Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

Now this might not be the most scintillating review of all time, but it’s a recent repurchase that swooped in under the radar – something that I use on practically an everyday basis and does exactly what it says on the tin. The Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara, a tubing, smudge-resistant formula to add some ‘pow’ to your lower flutter seems like a gimmick, I know – but hear me out on this one…

Up until Clinique came out with this bad boy, I wasn’t too fussed about my bottom lashes. I seem to remember my cousin once saying that it was ‘tarty’ to apply mascara to them, and my young, impressionable 13 year old self, nodded and dutifully complied. But after being sucked in by the hype, I caved last year, and a tube of Bottom Lash has been keeping my bottom lashes looking lengthened and defined ever since. Adding a bit of extra smoke to a dark eye makeup or just giving the doe-eyed effect to my daily makeup – I now doll up my bottom lashes everyday. No clumping, no smudging, no fighting to remove it – it makes me think why they don’t replicate this formula for top lashes! The teenie, tiny brush also makes it the best for when applying mascara to other people – when I did my Mum’s makeup (post here), I successfully avoided the black speckled eyeshadow look with this.

A tiny 2ml tube (what!?, why oh why did I not realise this before!), will set you back £11 from Clinique counters or online. But just over a tenner for a few months worth of non-panda eyes? I think I can just about justify that.