Evening Makeup Essentials

Thank you SO much for all the lovely comments on my last post, I may have got slightly emo reading and replying to all of them ๐Ÿ™‚ You guys are truly lovely. A lot of the comments were regarding my evening makeup look, and in all honestly it’s a very rare occasion when I decide to go all out with my makeup. You guys know me, I may be obsessed with cosmetics, but when it comes to what I actually wear on my face day to day I like to keep it very simple. However on a rather now infrequent night out I sometimes do decide to slap it on. To take my look from mundane to marvellous there are 4 products that I always rely on….
An SPF-free Foundation – Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk (link)
As much as foundations containing SPF are great during the day, when it comes to evenings where flash photography is more likely to be used they become a bit of a nightmare – HELLO flash-back, ghost face!   My favourite SPF-free foundation is my recent purchase – Giorgio Armani Luminious Silk. Think Chanel Mat Lumiere but SPF free and little less dewy on the skin. This stuff blends into the skin like a dream and leaves a nice silky, natural finish that doesn’t even need powder. Another great SPF-free foundation is MAC Face+Body, which although doesn’t offer much coverage can be layered up for a pretty full coverage look. Both foundations leave my face and neck looking the same colour in photos – hooray! 
Contour Powder – Sleek Contour Kit 
Coming from a family of rounded-football heads, contour powder is a bit of a lifesaver ๐Ÿ˜‰ Although it’s not something that I turn to everyday, when it comes to evening makeup it’s a must. A touch of contour under the cheekbones, instantly slims the face and gives you that slight ‘Victoria Secrets’ edge – you know? The best that I have found is the Sleek Contour Kit, I use the colour light. Like I’ve said before the highlighter in this duo is questionable, but there is no denying that the deep brown matte shade helps to chisel out some killer cheekbones! 
False Lashes – Eyelure Kimberly Lashes (link)
I am a firm believer of the ‘play one feature’ up makeup rule – whether that be cheeks, eyes or lips. And for evenings out I prefer to play up the eyes and keep the lips and cheeks simple and neutral. The easiest way to glam up eyes and create that much lusted after feline shape is to stick on a pair of lashes. When I first discovered the joys of falsies I went for the biggest ones I could find – however after the analysis of many a facebook photo I soon realised that these looked slightly ridiculous on me and now plump for much more natural, fluttery ones. The best I’ve found being the Eyelure Girls Aloud Kimberly style – these thicken towards the outer edges and instantly make me feel more glam.
Eyeshadow Crease Brush – MAC 217 (link)
Day to day I like to just have a wash of one colour over the lid, but to glam up my eyes for the evening – paired with false lashes of course – a darker colour added to the crease is a must. The darker colour I use changes (although my favourite’s at the moment are Urban Decay’s Buck or Naked), however the brush I use to apply it doesn’t. If you have watched even just one Youtube makeup tutorial, my money is that the ‘Guru’ used this makeup brush. It has a somewhat cult following in the beauty community and rightly so. Compared to other crease brushes I have used, the MAC 217 leaves them in it’s dust. It just does all the work for you and without too much effort gives the eye some instant depth. 
It may sound pretty straight forward, but out of all the tools and products I used in my previous ‘Face of the Day’ post, these 4 were easily the most essential things! What do you guys rely on to glam up for the evening? In other news, I spent the day getting covered in paint as I have been redecorating my room! Manual labour is never going to be for me, but at least the walls in my room are all the same colour, and hopefully soon there will be enough space to start doing some fashion posts ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!
Much Love,
Vivianna x


  • Parisa

    Greast post, heard such amazing things about the 217 and Kimberly lashes, need to invest ASAP! xxx

    • You do – both amazing products xx

  • Jo

    I MUST try the Giorgio Armani foundation, it sounds fab! x

    • It’s an amazing foundation xx

  • Afroditi Rou

    congrats for your award!you absolutely deserve it!!i m always afraid of false lashes! i think i will look too made up (which isn’t the case because i normally wear heavy duty foundation,blush,eyeshadows,liner and gloss)!….but i m still trying to get over my fear ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you hun – ah lashes are amazing, try them – they make all the difference xx

  • I like the look of the eyelashes. I still have never braved wearing false eyelashes so will have to pluck up the courage. Would you say the foundation is suitable for someone with normal/combination skin – I have a slightly oily t-zone? x x

    • Yes I have a slightly oily t-zone and it works well on me xx

  • Boscy

    I’m definitely on the lookout for an SPF-free foundation.. do you think Luminous Silk would suit dry skin? I’ve always thought not. I definitely like to up the eyeliner on a night out and love MAC’s gel liner in Blacktrack ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I wouldn’t be too sure hun as I have quite oily skin – probably best you get a sample before xx

  • lisa p

    Ah I seriously want a new contour kit, mine is shattered and I think if I got a unshattered one then it would be probably be used more, when blended it really does slim the face! Plus I dont think any eyeshadow lover can go without the 217!

