CHANEL Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation, a.k.a) The New-Gen Matte

Another day, another foundation review here at VDM. It seems like complexion cover-ups are my flavour of the month right now, but you know I’ve always harboured a soft spot for them and when CHANEL pipe up and release a new formula – well, I just had to pick it up. CHANEL Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation came out of nowhere didn’t it? No hype, just bam and it was on counters and I must admit that I made the trip to my local one on the day of release. I couldn’t help myself. After a few weeks of giving it a whirl I thought it was time to share my musings, so grab a coffee and let’s talk…

So what have we got here? CHANEL tout it as a ‘lightweight second-skin that smoothes and evens out the complexion for a velvety matte result’ and I find that to ring pretty true. If you’re looking for a glowy, fresh finished formula then this isn’t the one. It’s not cakey or powdery looking on the skin like matte foundations of the past have offered, it’s a new-gen matte. Looking natural, completely undetectable, while keeping oil producers in check. Of course throughout the day the matte-ness wains somewhat, but by the end of a 12-hour stint things were looking decidedly less sheeny than they would naturally and one of the main benefits of such a finish is that the lasting powder is a smidge better my other CHANEL foundation love – Vitalumière Aqua.

The application is a bit of a weird one. The formula is watery, like really thin, and when blended into the skin (I like fingers better over a brush), it just melts in. I find it hard to see where I originally smeared on the dollop of product. It does however leave my fingers feeling quite powdery, so be prepared for a quick bathroom break post-application. And while we’re just taking a moment to mull over its appearance can we just take in the beauty that is the bottle? It might not look much, but it’s sleek, chic and most importantly – probably one of the lightest and easiest to pack/store/travel with foundations in your stocks.

Comparisons between this and the Vitalumière Aqua made, of course the question is – which one do I prefer? It’s a clear winner for me – Vitalumiére Aqua. And it’s purely down to the fact that I like a little more glow in my finish. But my bottle of Perfection Lumière Velvet won’t go to waste as a blob of each formula blended into the skin looks seriously incredible – radiant, yet long-lasting. Though if I had to pick one? It’s an obvious choice for me.

Conclusion coming. Perfection Lumière Velvet is basically Vitalumière Aqua – natural coverage, skin-like finish – but for oilier skinned gals. The shade range in the UK isn’t fab currently, but the good news is that the colours marry up to CHANEL’s pre-existing foundation family (FYI I’m B20) and it comes in at £33 from Selfridges. Right, I think that’s about everything for now and I promise that’s enough foundation speak for a while…