Buy The Chunkiest Knit You Can Find: Wear It All Winter

Who doesn’t love a chunky knit, eh?

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Last week at the Dublin book signing event, I met a lovely lass who owned the same & Other Stories High Neck Chunky Knit* as I did. ‘How do you not wear it ALL. THE. TIME?’ I asked her. Her simple response? ‘I do wear it all the time!‘. We then proceeded to wax lyrical about how this knit is one of the best ones around, how we both fancy buying it in grey too and just how superbly cosy it is.

And that’s the thing with chunky knits. When you find the good ones, they never go out of style and are so ridiculously practical that even your Mum will approve. They keep you warm and look chic. They provide texture to your outfit and the hardy nature of them means that they don’t wilt away in the wash. These days I own four – one black, two grey, one white – and they are staples in my wardrobe. Not just for wearing outside, but inside too as they make the perfect loungewear accompaniment to a pair of leggings and fluffy socks (#FashunInspo). When you find the ones, you know. So today I’ve prepared a guide to finding your perfect chunky knit match, along with my favourites that if I wasn’t already fully-stocked in the sweater department, I’d be adding to my capsule ASAP…


1. As with all knits, I’d suggest taking a good hard look at the washing instructions before you make your purchase. Be honest with yourself – can you be bothered to wash it in the way that’s suggested? If natural fibres are going to be too much of a faff for you, then look into alternatives. Personally I lob practically all of my knitwear into the washing machine on a cool hand-wash setting, with the appropriate detergent. For more washing tips, check out this post.

2. Build your basics first. If fancy necklines and prints and colours are your bag then feel free to stock up on items that fit those criteria first, but for me I’m all about the neutrals and so felt it was right to pick up simple versions of a chunky knit in a black, white and grey first. Then I expanded my collection to include a deep v-neck chunky knit (this Acne Studios one*), and quelle surprise, it’s the one I wear the least. Chunky knits aren’t necessarily the cheapest items, so stick with fits and colours that you know you’ll get the wear out of.

3. Choose the density of your knit wisely. If you’re from an extremely cold climate then go for the heaviest, thickest one you can find – but know that jumpers woven in this way have some serious insulating powers. For the U.K I find a thickness that sits somewhere in the middle is best – like the Demy Lee one I’m wearing here. Too thick and it’s tough to layer and will make you too hot, but too thin and it’s not really a chunky knit. Have a think about when you’ll be wearing it most, whether you’d like to be able to fit it under a coat and how hot or cold you find yourself normally.

4. Speaking of layering – it’s definitely a factor to consider next time you make a chunky knit purchase. Do you want to be able to wear a t-shirt or an extra layer underneath? Do you want to be able to wear it under a coat? Are you able to do either of these things without looking like the Michelin Man? Personally I test out all chunky knit purchases so that they are able to be worn under all my coats (most don’t fit under my jackets as they tend to fit closer to the body and that’s cool), and I like to be able to wear a thin t-shirt under each one too. The thin t-shirt comes in handy incase I begin to overheat and there’s nothing worse than when you’re only wearing a bra underneath a chunky knit and whipping off your top layer just isn’t an option in an overcrowded restaurant, plus it’s good for washing too as it prolongs the washing of your knits as you can just throw your t-shirt in your machine instead of your hand-wash only jumper.

My favourite chunky knits? Well allow me to introduce you to my personal collection first. The one I’m wearing in this post is from Demy Lee and no longer available, but I love that it’s pretty cropped at the front and so easy to tuck in (this & Other Stories one* looks similar). Then we have the Acne Studios Deborah Jumper*, which is a BEAUT but definitely more one for transitional seasons thanks to the deep v-neck line. My most recent purchase, which was one I made to replace a previous purchase that I boiled into Barbie-like proportions, is the Sezané Zack Jumper* and is the one that I find myself wearing the most. I love a cream knit with blue denim or even better, cream denim – lush. Finally, the & Other Stories High Neck Jumper* that I mentioned in the intro. Such a classic piece and it’s such a reasonable price too for a great quality sweater that has already lasted a solid year (and some) in my wardrobe.


Now if I was looking to expand my chunky knit collection, then I do have three that would be top of my shopping list right now. I feel like & Other Stories* have some great pieces in and this Leopard Knit Sweater* could very easily have my name all over it. It looks kinda fluffy (something to take note of if you’re a contact lens wearer), but it looks oh-so-cosy too. I also love the look of this Wool Blend Mock Neck Sweater, mainly for the colour. I don’t own any tops in that colour in my wardrobe and I think it would be a good shade to add; especially if you’re a lover of denim like myself. Finally I’d point you in the direction of this Paloma Wool Virgo Jumper which I swear I don’t love just because the style is called Virgo. PROMISE. Kinda. Maybe the blue? Maybe the cream? Both look fab. I know I said I’m only buying one thing a month and have kept my promise all through January, but February is right around the corner…

Photos by Emma Croman

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