Butter London at Boots

Boots are just bringing it at the moment; housing a load of my favourites, a stellar French pharmacy section and with the more recent addition of a smattering of premium haircare brands it’s my go-to place for when I’m in the mood for a hit of everything all rolled into one with an advantage card bow wrapped round it. But Boots have just lifted the drugstore bar that little bit higher with Butter London swooping onto the shelves. Yep, Butter London. The luxe lacquer brand that have previously been a bit of bee-yatch to find in the flesh are rolling out into Boots and when I spotted a stand in the Oxford Street branch (the one opposite Topshop) I spent a whole 20 minutes taking it all in and of course came away a colour (or three) in my basket. The shade range is pretty bewitching, offering something a little different and even a few shimmers caught my eye which is crazy talk for a creme-finish lover like myself.

Into the basket went Jaffa – a peach/orange/red hybrid, La Moss – a blackened burgundy and Fiver – a straight-up mint. Of the trio Jaffa reigns supreme with the best application and offering up a colour that’s a parred-down, slightly more sophisticated alternative to Essie’s Tart Deco. But the brushes are nice, the 3-free formulas paint on well (though Fiver can get a lil‘ streaky) and the need for some Butter London in my stash is satisfied. For now.

The deats? £12 a pop from Boots – I challenge you to just walk away with one…