    • Oh you do need to repurchase the contour kit – it works so well! xx

  • amyknowsbest

    this is almost exactly the same as mine. swap the lashes for a bright mac lipstick.
    all praise the 217!

    amy x


    The 217 is my guy sure! I love it

  • Zara O’Dowd

    I’ve heard lots of good things about that foundation so I think I may try a sample soon! ๐Ÿ™‚ ร‚ย Great postร‚ย 


  • Anitaantoun

    That sleek contour palette looks amazing! Wish I were in the UK so it would ship here!

    • It is good – I think you can ship it from their website xx

  • I love sleek face contour kit! itร‚ยดs my favorite to do contouring! thanks for sharing!

  • Emmac

    need to try that foundation, i seem to always have a white face in pictures!! x

    • Oh you do – it’s a wicked foundation xx

  • princesselfy

    Ah Anna, you always make me want new foundations…just as I swore I wouldn’t buy any more!x

    • Haha sorry to add to the list ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

  • I’ve been slightly addicted to foundations ever since I started reading Viviana Does Makeup, especially the high end stuff, which has created a big fat dent in my bank balance. I blame you, Anna! lol ๐Ÿ™‚ Just kidding, I’m actually a much happier girl since I found all these amazing foundations through your blog, and the Giorgio Armani one shall be the next in line, along with the Sleek Contour Kit ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just a quick question, do you think I should get the Sleek Contour Kit in the medium or light? I’m a Softan shade in the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation or a MAC NC35.


    • Haha sorry hun!!! But you know high end foundations rule ๐Ÿ˜‰ Definitely try and get a sample of the Giorgio Armani – it is wicked! I would say the Medium contour kit is probably better for you xx

  • Cally

    Hmm, I would have to say Clinique’s Pore Minimizer is a must for my evening looks. During the day i’m not too fussed about putting my pores out there (whatever man), but when I put on a pretty frock and heels I want my face to look flawless too. This stuff is also quite awesome for oil control – stops me from going shiny as quickly as I normally do.ร‚ย 

    I also tend to use my of a ‘sparkly’ or obvious highlighter, whereas in the day I prefer to opt for something really subtle.ร‚ย 

    Have you tried the ELF blush and contour kit? I really like that one, and the blush is a really pretty soft apricot colour (though I don’t use it that often, I always reflect on how pretty it is when I do).ร‚ย 

    • Oh I must have to try that Clinique Pore Minimiser it sounds good! No I have never tried that ELF kit – might have to give it a go now xx

  • Anonymous

    ร‚ย I never actually realised that SPF in foundations is what causes the ‘ghostface’ look on photos with flash!! Thanks for informing me ๐Ÿ™‚ I am really fair skinned anyway, so thought that was why, but now I know how to try and avoid the look! I’ve heard good things about both the Giorgio Armani and Chanel foundations, going to have to give them a try! I usually stick to plain old ’17’ foundations and Barbara Daly powder!


    • No problem hun – you learn something new everyday ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

  • Jennifer Fitzgerald

    I really wanna try that foundation. Love your blog :)ร‚ย

  • What a Bind

    I feel like MAC Face & Body may be next on my list (avoiding major splurges on way high-end stuff, like Armani, ’til I get through the holidays). It almost has a cult following. I love that you can keep it simple and still glam at the same time. XOXO

  • Amanda Cheyenne Manis

    I adore the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation as well.ร‚ย  It’s one of my favorites!

    • It’s such a fab foundation! xx

  • Lucia Gazzoni

    congratulations! so happy for you, you well deserve that prize! you seem such a lovely true person! (i know i sound cheesy, please forgive me!)
    keep up the good work, i guess, and thank you for sharing!
    baci! lucia x

    • Oh wow thanks for such a lovely comment hun xx

  • Awesome Post! i always love reading your blog, so amazing! <3
    and i love Armani Fluid Sheer no 2 xD amazing highlight ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Aw thank you! And cheers for the recommendation – might need to give that a go ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

      • Your welcome! its a really sheer sparkly highlight i think its supposed to be a foundation though

        • Oooo I really need to try that out xx

          • it gives coverage but also gives a really natural glow to the cheeksร‚ย 
            awesome at covering reds if you dont go overboardร‚ย 

          • Sounds great! xx

  • I’m recently falling in love with my sigma 217-dupe brush. I finally understand what all the hype is about!ร‚ย 

    • Yay – a shading brush makes eyeshadow so easy! xx

  • Have been searching for a new foundation for so long, might have to invest in this one, sounds amazing! And don’t get me started on the brush, meant to be on a spending ban haha! Love your blog as always xxx

    • Haha sorry for adding to the list ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you hun xx

  • Kelli

    I never would have though the Armani foundation would be good for oily skin – since Chanel is discontinuing Mat Lumere I guess I should’t bother trying it and just go for the Armani : )

    • Oh yes, it works really well on my oily skin! xx

  • Anonymous

    i really want to try the armani foundation there is just nowhere near me that sells it and i cant buy new foundation online :s xx

    • Yeah I had to go to London to get it! xx

  • Loveee the Kimberly lashes.. I was just looking through my 18th birthday photos and my falsies were HIDEOUS! They looked soo fake D: xxx