Butter Me Up

It seems I’m on a personal mission at the moment to pack my nail polish box till the point of overflow – after my CHANEL purchases (post here) and these Butter London badboys I’m now unable to close the lid. Great, I think it might be time for a clear out. But after a quick dash round the new Selfridges Beauty Workshop area – a definite must-visit – so many hard to get hold of in the UK brands, beauty bars and a whole three walls decked out with nail polishes (yes I counted) all in one place, it’s a bit of a makeup mavens heaven. And I ended up with these two polishes making their way into a Selfridges bag…

I’ve been eyeing up Butter London for a while. They always seem to release quintets of on-trend shades with fabulous names – Trout Pout anyone? And after perusing the stand for a good 10 minutes, I decided to pick up All Hail The Queen and Bossy Boots. The shimmer-flecked taupe All Hail The Queen, didn’t seem like an obvious choice for me, I’m not usually a lover of frosted polishes – but it was one of the most neutral shades available in the Selfridges stash so by the powers of neutral-elimination of course it was always going to end up mine. And after doing a quick scan of online swatches I’m very pleased it is. I’ll keep you updated on this one. The second pick-up was a blogger-enabled purchased (notably Lily and Meg), Bossy Boots – the perfect pistachio ice-cream hue. Not the most seasonal offering, but a pretty one nonetheless. I painted this on last night and I bloomin’ love it. It does take three coats mind, but it applied well, dried quickly and the brush is nice and fat. I’ll see if I can Instagram a picture later. The best thing about these polishes is that they are ‘3 Free’, meaning they are non-toxic and don’t contain nasties like Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP. Whoop!

Formulas like this though don’t come cheap and a bottle of Butter London goodness will set you back £12. As I said I grabbed mine at the new Selfridges Beauty Workshop, but you can pick these up online from their online shop. Now it’s time to butter myself up…


  • Hayley

    Love the taupe colour…im defo goign to have to add some butter to my nail polish collection!! 😉
    Hayley xo

    • Hayley

  • Rute

    Loving the taupe one 🙂 I also need to re-arrange my nailpolishes, the ones I bought recently have no space left in the box!

  • Chelsey Westby

    These look like such lovely shades! xo

  • Nina

    Bossy Boots looks super sweet; at least it will brighten up miserable days!:) xx

  • Sheila

    I love their Yummy Mummy shade

  • Fernanda

    Humm, you’re starting to make me think its time to expand my own collection! haha xx

  • Margaret
  • I recently picked up All Hail the Queen as well and I love it! It’s such a pretty neutral shade against my porcelain skin – perfect for fall. xx

  • I really want bossy boots! It’s such a gorgeous colour.
    Daniella x

  • lynnsay

    Bossy Boots looks gorge! I’ve never tried Butter London before, I’ll need to invest in a polish at some point! Love your posts Anna!

  • Jemma Milnthorpe

    Chanel and now butter of London? I think you may be partly the blame for my nail polish obsession! And an expensive one it’s becoming! Xx

  • Bossy Boots is the perfect colour. Tempted to splurge and buy it! x x

  • Both such lovely colours. And really there not that much more expensive than Essies… xx

  • Lewerc

    Have you heard of “5 free”? Apparently they also don’t have formaldehyde resin or camphor (which i had to look up, haha)

  • Ooh Anna, I would absolutely recommend butter LONDON’s Yummy Mummy, if you don’t already have that in your collection. It’s a gorgeous sandy nude colour with a little hint of shimmer when you get all up close and personal with it! x

    PS. I’m about to buy Bossy Boots… oops.

  • Line

    would love to see pictures of Bossy Boots applied to the nails 🙂 x

  • Luxe.

    Love the pistachio shade!x

  • Lipstick Fridays

    I have both these and they are bloomin gorgeous x x would love to see a nail polish storage vid x x x x

  • Lipstick Fridays

    Ps would love to see your full polish collection x

  • Katherine

    All the Hail the Queen is one of my absolute favorite nail polishes (and I embarrassingly own more than 100 bottles so…).

  • thebeautyheroes

    bossy boots looks amazing ! xx

  • I never knew about the new Beauty workshop, it sounds like Harvey Nichol’s Beauty Mart which I haven’t been to either. I must go & I have my eye on that Butter London Bossy Boots!

  • I’ve never heard a negative review about Butter nail polishes but I don’t think I can quite handle the price tag D: yikes X

  • i have trout pout and i thought it was such a great summer color! 🙂