By Terry Buyin’

There are a few rituals I partake in each time I take a visit to Space NK. I smell the NARS Body Glow, groan, then decide remember that I keep my pins covered up all summer negating the need for it. I then attempt to colour match myself to Chantecaille’s Future Skin Oil-free Gel Foundation, promptly give up and turn to swatching every single shade of the By Terry Ombre Blackstar Cream Eye Shadows up my arm. More often than not I can’t decide between the shades with about five of them hovering on the edge purchase. Before something silly happens I walk away and turn my attention to something else. But with Estée’s recent rave on the shade Bronze Moon and a bit of egging on on Twitter, one was pushed into the basket, along with an old By Terry favourite and out I walked from my most recent Space NK jaunt with a bounce in my step and a bag of B.T goodness.

So, let’s address the gawjus stick of creamy colour first. After much deliberating (about 15 minutes worth), I plumped for Misty Rock, a bronzey/taupe hybrid that can shine almost mauve-y in some lights. Swept over the lid, and quickly blended out you can achieve a sheer shimmer-tinted wash, but drawn on with just a bit of smudging in the corners and leaving the rest of the lid untouched it sets to a more opaque finish. On first application it’s beautiful, but the selling point here is its lasting power. I tested it applied at 7am sans primer, went about my daily business on a particularly schwetty day in London and by 10pm it was still in place – the colour wasn’t as full-on but no creasing, na-da and the subtle wash of shimmer was still in tact. But hey that’s what you expect when just the swatches on my hand had to be removed with an industrial strength eye makeup remover. I’m planning my Ombre Blackstar mark II purchase and it’s currently between Blonde Opal and Bronze Moon.

The second thing that weaselled its way into my basket was a forgotten friend from the past, their Touche Veloutée Concealeryou remember that one? This was my concealer of the season last summer, but when the last click presented itself I moved on to cover-up pastures new. It’s a brush-on, liquid, sorta illuminating but dark circle zapping formula, that’s perfect for when I fancy something a little lighter than my usual Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer. It’s so good, that I do sometimes end up brushing this all over and blending in as a one-stop shop for base. Opps.

The deats? A roll-on wash of lid luxeness, a.k.a – the Ombre Blackstar Cream Eye Shadows will set you back £27.50 from Space NK and Touche Veloutée, £35 again from Space NK. Pricey (the receipt was swiftly stashed away upon return), but overall a successful bout of By Terry beauty buyin’.


  • Tuğçe Ertürk

    i really like their packaging lol

    you look gorgeous like always 🙂


  • Francesca

    You look absolutely gorgeous! The eyeshadow is amazing on you too x

  • Justyna J

    The eyeshadow sounds great, I really wanna try it! It is a little bit to pricey for me but who knows, maybe some day : )


  • Jodie Melling

    These look amazing I’m jealous 😛

    Jodie x

  • Adriana

    Laura Mercier do a similar product. Very creamy and long-lasting shadow sticks in gorgeous colours.

  • Rebecca

    Very pretty, great choice 🙂
    I’ll def test these too, the next time I see them.
    Rebecca x

  • lulululu

    After seeing these in a SpaceNK video on youtube, I was really tempted but had never heard anyone talk about or recommend them. But now that you have, I might actually get one! You’ve done it again Anna, you’re my biggest enabler 😉

  • Maddy Cane

    Looks so pretty, I really want to try one of these, they look like such a nice texture! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Rachel

    I will have to try some By Terry products soon- I find myself just swooning over everything in Space NK… time will be my time….lol…that’s a beautiful shade on you!! I’m loving the slight shimmer! x

  • Millie Robinson

    You look gorgeous! The shadow stick is a lovely shade 🙂 ♥

  • Lorna – Studs and Dreams

    It looks gorgeous! that eyeshadow is perfect… so tempting!

    Lorna | Studs and Dreams xx

  • Oh my goodness, I’ve been hearing so many good things about these lately. They’re all so beautiful! You’re not helping in my resistance to buying, haha!


  • Carrie Ward

    Yes! I have the same problem, I think when you have too many good choices you end up walking away with nothing to be good. I will have decide on a colour for my eyes to many choices 🙂 Touche Veloutee is a must have in my list. Do you know that you can twist the bottom button clicky bit pull it out and see how much product you have left in it? Just checking you know as I have had this product for ages and didn’t know til a couple of months ago! (duh carrie)

  • Shevasherapy

    So pretty! The shade suits you well!

  • Your lip colour is sooo beautiful!

  • Celina

    This is gorgeous! Your eyes really pop from the eyeshadow you’re wearing. xx

  • Bev

    I love ByTerry now I know which colour I would like next 🙂 I have bronze moon and blonde opal. Frozen quartz is lovely too but I need misty rock! The coloured mascara is rather good with very little shadow needed oh and the new blush is excellent. Loved this post

  • I love the look of By Terry products, and they all sound so amazing! I definitely want the Touche Veloute, but I just can’t afford to spend that much on it. That eyeshadow stick is a beaut as well, it looks lovely on you.

    Sophie | An Arrangement of Notes

  • Smecksie

    I see you’re taking pictures just like Amelia Liana now.

  • I don’t think we have this makeup brand here in Canada but the eyeshadow sticks look very tempting, pricey but tempting!

  • My jaw literally dropped at first glance of that color with your eye color. Good choice xxx

    Shannon –

  • Jasmine

    These look great! Lovely post as always 🙂

  • Laura

    That colour shadow with your eyes! xx

  • Tree Mushroom

    Looks perfect on you !

  • Myriam M. B.

    The colour of the eyeshadow is PERFECT

  • Poulette

    that colour is perfection for you. Kiko Cosmetics also do a long wear shadow stick that gets raves (including from me) for wonderful colours & longevity.

  • I am so jealous of all your makeup Vivianna, you naughty thing haha! I desperately need to try the concealor, looks absolute brilliant, but funny enough i have never actually been to Space NK, definitely on my to-do list! Hope you have a fabulos week xxxx

  • mariam_93

    I wish the Space NK near me wasn’t just a small concession sorta one! It doesn’t have much in there! I need to visit a better one then go swatch/sniff crazy with everything!

  • Julia

    I think Estee from essiebutton really likes the gold one. Ahhh this looks fab!

  • Claudia

    expensive but gorgeous products! Really want to own something from By Terry. Great post