Chantecaille Just Skin Review

A review of the Chantecaille Just Skin Skin Anti-Smog Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15, to give it its full title, has been in the works for a while. It was one of my first tinted moisturiser purchases a fair few months ago, egged on by the fact that Laura from Buy Now, Blog Later and Millie Mackintosh from Made in Chelsea are fans and that I needed something lighter coverage but still glow giving for my impending holiday. Which of course is enough justification to spend a small fortune on a face product *slaps self on the back of the wrist*. Aside from the Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint (full review here), I hadn’t had much experience with tinted moisturisers, so I have to admit that it took a while to get used to – but a few months down the line and it’s love. Prepare for a rave…

On the tinted moisturiser scale the Chantecaille Just Skin sits just below that of a light coverage foundation. It has all the nourishing qualities and radiance boosting finish of a tinted moisturiser, but it’s slightly thicker texture and pigmented finish leave the skin looking slightly more polished than usual. I find that a pea-sized amount blended all over the face with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush is the perfect amount for an everyday face, or if I fancy a little less coverage it works nicely massaged into the skin with just fingers. The finish it leaves on the skin is simply gorgeous – that’s where it shows it’s worth – a glowy, skin-like, evened-out complexion, in the photo above I’m wearing no other base makeup for reference. Sometimes I even forget to put on concealer as this stuff is just so bloomin’ luminous boosting! Wear time is good too – probably eight or so hours go past without me needing too much of a touch-up and it survives well in hot conditions too, this is all I really wore on my face in Florida.

It’s available in six shades, catering for the more light to medium skintones – I have the colour Glow, but I’m considering a purchase of the shades Nude or Bliss for a more Winter suitable colour. I got mine from Space NK for a staggeringly wallet-weeping £55, not exactly an everyday purchase, but something to pick up if you fancy a bit of a treat (or Space NK makes you weak at the knees). In all honesty if I had to recommend one high-end tinted moisturiser, I would probably the say the Laura Mercier as it’s over £20 cheaper and leaves a very similar finish to the skin plus it’s available in a wider shade range. However the Chantecaille does offer slightly more coverage and I find it to last that little longer. Will I always have a tube of both on the go in my stash? Yes. But then I’m a nutter. Have any of you tried the Chantecaille Just Skin? Or does it sit wistfully on your wishlist?


  • hurricanewinter

    I would love to get this, but alas I cannot justify the price! I am however just on my way to pick up a Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser after hearing you rave about it! x

  • I wish they had a shade light than Alabaster, it’s just a touch too yellow and dark for me! I love their Future Skin Foundation thought.

  • Oh my God. You’re so, so, so gorgeous and your skin looks stunning.

  • Have you ever tried the TAAJ BB cream?
    Just got a sample size of it, and I don’t think I have heard anyone talk about it …
    Seems worth a look in my opinion :).


  • koren

    I was wondering what eye creams you would recommend!! i am trying to find a good one, i am trying origins ginzing and i am not sold 100%, any suggestions (distracting myself from purchasing this moisturiser online! my overdraft can’t take it!!)

  • I would really like to try this, but at £55 it’s just too expensive for me to justify buying it :s
    Daniella x 

  • Amy

    Yikes, I can’t justify £55 for a tinted moisturiser in the slightest! Though you look lovely, I’m very jealous of your skin! xx

  • Ah! Just Skin! Love it. It’s a must try for anyone who hasn’t used it before. I totally agree it’s almost like a foundation but with the finish of a tinted moisturiser. I get compliments when I wear it. My colour is ‘Bliss’ and I find that after a few hours wear it warms up on the skin. I usually put it on with a MAC 187 but next time I repurchase (it’s running out!) I think I’ll get the Real Techniques brush you recommend.

    Looks lovely on you. But I knew it would 😉

    Oh and it’s TOTALLY worth the price tag (says the shopping addict, lol).

    Vic x

  • uftade_34

    i really wanna try this too but sadly i cant get it from where i leave :/


  • Margaret

    Interesting post!!! thanks for sharing! xx

  • Naomi Carndorf

    Oh my goodness, your skin looks absoloutely amazing! So beautiful and natural. Nx

  • Amelia Liana

    LOVE the Chantecaille just skin as I didn’t get on well with LM!

  • Lauren Davies

    I’d love to try this product!! but like you said, soooo expensive!! I’ve just reviewed a cheaper TM option on my blog! < check it out:)
    it's the Nivea Visage tinted moisturiser at only £3.66!!??

  • Ever since I discovered that Millie Mackintosh wears this I have wanted it, and I got so so close to buying it before my conscience kicked in (damn you conscience!), and you wearing it and having a fantastically fresh face hasn’t helped my longing for it! It’s most certainly on my wish list but in the mean time Laura Mercier is next on my “To Purchase’ list because now the sun has finally appeared I don’t want to weigh my skin down!!



