Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

Now this might not be the most scintillating review of all time, but it’s a recent repurchase that swooped in under the radar – something that I use on practically an everyday basis and does exactly what it says on the tin. The Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara, a tubing, smudge-resistant formula to add some ‘pow’ to your lower flutter seems like a gimmick, I know – but hear me out on this one…

Up until Clinique came out with this bad boy, I wasn’t too fussed about my bottom lashes. I seem to remember my cousin once saying that it was ‘tarty’ to apply mascara to them, and my young, impressionable 13 year old self, nodded and dutifully complied. But after being sucked in by the hype, I caved last year, and a tube of Bottom Lash has been keeping my bottom lashes looking lengthened and defined ever since. Adding a bit of extra smoke to a dark eye makeup or just giving the doe-eyed effect to my daily makeup – I now doll up my bottom lashes everyday. No clumping, no smudging, no fighting to remove it – it makes me think why they don’t replicate this formula for top lashes! The teenie, tiny brush also makes it the best for when applying mascara to other people – when I did my Mum’s makeup (post here), I successfully avoided the black speckled eyeshadow look with this.

A tiny 2ml tube (what!?, why oh why did I not realise this before!), will set you back £11 from Clinique counters or online. But just over a tenner for a few months worth of non-panda eyes? I think I can just about justify that.


  • I like the look of it – I hate smudgy mascara on the bottom lashes xx

  • Fernanda

    I always need to play up my bottom lashes because of my stupid hooded lids… If there’s no action going on on my bottom lash line it looks like I’ve got no eye make up! This is perfect for me! xx

  • They do replicate this in their Lash Power mascara – it’s amazing!

  • the same formula is in the “lash power” mascara from clinique! i love it! 🙂 the mascara doesn’t smudge at all and it is simply removable with warm water, just like the bottom lash mascara. best duo ever <3

  • Gem

    I’ve been meaning to pick one of these up to try for a while now but keep forgetting, although I don’t actually mind smudgy bottom lashes because I usually have a darker eyeshadow under my eyes anyway.

    Gem x

  • I keep meaning to pick up a tube of this, but I forget every time I’m near a Clinique counter. I think I just need to make a point of getting it because it sounds so great! xx

  • Everydaymelissa

    wow 11 for the bottom lash? I just bought mine here in the US and I paid 10 Dollars, which i think would be around 6 pounds? But it is a great buy!

  • Beth Bradley

    I see a hint of a bold lip. You look gorgeous Anna! I need the bottom lash mascara, my bottom lashes are far too long and I hate completely coated them, it runs under my eyes and I have the panda look! Xx

    Beth @

  • I’ve always been hesitant to but that even though i’ve heard good things about it. I always thought it would look weird on me, but it doesn’t look too dramatic in your pics. I may just have to try it now!!

  • lynnsay

    Never tried this, but I used to use the Givenchy Phenomenon Eyes thing ages ago (The one with the ball on the end of it, it was hyped up a few years ago) and it was really good for both the bottom and top lashes! I’ll need to pick up another one at some point!

  • molly

    i really like the look of this, it really makes your lower lashes look lovely xxx

  • Cristina R.

    Your lower lashes look amazing!

  • Now I really want this – sold! x

  • katherine.parkes

    This looks so amazing, added to wishlist!

  • I bought some of these at the Estee Lauder staff store yesterday, perfect timing for me to see this! I love coating my bottom lashes, I think it really ties a look together and I love the effect.

  • alyoops22

    If you’re after something similar for your top lashes, go for L’Oreal Beauty Tubes mascara, it’s amazing and I’ve been using it non-stop for about three years!


  • Madeleine

    Great product – have used this for close to a year now!

  • pinklovenugget

    I just got a trial size of the blinc tubing mascara (which is a teeny tiny tube) and thats exactly what Ive been using it for – bottom lashes! I am thinking that when it runs out I will just get a full size tubing mascara and just use it for bottom lashes, that way I can be flexible and use it on top and bottom when I feel like it. I have my eye on the Eyeko brand next!

  • barb brussels

    it looks so cute in that little tube:-) will want this for Xmas;-) that’s the plan haha

  • thebeautyheroes

    it looks so great ! xx

  • Emilia Carlsson

    Oh seems like it is worth a try! 🙂

  • I always thought this product was such a gimmick but I’m becoming more and more tempted by the day – I’ll buy anything that doesn’t smudge!

  • Fränky

    i Love this bottom mascara so much – like you said no more panda eyes without doing a thing!! its worth to buy it – except someone love those kind of panda eyes – for crying out loud 😉

  • joysteib

    I love Clinique bottom lash mascara… of the best purchases ever!!!

  • Katie Dickson

    Hands down the BEST thing you can put on your bottom lashes!