Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

When I Instagrammed a picture of this book not so long ago, a flurry of lovey dovey comments came in. And I can see why. Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual was an addition to my Christmas list way back in 2010. I literally begged my sister to buy it for me (thanks Megan!) and spent half my Xmas holiday studying the pages of it instead of eyeballing my university revision books. Opps. There is just something about this book that gives it that ‘once you picked it up you won’t want to put it down‘ quality. It’s a few years old now and the bevy advice available when you put fingertip to keyboard is certainly snapping at its heels but the words penned by the Queen of blush, concealers and a hefty dose of eyeliner herself – Bobbi – it can’t really be topped as the best ‘all-rounder’ beauty book (if you think it can, then please drop a comment below). Whether you’re yet to pop it on your Christmas list or you fancy having a re-read here are my top pages to ruminate over:

Pages 8-9 – Equipment: Makeup Kits. Always keen to see how I can cut down my kit into a small London flat-friendly size, these little lists are lifesavers when it comes to clearing out your stash. Plus the checklists of what to keep and where satisfy my Virgo tendencies. Bobbi’s got my back.

Pages 10-13 – Equipment: Essential Tools. On quick glance these pages may just look like one huge push for Brown’s brand, but there are some great little snippets on tips for shopping for brushes, what tools you really need and which bristles are best for what job. And there’s a mini ode from Bobbi regarding fingertip application – a gal after my own heart.

Pages 50-55 – Face: Concealers and Correctors. If Bobbi is known for one thing, it’s her concealer and corrector kits so I recommend paying special attention to this chapter. Being in possession of both of these products I found the tips offered up on these pages particularly noteworthy. Bye bye blemishes and bye bye bags.

Pages 116-123 – Ten-Step Guide to Perfect Makeup. You know I like a streamlined simple routine, so these pages had Anna written all over them. A how-to on a handful of steps to a achieve a polished and preened look without the need to set aside half an hour of application time in the morning. Genius.

Pages 144-161 – Artistry. Something I didn’t expect to see in this book, but it makes for an interesting chapter. Bobbi’s tips for breaking in the biz from putting together a portfolio to possible routes in the makeup world. Along with some super cute old skool pictures of the lady herself.

And if you’re not inspired to pick up a brush and get correcting and concealing after that, well then I’ll be damned. FYI It’s £16.25 from Amazon for those that wish to join the Bobbi Brown book club. Welcome.


  • Christina Abdilla

    Am I the first commenter? This looks so professional and helpful! Will look out for it 🙂


  • simplynaturale

    I have this book and I love it, another great beauty book is about face by Scott Barnes!

    Eloise | simplynaturale

  • Megan Roisin

    I’m buying this from Amazon as soon as I get paid 🙂

    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    Sign me up for the book club! Xx

  • Can’t wait to check this book out 🙂

    xx glamdevils

  • I really like this BUT I do not like that they state to wash our brushes “every one or two months”

    W T F bobbi brown??
    Brushes need cleaning every week unless you want to swish bacteria all over your face.

  • I always wanted to know how accurate this book was. I am going to buy one for sure because I’m curious to wear more make up these days.

  • By the looks of it seems worthy of a purchase..I have already exhausted this months budget,I think I’ll treat myself on the Christmas.

  • Anya Cross

    This sounds like the ideal book ! I’ve just added this onto my christmas list, a new addition to my bookshelf is exactly what I need…

  • Charlotte Morgan

    I neeeeed this book! Defs on my christmas list! x

  • I’ve wanted this book for so long, I’m definitely asking for it for christmas this year 🙂 xx Emmi

  • AgentSmyth

    This is definitely going on my Christmas list! I love the look of beauty books so nice to see a review on one before I splash out.

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  • Louisa

    I have this book too and I love it, it’s so helpful in terms of actually telling you which products are best for you rather than just makeup looks. Even though I don’t want to be a makeup artist I definitely thought that the artistry section was an interesting addition that other beauty books don’t have!

    Louisa’s Notebook

  • Maddy Cane

    These book seems like one of the best out there! I definitely need to get a copy! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Beth Boddison

    I’d really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and follow it on bloglovin thanks guys

  • Chloe Francis

    I’ve been dying to get hold of this! It looks so lovely o: xx
    thriftyskies | beauty and trends ♡

  • Joycelyn Steib

    What an amazing gem to have in ones collection!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!

  • Ellen Findley

    I borrowed this from my best friend last Christmas. It’s a lovely read. I adore Bobbi!

  • Missmacbeauty

    This book would be perfect to add with my Lauren Conrad beauty books!


  • Beauty by Berrymix

    Ok, I’m putting it down on my Christmas wishlist too! Haha

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell

    I love this manual! i have all the bobbi brown books!

  • Olivia S

    I’m currently obsessed with making a list of beauty and skincare books to buy to this is defiantly going straight on there 🙂

    Olivia –

  • Chrissabella

    that book sounds great

    Greetings from London,

  • abi

    this definitely sounds like something I need!

    abi x

  • Kaley-Elizabeth

    Love this book! However I thought it would have some more complicated looks explained in it and not just the basics 🙁 oh well I still love Bobbi!

  • Lauren Lequime

    I want this book so badly!! x

  • Emily

    My mum bought me the Bobbi Brown teen beauty book back when I was 13. I wasn’t too interested in makeup back then but I still look at it from time to time. Despite the fact that this one looks a little more age appropriate I think the teen beauty book is still a great idea for anyone who is new to makeup.


  • Bella

    This is indeed a great book for someone just starting out with makeup, and a pretty re-read whenever you feel like it. I also love Living Beauty by BB, but her Pretty Powerful book left me cold.

  • Heloise

    I picked up ‘Quick Looks’ by Rae Morris in the bookshop recently. It was wonderful, with so many quirky, unusual tips. It’s definitely gone on my wishlist! x
    Here’s the link;

  • It was one of my first makeup books, absolutely love it. Wonderful photography too!

  • Amber Hunter

    I love this book! It *technically* belongs to my sister but I borrow it quite a lot haha.
    Lovely Notions

  • YoungMild&Free

    Sounds like a great read. I definitely need to check this out!


  • Claire

    Another great book is Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin. He could really transform everyday women as well as supermodels. I wish Lisa Eldridge would come out with a book!!!

  • Isabelle McWilliam

    Ahh need this, looks like a lovely book!

  • Kristine

    I don’t usually like books about make up and all, but I have an impression that this book could be very, very useful with really good tips 🙂 I guess I’ll take a walk to the bookstore tomorrow, heheeey

  • Deseos

    I have been considering to buy this book for a long time. I think it has a lot of useful tips and tricks but I don’t know, there is something about it that always hold me back to spend my money on it…

  • Ila

    awww I was going to buy this last week..I should have definitely done it..let’s see if I can wait until Christmas ( I won’t I know ) x

    Ila x

  • This book is a must-have!


  • Caroline

    I really wanted this book last Christmas! It looks like an absolute must have if you’re addicted to makeup and really want to learn the art of applying Makeup. I am determined to get my hands on it this year 🙂