Cult Beauty Buyin’

A haul! A haul! Yes I finally decided that it was time to give into my urges and buy something that excited my beauty taste buds more than a weekly Sainsburys food shop which is where the majority of my ‘hauling’ has been happening recently and Cult Beauty seemed like the perfect place to wet my buying whistle. I’ve been favouring a beauty track less walked over the past few weeks and C.B is a the place to find something a little different, less hyped but just as darn good as the rest of ’em. My haul pulled from all corners of the beauty categories including bath salts that I suspiciously eye up as being magical, a new nail base coat, salts sprays for hair, organic makeup and a lip mask. A lip mask? Yep, they really do exist.

You know the drill by now, all the extra info, products mentioned and beauty bumf is in the info box which is viewable when you select to ‘Watch on YouTube’ – standard. But with the Cult Beauty ‘What’s New‘ page being all too attractive to me recently, I think it’s time to introduce a self-imposed ban and lock up my bank card for a few weeks (*ahem* we’ll see how long that lasts) – back to the Sainsburys shopping for me.