Bourjois Velvet Rouge, a.k.a) The Best Liquid Lipsticks

Prepare for some serious gushing here because ladies and gents I think I’ve found one of my favourite launches from this year to date. The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks ROCK. Liquid lipsticks are nothing new but it’s almost like Bourjois have stepped back, watched everyone put their formula to market, learnt from their mistakes and then produced one of the most kick-ass viscous lip products I’ve ever used. Allow me to explain…

It’s an eight-strong liquid lipstick line-up that delivers opaque colour in one quick sweep. Firstly I must point out that though I’ve given a few of them a go, the darker shades of the spectrum available are where it’s really at – Hot Pepper (swatched on the left) and Pink Pong (swatched on the right) – excuse the awful duck posing, it was one of those days – float my boat the most. The name is a little deceiving as ‘velvet’ suggests a lighter finish, but let me tell you that once these have dried down they are full on mattes with an almost powdery finish. I love ’em. Now where these win over previous formulas I’ve tried (Hourglass Opaque Rouge I’m looking at you) is that layering is not a problem. You can throw on as many coats as you like and things will never get flakey and messy. The applicators are a people pleaser too; nothing fancy but the slightly pointed nib ensures precision-ish application.

The best bit is that these stains do not budge. No Miranda Sings smudges to be seen here. Lacquer them onto your lips and watch in amazement as they last hours. Seriously all darn day. I applied Pink Pong at about 11am and by 7pm when bedtime had rolled around (I like to get slumber ready early) the whole thing was still there. Not just some weird outline like with others. It took three eye makeup remover soaked cotton pads and one pretty sore pout to fully get it off which some may see as a pain in the derrière, but I’m ok with it. No one likes touching up now do they?

These will be making an appearance on Bourjois stands in the coming weeks for a grand total of £8.99 each. Like I said, skip the nudes and head straight for the brights. When it comes to these you’ve got to go bold or go home.