Bumble & Bumble’s New Take on Surf Spray…



Hair isn’t really my forte right now thanks to a failed attempt at itching my ‘I want to be blonde’ scratch. I ended up a little on the warm side of things, panicked, and doused my locks with a box dye that left me looking a shade that can only be described as ‘Simon Cowell Black’. For fear of F-ing up my hair further I headed to Percy & Reed who thankfully restored my brunette status and I’ve done a full circle back to where I started, incurring damage to my wallet and my follicles along the way. I have to say that minimal amounts of bleach were used, so I’m not too dry in the hair department and the bit of coarseness that has been left behind is a much welcomed helping of texture that means my hair now holds onto a curl like never before. Silver linings and all that.

So really, Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Infusion Spray couldn’t have come at a better time. With promises of the beachy piecey-ness that the original Surf Spray gives, but with the added twist of delivery being via an oil-laden formula, it’s billed as a better option for those with dehydrated locks. Same look, but without the crunch.

I’m pretty chuffed with this new addition because it’s the sticky-feel of the original one that stops it being an everyday product for me. The matte look it gave to my strands was never an issue before because I’m one big oil-producing machine, but actually right now I fancy something a little lighter and less heavy feeling. Surf Infusion is exactly that. It’s still the same kink-inducer, but in a softer way that actually leaves behind a bit of shine to your new found contours. As you’d expect it gives the gloss of an oil, but with the punchiness of a texturiser. I find it to work best sprayed in after washing and left to its own devices without heat as that truly ensures you’re eking out the most of your natural wave, though the effect is still there – if a little less dramatic – when you use a hairdryer to rough dry.

If you’ve never used a salt spray before or your hair is on the dryer side of things, then say hello to your summer beachy hair in a bottle. Simon Cowell Black box dye on the other hand, is not something I’d recommend.

P.S) I’m kinda cheating in the picture above as I did put some curls through it with a straightener, but the hold and texture? That’s all down to B&B.