin’ – Crave More Beauty

  • Deliciously Ella is fabulous, and I need to check out Style The Natives! It must be a blog appreciation weekend as I posted my favourite bloggers yesterday – obviously you were there Anna!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  • I love Style the Natives! I haven’t heard of the other blogs but will definitely check them out now 🙂

  • You’ve mentioned a couple of my favourites here! Thanks to your blog I am also now obsessed with Deliciously Ella too, she’s amazing!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  • Essiebutton probably has one of my favorite blogs, as well as you!

  • I will defiantly read these after I’ve snuggled up and read yours haha xx

    Eva ||

  • catherine ♡

    Great recommendations! Love catching up on blogs on Sundays, and Ella’s blog is fantastic for recipe inspiration x

  • I love the sound of Deliciously Ella’s blog. I’ve been trying to find a ton of different healthy recipes to make, so reading her’s is a must!

  • I really think Ella ‘s blog is amazing ! She doing so well 🙂
    Thanks for sharing those blogs with us !

    Love from France, Victoria

  • Tanya Golubeva

    Lovely post!!!! Great photos.

    Check my new post


  • I love these! I am happy you found Love Taza, it is a great blog!

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  • I will have to check all five of these blogs out!

    Sarah Jessica
    The Laws of Beauty

  • Good design blogs to check out are: Door Sixteen, Manhattan Nest, Time of the Aquarius (a Helsinki based interior stylist, all your minimal Scandinavian dreams fulfilled) and although she’s not monochrome minimal, check out Emily Henderson. She’s funny, has great style and really gives great advice on decorating.

  • can’t wait till someone writes about mine…

  • My favorites are Zorannah, Gal meets Glam, and The Glam and Glitter.

    Check out my blog, maybe it will be one of your next good reads!

  • I started reading Tamira’s blog sometime early last year and I absolutely love it! Over time she’s become a great friend too, always making time to reply back to the comments I leave her and having little chats with me on Twitter and Instagram. Tamira’s an absolute gem <3

    STYLE THE NATIVES seems like a really interesting blog – I've just clicked 'Follow' Thanks so much for the great recommendations Anna! If you're at all interested in classic movies, I have my own blog called STARDUST at

    • Sophie Bird

      I’ve just had a quick look at your blog. It looks great. I’m looking forward to having a good browse tonight.

      • Aw great! Thanks so much for checking me out, Sophie 😉

  • Lorena

    I love Tamira and her blog! <3

  • Amazing new reads! I knew two of them and they are very, very good! I should study for my exams, but first: new blogs! Haha!

  • Tamira is lovely!

  • Hey, you forgot to add my blog! Ok, that’s fine. Next time 😉

  • theblackblush blog

    Hum I have to check those blogs!

  • Holly Taylor

    I checked out Tamira’s blog and wow, it really is so inspiring in it’s approach. I don’t think I’m could be so disciplined with her minimalist touch as I can get sidetracked often by colour and pattern (as much as I try not to lately). There’s something just so classic and versatile about this striped back style.
    I’m with you on the Pinterest interior’s front, I find I’ve become quite infatuated with the architect of rooms too. Parisian high ceilings for example? I can imagine you’re with me on that one. I’ve been focused on finding pieces of art too recently, I am in the mood to put together a framed wall.


  • I always love your instagram/blog recommendations! I’m actually reading some of these already but I’ll be sure to check the other ones out as well 🙂

  • Love Taza is a completely new find for me, so thank you. Got a nice evening read!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Kodi

    I’ve loved Love Taza for years…cutest kids ever! I love the images and Naomi’s stories.

  • Eyjd

    I liked Love Taza until they ditched their bulldog… Sooooo sad! 🙁

  • Is there a reason why it’s called “Style the Natives”? Sounds incredibly settler-colonial to me…

  • Thanks for the links! I’m always looking for new blogs to read and follow!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  • Such great picks! Need to check out the two I haven’t followed yet now. x
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  • Thanks for sharing these blogs! Apart from Deliciously Ella which I heard about from you earlier, these are all new blogs to me. Love finding new blogs to follow 🙂 x Jess

    It’s That Time ForHats and Flats!

  • I’m always looking for more blogs to read/follow so this is great, thanks!

    Renee /

  • chenqi2

    wow just the article I’m looking for!

  • i’m in love with deliciously Ella, now. Thank you for sharing! 🙂
    – Rita

  • Thank you for sharing this! I’m always looking for great new blogs to follow 😀

    Safira from Infinitely Mine | Bloglovin

  • These are great

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  • Thanks for sharing, it’s always nice to find some new blogs to read 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing these! I have been in need of some new blogs to read 🙂

    C |

  • I haven’t heard of any of these blogs before, but I am definitely going to take a read x

  • Charlotte Gardner

    I love looking at Ghostparties interior posts too! Lots of succulents and copper 🙂

    Charlotte x

  • Hi Anna,

    Thanks for the list! If you’re looking for more healthy living blogs like Deliciously Ella, I’ve curated a list of the Top UK ones:

    Have a great day!

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

  • Ida D

    Check out the blog Homesick. Three Danish girls posting beautiful photos of all sorts. Good deals. Help-out with problem.rooms etc.

  • Sarah Sinatra

    Check out my blog also!

  • Tamira’s blog is one of my favorites! Her pictures are swoon-worthy.

  • eeeee i LOVE love taza, so good!

  • Martammu

    I’m definitely gonna give them a go! I recommendation are Nicole Eddy’s and Claire Marshall’s!

  • Dagbjört

    Like it!
    Would love for you to check out our lifestyle blog –

  • love finding new blogs to read! Thanks!

    Nosebag NI