  • molly zito

    I have never wanted to try a product so badly. blergh #soexpensive I’m sure I’ll cave eventually lol.


  • caityd14

    which lipstick are you wearing here? It’s lovely! xx

  • Diane11792

    love the sound of the product.Plus it looks great on you. But the price.The price- I have to say no. Damn university life/budget. 🙁

  • Sarah S.

    I thought I would be shade Bliss but then I read you have Glow… I’m afraid to order the wrong shade and we don’t have a counter here!  I think I’m going to wait until you get the lighter shade and let us know how the color suits you… you don’t mind, do you Ana?

  • Jessica Borg

    sounds & looks great!!

    will defn be checking it out! 

  • Cara Mc

    really would love to try this! dont know if i could justify that price though! hmm..

  • Kim Hernandez

    Dying to try this but the $75 price tag is what has kept me away. It looks lovely on you though, so as you say maybe the next time I’m in the mood for a treat! 

  • Beth Bradley

    Everytime I hear you speak about this I want it more but I can’t justify £55, so yeah, it sits in my wishlist 🙁
    maybe one day!

  • Barbara

    I really want to try it but I can’t justify paying £55. 


  • beckysmakeup

    Ah i spent ages in Space NK swatching the LM and the Chantecaille, this took place every week for about 3 weeks until I finally made the decision and bought the LM purely due to the significant price difference but that won’t stop me from swooning over this every time I am in Space NK…why do they have to make the display so bloomin’ enticing? I swear I am hypnotized into buying stuff everytime I enter that shop! 🙂

    beckys makeup

  • ‘ve been using the LM tinted moisturiser for ages but I  might just have to splash out on this…

  • fassfass

    I would love to try this as soon as my budget will allow. Looks wonderful on you.

  • Anh

    Your skin looks glowy on here 🙂

    BB Cream ReviewTrends I LOVEI appreciate your feedbacks 🙂

  • Justaspoonfulofsugarblog

    It looks great!! It is definitely on my wish list! Currently I am using the maybelline BB cream and I love it!

  • Eliza

    I’ve been searching for super tinted moisturisers for a while now and after your top 5 tinted moisturisers video I went out and bought the Laura Mercier one – I’m in love. This looks amazing too so definitely asking for it for my bday!

  • Hannah Lees

    It makes your skin look SO INCREDIBLE! 

  • Chloe Mercy Wan

    WOW it looks so natural!! hefty price tag though ;c

  • I have this & I love it, yes it is a crazy price but how it ‘lifts’ the skin is incomparable to any other base i’ve tried. Also my actual skin looks better after I’ve worn this as appose to other foundations/TMs etc. I just wish they had more colours as Glow is a teeny bit too dark for me and the ones below I think will be too light. If you do purchase a lighter one please do a post on how the colours compare. Thanks! x

  • If I had more money (or a shorter wishlist haha) this would probably be on it. But I’ve been pretty content with Laura Mercier, and am seriously LOVING Nars Tinted Moisturizer. Have you tried that one? You should if you haven’t! 

  • I went to Space.NK the other day with the intention of buying the Chantecaille or Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser. I walked out with the Laura Mercier Oil Free foundation. I might still have to pick up one of the tinted moisturisers!


  • I just snagged some samples of this and the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser today on your recommendation, although I think I’ll be scouting out an online distributor if I go with the Chantecaille because no way can I afford the AUD$94 price tag. Crazy!!!

  • Zara – Life’s Pretty Visions

    I have this and love it too!  Had a little moment of insanity by paying €65 for it but I’m glad I have it, its great! x

  • Jen

    you should try the nars tinted moisturizer. i don’t know how i ever lived without it!

  • Lorna Patrick

    It looks amazing and I know i’d love it as I’m not a fan of foundation, love light coverage.  just could never justify the price! 

  • I love my Just Skin! I bought as a treat last Summer as the rainy weather was getting me down. I find it more moisturising and has more coverage than the LM ones but as it’s just gone up to £57 not sure I’ll be repurchasing a shade for when my skin is paler…then again..

  • Kelly

    Can anyone tell me if it is unscented or not? 

  • Annie_88

    Just Skin is certainly a treat purchase! I agree, it took me a while to get used to the product as I was expecting a lighter coverage from a tinted moisturiser.  I live in Hong Kong so really for me I need something which will not sit heavy on the skin. I persevered (only because of the price tag) opting for a Clarins Beauty Flash Balm duo and found this pairing worked really well.  Now this is in my absolute “could not live without” everyday product! I highly recommend xx

  • Tasha

    This looks great on you, a little more than I could justify though for a tinted moisturiser!

  • Lisa

    you made me buy this, anna, and i love it! x

  • This looks really beautiful!